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Monday August 30th I'm re-installing the suite..... sweet speaking of which look above.

Tuesday September 7th Aine just told me that Colaiste Iosagain have a web page.

October 2nd 18th dan classing, and graduation of the Tuesday Class, well 4 of them anyway. I went to the Clinic which started not as advertised as 9:30 am but at 9:00 am. We called in for the Breaking of the boards, but the Children had already finished, with a 100% corelation between breaking and gender. ie the Girls did.

Then we went to that chinese seafood place, were the seafood came from the sea, and the people spoke Chinese, but we got take out and went home.

Monday October 25th 2004. Work and more Work isn't life great.

Wednesday October 27th did a Swap with Ricky, I'll swap you your in good shape machine for my but I have Hawaii. It was a fair deal I think, and we'll swap back after the vacation.

Wednesday November 3rd. Yesterday was the election between bush and kerry but it has not been decided yet. My Honda is being serviced. I went to Wurstfeist again October 29th. That was where I had 3 minuted to get to my second flight from my first flight, amid conflicting information. They'll wait for you, no they won't. The flight's arriving at 10:45, the flight's leaving at 10:45..... the later was true in both cases, but they did open the half closed doors to let me on, and I did travel first class. then Lois was there to meet me and all was well. Saturday October 30th we went to Wurstfest and trick or treating, and we did that sunday October 31st too. the annivarsary couple were away. We had a Dan test on saturday too. we styed for the dan clinic, so that's two for the 18th Dan classing. I bought a disposable camera, and didn;t throw it away. I didn't have the heart.

No I answered, I don't know how to use a machette, Is that some kind of axe?. so I was let loose with the pliers Sunday November 7th 2004. That was until the dragging and dropping and some stacking and throwing started. I'm good at dragging and dropping, expecially with the mouse. I think I shall write a book. Oh hang on. I'm already doing that. Saturday we went off on the bike again. a bit like Ewan McGregor but totally different and nowhere near Russia. We found walgreeens right where it should have been. Jimmy wasn;t there but Tony was ah well two out of three aint bad. Did I mention the dentist. November 2nd. a day to remember, or at least to remember that I had a dentist appointment, which I did. And now I have to go back. that's the way they get you, little by little.


More Dividends from no Bear comes Near. November 4th 2004.

We went sailing Jen and I Sunday August 8th with Gary and Eddie.

Today is July 26th 2004 So much ot do so little time, strike nothing, switch nothing. This weekend was an adventure. Friday's class well not as well attended as last friday's we got to do the Yuk Ro Forms. Then it all happened Saturday. surprise Party for Paul, cos it was 9 days early. House stuff before. Gearoid called early. the cake was lovely with before and after Pictures. There was music but no dancing, and a full meal. Lance Armstrong won the time trial. the 19th stage of the 2004 tour de France. So I had to stay in and keep track, but that was before Party number one. A nice cup of coffee after party number one, an I headed to the pig Roast. The pig had been roasting for a while. So there was miusic, live music, pedro played moroccas, and Ellen played the bongos and the Base Guitar. So I danced.........Brooke did a great job in the dancing department. My calf's are still sore. KJN arroved for the second party we must stop meeting like this. Sunday was the grand Prix at Hockenheim. MS won a German Grand Prix, which is unusual for him, not the winning 81st Grand Prix you know but the Germany part. Sonny was not to be seen at mass. Sparring class was the eliminations for the Team. I did not so good. But my nose came out ok. Nobody lost an eye. I got stopped on Sunday as well, one of those good days bad says things.

Today is Tuesday June 8th 2004 and something funny happened yesterday but I can't remember what. On the non funny side yesterday Ken and Rodney got there stripes, and I went to wh doing some pc stuff. jvm you know. I though i should start writing more current stuff, as my stopy telling has only reached Sunday may 23rd. More to follow I'm sure. I also got some more pics from SBN 29. I was obviously in the mood for dancing when am I not (trick question expecially for those who don't speak english). maybe it was the non virus stuff. imy. The bow staff fits but not with room for a passenger. hoover here we come eventually. I also had to do laundry, maybe that was it, or the missing german avi. No I think it was woodside. I entered after lunch to find my laundry gone. in a basket no less. No harm done. I knew I was late. Lunch with Paul you know. Lots of things happening over the summer. jen is coming August, Party, Party Party so far, and more to come. maybe I should have a party. I'm waiting for the carta glas. Works fine with the new xcs-all. Wednesday June 9th 2004 and 115 days to the dan test. Haley, Connor, susie, Tielney and Nate. and probably many more. the New Master 59 was teaching. I had the class to myself except for some hippy interuptions. marlissa turned up as well to pick up her brother. Thursday June 10th 2004 and some nice egg mayonaise, they call it something different though. I'm backtracking and filling in bit by bit before the altzimers cuts in. 10% of people over 65 have it and 50% or people over 85 or so they say. ex President Ronald Regan Died two days ago. Mirror questions are really funny or ynnuf even. I've been filling in some spurious dates for reference, It takes alot of time. Today id friday June 11th. Next week I'll be training. The markets are closed today because of the late ex President Regan. it's Friday and I have a 50th birthday party to go to. I must be getting old.


