Analyze your Answers

I hope you have been adding up your a's b's and c's as now is the time to compare your answers,


Based on your answers to these questions I will tell you


1.      What you look like,

2.      What you eat,

3.      your favourite hobbies

4.      your maternal grandmothers maiden name,

5.      how you get to work,

6.      how you strive not to work

7.      your innermost secrets (Top Three)

8.      And what you think of Jack Charlton (J.C.)


The letter you chose most was:



Mostly A's

before I do this there are 8 questions I must ask you...


1. What do you look like ? .................


2. What do you eat ? ..........


Mostly B's

You would have to pick B wouldn't you..... You probably only knew the answer to one question and decided to fill the rest in the same. You probably thought i'd be congratulating you on how smart you are...well you're not, you're not...Ditto.


Mostly C's

Easy mistake to make isn't it ????? Lots of people fell into the let's pick c's if they can hold ships they should be able to hold water and give the correct answer.... Nice try but no cigar, You don't smoke, You like the sea, And you believe allot.


Mostly D's

You gave some pretty STUPID answers didn't you, Why didn't you just say you didn't know instead of making up stories like that do you always answer questions like that??? It must be terrible to never pass any exams even multiple choice just because you're silly and like to give ridiculous answers Aw well there's always one and they did quite cheer me up, Better luck next time.


Mostly E's

Well what can I say, E's were a trap to catch Russian spies LIKE YOU. You are now under arrest and shall be held in custody until the people who answered (f's) turn up.


Mostly F's

We have all the e's held in custody but I don't really like  you using my quiz in this fashion ...Please don't do it again.


Mostly G's

I don't like those answers, Please try again.


Mostly H's

What do you Mean Mostly H's there are only 6 questions with h's in them and four of them are "None of the Above" !!!!!!!! Can you read properly, Answer all questions and don't come back here until you've finished.


Mostly I's, j's k's, l's ..........

When are you going back to mars ?????? say hello to greeny


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