Today is Wednesday July 7th 2004. One month before Jen's arrival and a long time since I wrote in this document. I went to Provo where lots of people were holding hands. Someone hit my porsche and kept going. I won Grand Champion in the Bethany tourmanment June 26th the day before Amanda's graduation party., and ,my spooky attic is not only spooky on top.

July 20th 2004, and two Birthdays, My wallet keeps trying to escape first at the lucianis then it stayed at work whn I didn't. Saturday I swam in the sea, and sunday I got punched in the nose and kicked in the head. That's just the way. I called out on the 14th but there was nobody there. there they were gone. I stayed away last night. Proper air conditioninng you know, but maybe the wine kept me from sleep. Two visitors are coming. Sunday was also Ann's Birthday I didn't go to the zoo after mass cos of the sparring class.. Lois arrived Thursday and I found out I was an otter, not in a previous life, but aparently otters are fun.

Wednesday May 26th was Mammy's day off. she bought a mini hoover for upstaris. And I practiced my Italian with Fransisco. I picked up Jen and we connected to the internet, to get sorted for Texas. I ended up in ballybrack after we sorted the flights. aine didn;t need a babysitter so jen and I went out to McCormacks, where they still sell ritz. i wonder why that never took over here. It may have been a Pear aversion.

Thursday May 27th I went up to the castle to do some aerobics and also to drop off the handbag. I went out to Medow View and they were all there, but I couldn;t stop long. Gearoid didn't want his picture taken for artistic reasons I suppose.

Friday May 28th up BAE, drive to Airport. Drop off car at Hertz, Keep the hankies. 7:10 flight to Dusseldorf. 8 euro for breakfast. Arrived Dusseldorf, Train to Hagen, as soon as I found out which train to take. I met a lady going futher. Looking for the bus at hagen. If I were you I wouldn;t start from here at all. Expecially not with three bags and ALOT of steps up to the hotel.Visitors from next door. No sigh of the internet, Then the rest arrive. We took a trip to the bank at 4:45 pm, which closed at 16:00 hours. And monday was a bank holiday. Then we searched for a resturant that would serve us and take Visa. Schinkin is Ham, Huhn is Chicken. You learn something new every day!!!. We came back to the hotel bar and found the bowling alley with the narrow lanes. you have to curve the ball, but not too much that right side is a doosey. The lady at the bar gave us free shots out of mini bottles.

Saturday May 29th was the first day of the tournament. We got up for breakfast, but there wasn't much, and we were only allowed .5 orange juice. Also there was nobody there. it was interesting for the conversation though. At the sports center, (we found it after a U turn) we started with a Clinig, working up we had massif swat/ kicks. Good way to wear yourself out before the competition. The Knife clinic was very good taught by master Samn.

Sunday May 30th, no mass, day two of the tournament, we found out what all those people in grey jump suits were there for.

Monday May 31st Marlissa's buirthday. I was up early enough for the trip to Koln but I stayed behind. We foiunf the towels for the Swiming pool but some people didn't. Then there were posple who had towles that disappeared. we trained later on as well, in one of the conference rooms. echoes of Mexico, but the view was much better. Then we went back to the Rathskeller. Sebastian was there and took up to an irish pub to play darts. Well what else do you do in Germany on Marlissa's Birthday. We had some of those red shots as well.

Tuesday June 1st. The banks are open and so supposedly was the cyber cafe, but alas and alack the answer was Nicht meer, not any more. We don;t have any of them round here. Where else could I book a hotel in paris for the night?. What about all those travel agents. alot of people must be trying to get out of Hagen. They must not have found the Irish pub. Anyway surprisingly enough, you can book a hotel in paris from a travel agent in Hagen. which is what i did. Opera please, I might want a shower.

Saturday May 22nd though I travelled to Ireland, I didn't get there till the next day. There was hardly any queue at the airport. I left an hour too early, I misjudged the time, which is better than Brainshare 2003 when I misjudged the time in the other direction. There wasn't much traffic on a saturday afternoon, so my box of hankies and I drove to the airport. . and actually I flew into Paris. as we were arriving in Charles de Gaul Airport, a voice come over the PA system in French. I thought I understood, but then it was repeated with a heavy french accent in english. ladies and gentelmen, we will not be arriving in terminal E as expected, as it has collapsed. My First reaction was, Ok, I didn;t even know we what terminal we were arriving at so it didn't matter. Then "Did they say Collapsed!!!!!!", maybe they got the word wrong. maybe they meant to say, the terminal is closed down, or not available..... But when we arrived at terminal F we found out That terminal E had indeed collapsed, and we couldn;t get any more information about cause, seriousness, of if anybody was hurt. Then there was the absence of people at the gate. after finding coffee. which is a good thing in france, the finding and the coffee. I eventaully had too go out the emergency gate to find someone to give me a boarding pass. well it was kind of an emergency, my flight was leaving in 20 minutes and the emergency door was open already. Then there was the funny story about the french guy speaking to the french assistant in elglish as both of them thought the other didn;t speak French. These ___ s are crazy. That's another story much later on, if I remember to write it down. After all that though, we sat on the runway for an hour as Dublin wasn't ready to receive us. I'm not sure if there was any connection to the collapse. so It's definately Sunday by now. The flight wasn't so pleasant nothing to do with the actual flight and everything to do with feeling sick. I had to get a Bus to where Hertz were. I think I could have walked. but we shall never find out. So Driving on the left side of the road again I headed home. Mammy was sitting in the garden :D as I arrived. They had heard about the collapse, so I spent a few minutes calling around. My phone had power at the airport but no minutes. Allways the way. or maybe it isn't just to be different. The O Donoghues were out at the races. I was really tired, and when they arrived, I was nodding off. all that collapsing airport stuff, or just plain jet lag. Luke was excited. I remember that through my haze. I called Jen and she was in England. :D. The next day was Monday and Mammy was going to school, not before putting the bins out. Alice and I compared pyjamas. "here's your lunch and make sure none of the kids bully you :-)". Jen and I were going shopping, except that her phone was not available. Muc needed rest afoot on both sides. I managed to get connectedto the internet though. I bought the pink blouse. There was the episode with the car keys and the misterious noise right beside the car. That bears telling only in 3-D or if you were there. Maybe I should have rented a smart car like they have in Germany. Jen bought a new phone, voda you know, so we went back to plug it in. Then up to the castle.

I met mammy for lunch on Tuesday May 25th. Well earlier since half her classes were on a school trip. I looked for Aine but she had sped off. We went to the frascatti center the long way round. One way streets you know. then over to blackrock shopping center for something to eat. I bought that linein in Principles.Another t-shirt, va va Voom. We went out to the Coachhouse to meet Gearoid and the lads but there was a funeral

Wednesday May 26th was Mammy's day off. she bought a mini hoover for upstaris. And I practiced my Italian with Fransisco. I picked up Jen and we connected to the internet, to get sorted for Texas. I ended up in ballybrack after we sorted the flights. aine didn;t need a babysitter so jen and I went out to McCormacks, where they still sell ritz. i wonder why that never took over here. It may have been a Pear aversion.

May 7th 2004 was the Kodanja promotion. 6:45 class was all green belts so I took it for a while, only in front of all the masters and nearly masters. Slight pause for checking in , but I was gone. and then on to Soleros for italian, mmmmm Cheese Raviaoli in a cream sauce, Me Likey. Blast from the past in a new situation. And Shelia wouldn't let me get away with stuff. We had a rendition of the MP songs as well just for the laugh..Saturday May 8th was a gup test. Who knew that they didn't. Trevor turned up from Shelton, but I knew who he was, and he did a great job. No Promotions though tusc an Comartas an Sthtrin seo chugainn. Yesterday May 11th I got to do some translating of some Irish. Turas Scoile. I as surprised how much I remembered. I forgot the Dictionary today though. It all evens out. Last night I uploaded the Photos after class. Just Jessee. Preparation for the same, and another test. Later Saturday I went to mike's play, The larime Project it was really good. I was a passenger in my porsche again. That's fun. So it needs a wax and a paint job, and probably a lot more besides. 10 days to Europe. I watched the Grand prix on Sunday and missed Mothers day Breakfast. Lois called later. So leathal weapons not withstanding I got cut in the face by my hairband. Vicious hairband it was too!. a bit like the circles, That was during Class on wednesday. There's a new desk coming to the office so everything is plugged out. And the bridge was out Tuesday after class so I had take a detour. I tried a new route to get to the diversion, then I had to take an old route to get away from in. Cherries are back in season though, that's good. They are from Chile but that's fine by me. Chilean wine, Cherries, and vacations/ Tang Soo Do trips. There's going to be a mexican Pig Roast in July so I had to make a picture today. not of beer, Remember that incident with the Alcohol dispenser?. I haven't been back since to that Pig Roast, so It's a good thing I'll be here. Then there was the Pig Roast far away that we had to find, The lamb Roast is West haven with the Greek dancing. Yes My uniforms where where I thought they were!!!.That was very strange, but not as strange and the Mexican party Pig. Executive decision, enough of this, time to Dance.

I just realized i don't have Greek dancing Gifs. I suppose that just means that I'm not perfect, although I knew that before, I know everything, except maybe how to find a greek dancing Gif. I just saw some interesting penguins though, not dancing like the one above. So pick the appropriate person/ group that suits who you are and do that dance. are you the Swingers, jivers, seniors, family dancers, a dancing pig, a HOT dog or just like many of us a dancing penguin? Still a few days missing, time warp you know, or maybe cos of the split attention. Spelling is just as bad both places. There was no class on Friday because of the Competition the next day. So I made bread, as you do. Saturday May 15th 2004 Liam's Birthday. I was getting the hang of this center judge thing just as it was coming to an end. A great oportunity I though. Judges ready? Timer Ready? And we're off. No tie's thank god. and no wrong scores. So all in all Saturday was a pretty good day. Kodanja competition was first and then us. 1st place Chil sun, 1st place Sparring, straight into competing for grand champion. and then Center judge for two rounds. The tournament finished about 4:00 pm. A visitor from Work, and a chance meeting with the motor bike. My GPS said turn left but I didn;t as that was not where the school was. After mass on Sunday I went over to see about a computer problem, which was not so big. I suppose it depends on how you look at it. I looked at my keyboard, from the inside out, but I couldn't get to where I wanted to. They are not made like that. Then I couldn't connect to the Sap machine, but I really think that was user error. Oh, I forgot my detergent. and there I nearly forgot it again. only 4 days to go.Yesterday was Wednesday May 19th and I was teaching in West haven, but on the way there I stopped, or rather i didn't start, I had left my lights on!!!!! of all the silly things to do, Hey I wonder did I do that again today? I also had left my phone at home, so I couldn;t call anyone, luckily enought or obviously I was right outside work, where my car was parked, so I wnet back in to find a person or a phone. I found a student, with long cables, and my car got started, and that's the happy end to that story, I reached Karate on time, Taught and took class with the Sa Boms 29 and 59. Monday I nearly went to the diner, but it was too much of a wait. Funny stuff afoot on elm, I think it was elm anyway. And Tuesday was my last Tuesday for three weeks, not that I won;t have a tuesday just not in this continent. It was too nice to stay for class, and to obvious to start to pack, so I took advantage of that lovely sofa. :-). I was thinking that we could still ahve 5:15 class since the test is 6:30, but that's not for me to say. Brief pause for a security report, I could tell you all about it but.....So there was mass at 7:00 am today, but I wasn't there. Don't forget the butter. Tomorrow is Sydney's promotion. I got some pictures of Sydney's Promotion. I misssed mr g's Double Knife Raw Hai. Donald was sick and Sydney had to fill in which meant doing two demos but it went very well. There was something in the office, but now at this advanced age a few weeks later I can't remember.

I just realized i don't have Greek dancing Gifs. I suppose that just means that I'm not perfect, although I know that before, I know everything, except maybe how to find a greek dancing Gif. I just saw some interesting penguins though, not dancing like the one above. So pick the appropriate person/ group that suits who you are and do that dance. are you the Swingers, jivers, seniors, family dancers, a dancing pig, a HOT dog or just like many of us a dancing penguin?

On a lighter note. I added some Jokes to my web page. Today is Wednesday April 28th . Did I mention yet about the yellow out being blue out as well? and red out, well it had to happen sometime, good think I didn't put all my eggs in the one basket, or doboks in the same bath. That stuff also removes the glue from fish. Fish glue you know. I bought a new doorbell. It's woreless, I decided on dng dong, as it has door bell conitations, I could have had westminster but where's the fun in that, I might get a second button, or even a third for Alicia and Helen. lets see how that goes. First Wednesday without Master D, I think he should be at class tomorrow, no sign of the newrly new master though. Must do an online search. 8 adults in class yesterday, and a chance to spar Sydney. Somehow the breathing thing was a problem, all this and no cheese, I don't understand it. Monday I was sparring 15. after teaching Tanto Hyung Cho dan to the Red and Black belts. That form is vicious. I also got a chance to teach the new whitebelts before my class. at least all the status reports are in after three weeks.Thursday April 29th 2004 and an new low. how could there be such a thing but there is. It's all that training.122 and O TDR as well. There were 6 turkeys strolling in my garden on Saturday May 1st 2004. When is a pain not a pain, never Last night Cinqo de mayo I taught but I didn't stay for class. We did tournament style practice. Which reminds me. Ricky turned up for Sa Bom stuff, two days to their promotion, but who's cuonting. Maybe counting would help but from where I am now I don;t think so. I think two days is the limit though. Edir got installed and I had to use the IP address. well wouldn;t you know but I didn't. I think hell would be spending every day installing stuff and it nearly working.

So there was a big crash where route 34 meets route 114 yesterday April 22nd 2004. we were sitting in traiifc for 45 minutes without moving as Fire engines, ambulances and tow trucks turned up. we couldn';t really see what was happening, we just sat there, in some cases like the monkey, Sometimes I sit and Think, sometimes I just sit. Not an ideal situation at the moment. Plenty of time for that at 2:00 am. there was an SUV very smashed up sitting on a tow truck by the time we got to move. I haven't heard anything else since, so it must be a common occurance. Close up it didn't look so common at all. now we have a plan C. master a few years early. The master Plan at the moment is 2011. If I'm still in this country by then, Maybe I'll still be waiting for my green card. Where are those fingerpeinters anyway? Survey says..... Yet anothre crash, on my way home from Karate this time, Saturday Morning April 24th 2004. 17th Dan Classing just after the Clinic. Three cars sandwiched together, must have happened minutes before I got there. And mammy had a tooth pulled, not like The nephew woth the broken tooth. That piece just fell out. Sydney tested for Cho dan and Mr. V tested for sam dan. 44 tested in all and it was over by 5:30, I think that's fast. I went to Mass on Sunday and there was Sonny GONE. A bit like the post office the day before, If I were you I wouldn't start from here at all, But I had already been to walgreens so where was there to go from there. Today then I found the static post office, that you can only reach in one direction, well officer I was only going in one direction anyway!!!!!. Just like MS, 4th win this year, and at imola with the Italian crowd so that was Great. Jenson Button got his best result ever with second place. He's doing really well this year. Bad news from Oma.

You know that little light that tells you that you have messages on you voice mail? Well with MCI it doesn't and it won't even beep at you funny to remind you to check your voice mail. I changed my service from SBC SNET, but alas and alack, I found out too late that that little red light will never glow again. way to make you feel lonely, no messages again, unless you call. And if you going to go to the bother of calling you might as well just call someone and have a whole conversation or at least leave a message, and maybe they don't have MCI and their light will shine. Where is rudolph when you need him? Wendenday March 31st 2004. Liam is being confirmed, of maybe he was confimed already!!!.

Tuesday I left on time to buy equipment for my PC. Windows XP and a new system for organizing stuff. Pity though it wouldn;t let me do the Wizard install/ upgrade cos of Windows server 2000 which doesn;t work anyway. Great Entertainment on the way to Texas, and all hand luggage. I didn't need to go hunting for eggs for Easter they were all there including the chocolate bunny cake. OFF with his ears. I arrived on Friday April 9th at 11:50 pm, nearly the 'end of Good Friday. I managed not to eat the chicken on the first flight. Being as it was on my way to Texas I met Texans on the plane, and that's why I didn't get to finish the History of the ancient world. All on Ginger ale.First I had to pop home for PJ. News from A about the waterworks. and now everything has to change, well not everytjhing, but I do like to exagerate. We had a visit from Jordan and Tyler. they're cute. We had Easter dinner Saturday April 10th 2004 and it was lovely, especially the Chocolate Bunny we devoured. Now I'm well and truely wikkied, another place to scribble my scrawl all be it with type fonts. I can make that messy too. Today is Thursday April 15th. Tax day, John's Birthday.... The list goes on.Go called back cos the machine doesn;t work, so I'm going again Monday. I ate all that lovely chocolate from Italy, Chocolate, unlike beer travels very well indeed. Something important happened, and I can't remember it. Or maybe it didn't happen at all, I'll check back for that later. Did I mention that Paul broke bits of his back????? Friday April 16th I went out to the Metro after dark, actually it wasn't dark when I got there, but it was by the time I left, so i missed Karate.

Day 2 Tuesday April 20th 2004. Still no sigh of those shares, sharing is caring you know, but sometimes that's just not enough. Well the web page is usually off by a few months and the ETrade doesn't get updated for a week so perhaps I should be patient, Time heals all. I figure 2 more years (well 1.8) and I'll be out of the 7 year thing, and I didn'e even break a mirror. What goes around , was that cake or Death, or Liberty? Too many oars. a bit like too many chefs, but did you see Rory on TV? That's if he's still there. plan A is working out ok, but it wlways does day one, lets's see week three how everything pans out. 32 days till Ireland and then Germany, I'm practcing my Chil sun. Sunday April 18th and my prayers were answered, be careful what you ask for. 8:00 am Mass, then a trip to to local laundry. That swiffer thing is fun too. Got scratched, but I found the Lake, there it was, just as it was before with Sally, just as wet. But around the pond all the trees have been cut down (allow for exageration) KJN showed us West Haven winning the National Chess Champion ships last night, That Brandon, not just a pretty face. NO sigh of either birthday boy. Time for a skiing song?. There is also plan b which goes in conjuntion with plan A, If I could only remember what it is. It has something to do with Shirts. I'll work it out. The more things change, the more they stay the same, except skin, that gets older.Also I still havent retrieved those photos. Must do that. And an end.

Brainshare was held in Utah as always Sunday March 21st to Friday March 26th, the weather was glorious and the view was even better. all those mountains. No sea of course. Saturday evening march 20th I went up to Bradley. I missed the Grand Prix at Malaysia. MS scores again, and this time RB came third. I also bought a swiffer, which has nothing to do with the current line of thought. On tangents every so often I get the 403 error which is weird as it's from the same IP that works sometimes. Today is Tuesday March 30th. What to do when I need to transfer files. remember those tapes? And when the kettle was the cause of the Disk being corrupt. now it just affects the fuse. NOt a fuse problem down stairs on Sunday which was Daddy's birthday, but a wiring issue, alot like those kids puzzles, where you follow the string to find out where it goes, but alot different. Anyway the split screen looks good, but doesn't work properly with cable. No Karate last night au cause de leisce. So back to Brainshare. The plane had a problem with the air conditioner. So of course, we had to get more petrol..... yes well with one airconditioner we have to fly at 24,000 ft, which takes more Petrol. And now we all know. They gave me the wrong room number, but not knowing this I thought they gave me the wrong key. Then I saw that there was someone in my room. But it wasn't my room, was it!!!!!. but it all got sorted, and we had a jolly laugh. Then I got registered, been there, done that, got the rolly bag. Nice bag this year. I might retire my old java bag. We're still on day one. I was on the lab from 2 till 6 on Sunday. That's what you get for missing mass. So we got to wear the lab coats and enthuse at people. Then there was the toga night or was it the toilet night there was plenty of both. we went off to Spencers which was egg, because of the wine. After I few amendements to the install. We were in the satelite rooms for the keynote session Monday after breakfast. First, I left my power behind, then I forgot my phone, I think I forgot my phone today too. Not a very memorable phone. Well it's small and black. Small disappointments in life lead to plesent surprises. Idir gach rud. So after the keynote, we went to hash out the demo, there was that spurious xmlns, but it didn;t really matter what really mattered was the = sign and the fact that it took us 5 hours to find out about it. Better late than never. I remember when XSL was a real pain and low and behold it still is!!!!!. there is a competition in Greenwich on April 3rd this is the begining, another may 15 then leading on to the nationals. San Antonio Texas!!!!! Those weeley bags are great,but a real pain when you're trying to fill your tray.
March 16th 2004, Coming back from a celtic weekend, is that celtic or celtic?. The mind boggles. But I had loads of fun. With Rory of course. And alot of food as well. Sunday March 14th I got up at 3:00 am which was by the way 2:00 am in Chicago. the windy city. All went well. I got to the airport in time, with petrol to spare. Stop for petorl at exit 37. Hey 37 that sounds familiar.Group 1 getting on the plane how good is that. Un expected granola bar as the snack, go american airlines :). AND of course more leg room. Reading history as usual made me sleep, bonus points there. So I arrived, slightly rested in Chicago. You can take a cab to downtown without taking a morgage, so I did that and on the way my Brother called me. It was 7:30 but he was awake, Irish time you know. So when I arrived at the hotel I knew exactly where to go. We went down for breakfast. juile was very nice, and there was story telling. Those buffets are great, especially if you skipped dinner, which Rory had.

This is Fill in the Blanks there are many. Ski Trip Jan 30th 2004 - Feb 1st 2004. Waltham Pow wow started Monday Jan 26th 2004 and continues Wed Jan 28th 2004 and Thu 29th 2004. Just before the Ski trip I was in charge of stoking the fire which I did very well mind you the electricity failed at 1:10 and came back 1:40. This all brings us to a familiar date and another ski excursion that has way more Colesterol maybe that's why I fell, but I got back up again.. after stoking the fire, we cleaned it out and left, in search of the house that the GPS couldn;t find, or at least it could but in the wrong place, which in a normal universe doesn't really count. But we found it anyway, paper map, and the cold were the main contributing factors. I went round the back to get some wood, co I couldn't open the door, turns out I was just weak. We went shopping then past a tavern not in the town, so we went back, there was food, and there were dogs and there were mugs of wine. so we sampled all - no we didn't eat tthe dogs we played catch the ball, and sit. By the time we got back to the house the others had arrived. come skiing tommorrow he said, three days is better than two. Next day was Friday and I didn;t go skiing, I plugged into AOL to test telnet and the rest, and I stoked and stoked. aparently chopping is way more difficult than it sounds, cos i didn't even have the wit to look when gary was doing it. So I fetched the smallest non chopped wood I could find, and stoked with that. When the lads got home, the fire was roaring, and the house was toasty. That aparently was a first.Saturday night 24th of Jan, I went out to Oxford for dinner with three people which turned out to be a party a surprise party, for me, with people I didn't know, and of course a few familiar faces with misleading stickers on their backs. It was a big surprise, and there was dancing and the cake was lovely. I had to leave early cos on Saturday I was going Skiing Up Butt ass early, for a round trip in my car, begining of an adventure, Heading north through cannan, there's and original one before the new one, and it's somewhere totally different. I bought a blue fluffy balaclava. So I did fall but I got back up again. Mainly it was fun. I called Lois to compare notes on episode -4, only three more episodes left.Friday night was a different surprise party it was a surprise to the person holding it, Marge, there was the invisible girl and the climbing boy, or godson as I like to call him. I went to Lunch with Frank, and Paul turned up :-). so we had lunch, champagne, when I say we I mean me. and the lads had some beer with a funny name. More fun with a hammer. This time taking up carpet. So we had a big pow Wow in waltham, somthing about putting out the trash, but we met gary on route 91, and his suburu took it from there. When we arrived, i realised I had an identity crisis, I had brought my PKSIS yes remember them ID. The picture wasn;t great, and the access was even worse. Tuesday Jan 27th was a gup test, and two people failed. you don;t see that very often. Eventaully I got to go home. Cos Wednesday was another Early day and an expected snow storm. We got snow, but luckily enough I wasn't driving. More pow wows and feathers later and we went out to an Skelligh. Nice place for a Shepards pie and monthy phyton. The other lads joined later in their leather jackets. I forgot to bring mine. Sunday Feb 8th 2004. A productive day all round. Mass., Karate training session, with the Kodanja survivors , that might be a good reality program, but whould would want it shown on TV??, Piano, and afflicting my hands, not to mention the dust. 6 rungs done, 5 to go, but that isn't even half the job. Saturday Feb 7th I went out to bridgewater again. it's really beautiful, but harder to navigate those small icy roads in the dark. I got some bridgewater chocolate, which we all shared. Lots of discussion. There was snow and expected Ice storms Friday Feb 6th, so I worked from home. I didn't get to Karate either.


Tuesday Feb 10th out to the diner second day in a row. Funny that. I finished the calendar at long last, well it ws a whole years worth. I also received an invite to Master Burns' Tournament. I feel special. Brian had to travel from home yesterday which wasn't what I was expecting. Friday Feb 13th was HL7 and a certain amount of just formatted flat files with Lee. We went to ruby tuesdays, Par for the course on the waiting but it was Friday 13th. Also the bar the bar had no dancing till later and an expectation of techno hip hop. Not what the doctor ordered, at least it was free. One Shepards pie later and all was well, proper music as well.

Friday Feb 20th and the stairs is nearly done, Actually it was nearly done Feb 16th but the work week interviened and so I'll get back to it tomorrow. Measuring tape, hammer and some tacks and some fingers to mangle, and all will be sorted. You know this means I have to paint the rest of the attic as well. Ah well. More space, then final Frontier. So it was presidentas day. Lois called, and I still wasn;t up. This time I painted the stairs in two sessions even steps then odd steps, but because it's an old house most of the steps were odd. I managed to get lots of paint on me, but it blended in. I also updated the Bathroom project, but it's still not right, It gave me a change to make a bigger mess, and I fixed that silocone issue. Nothing to do with cosemetic surgery, and everything to do with the bath. I tried to buy some carpet taks, but that seems to be a very difficult and complicated occupation, that doesn't involve blood or wounded thumbs. it's hard to tell which to prefer. Eventually I had to leave as my clothes were washing as we spoke. very industrious my clothes. I bought some wine and forgot the extra clothes.The two real tekkies and I had lunch yesterday, no cligon was spoken, but we endevored in an education in phytonesque. We made up some words as well. I reckon that Metro place is slow. Another visit to trumbull with no guilt trip, how good is that .... Very good. They are moving though to exit 47. Speaking on yesterday that old rich guy is now older, aren't we all. Wednesday I got a nice surprise after Karate. MD gave me to option to do kicks of not, so I did the kicks, good workout. Then Sparring just hands, cos of the sparring injured. I'll butt you!!!! It's just a flesh wound. I mixed up the days for trumbull, but it didn't matter. Tuesday I was Jessie's kyo sa. Then I stayed for class, Cos I missed Monday having taken Presidents day off. Running on two PC's as usual, but at least now I'm clean or my clothes are. Short visit down the road at lunch time. I tried to buy stuff at hoe depot be they weren't co-operating. So I left the stuff there and headed back to the laundry matt. I don't know why I bother, It just gets dirty again anyway!!!!!. Ok maybe I do, it's that smell :-). I went to Miya's in New Haven Saturday Feb 21st 2004 and I had to take my shoes off, not funnily enough because I was too tall, but because we were sitting on the floor. This is where I found out that you can;t dring wine with chop sticks, even plumb wine. They had a sake maker, or rather heater, that dispensed sake. What next!!!!!!! Coffee makers????? Eventually on Sunday, tape measure in hand I "finished the stairs, but now I have to keep it clean, this looks like a job of super man, but alas and alack, wrong decade, I suppose I could start by filling in the window, that's letting some of the dust in. I only needed the one rug and it fit very well. That extra door is an issue though cos it doesn't close properly. Sonny was at mass and that invisible girl again. The penguin was doing Yoga today. Monday Feb 23rd 2004 Nearly March Feb 27th 2004, lots of good things happening today, or at lease we'll see when I get home about some of them. Books set two, shipped. so lots of reading in the future. Yesterday something bad happened to my car. I don't know how, but there it was when I got back to my car after work yesterday. Team Form where there to parctice after class and KJN was on his way to the airport. I might stay at the hotel before my Sunday 6:00 am flights. Sounds like a good plan. My Bong se Bong went forward in leaps and bounds on Wednesday as I had to teach it on wednesday. Nothing like teaching a subject to learn it, even more so with the Bong form.

March 12th 2004 deciding on the Music room stuff, lots of hard work. I called Ruthie on her Birthday. A Ruth cha cha a Ruth cha cha. The mysterious scrapes disappeared. I baked bread - much better than the cresents. Saturday March 6th 2004 was an in day and there was all that food something had to be done with it. The plan on Tuesday was to stay till the masters arrived, but the cows didn't come home either. Nearly master showed up so I left at 7:30 for pb, long time no see but it's still the same. Went back to Miya's March 11th and nearly met up with those coffee people but didn't they found an italian place instead

Last night Monday Jan 5th 2004, I got the chance to learn the rest of Chil Sun O Lo. There are Bits I don't remember but we did good. Bruces head got too close to some wood but that's another story, and I don't really know it, so it won't be a contribution here. It was a really big class, and we got the cards after, not our cards, the cards. Teaching today Tuesday Jan 6th 2004, then eating. 2004 is severly lacking in pictures, one of these days I'll fix that. Aqua man is still out with an ear infection, from the ocean no less!!!. There was pizza just sitting there in the kitchen today. It's the feast of the epifany or some such spelling. I heard the church bells going at 7:00 am this morning, from the comfort of my bed. No pineapple, no checken, not a mushroom in sight, but I had to try it anyway. Dave came back from oblivion and he is now at exit 13. Constitution BLVD, you know the road that floats over route 8 between 12 and 13... Lois is arriving. the 17th. I moved most of the bottles today, I think the rest can go out on Friday. And I heard, or read the during the snow and Ice, KJN had an accident and rolled his SUV. It was totalled, but He's okay. Yesterday morning Wednesday Jan 7th was an early rising, and Joe was in so I got set up. my 2.1 eclipse keeps hanging and blue screening, so I've moved to 3.0, the 3d version, or is it 3M!!!!!. KJN was at the school for a while. I had two new white belts, and some unsolicited advice. Lunch today with Peter, and my CVS is working as well. Not Tortise, not Win, just the bare Minimun, but with the shadowed moon. I still haven;t learned Clingon. :-). I can feel every muscle in my body thanks to that "slow" work out last night, Lets do all the forms slowly. Sounds like a restful idea... Not. A call from an old friend Thursday Jan 8th and off to Happy Families. back in the parking lot and once again my car wasn't where I thought it was, and once again, I was looking in the wrong place. I'm looking for a sign. KJN was back Teaching, even though he's not back to par yet. It was another big class, which bodes well. Also my time is getting booked up, free time that is, or isn;t really now. an so another Friday. The Friday that I get the handle on my car fixed, except my appointment was at 7:30, and that was when I left my house. I forgot. I actually thought I'd get to work really early. Luckily, I was able to connect ar the car place, also they didn't seem to mind me being late. Ps when is exit 13 not exit 13..... when you;re in the wrong lane. It was quick and painless, and didn;t cost me a penny and now I have a new handle in my car :-). I had the cat birthday card ready, that was good. The word you were looking for is, brazen. Not as in head, but that another story completely in about July/August 1993. I wonder if it was recorded at all. No training for three days, because some conversations are private, and some people are operating a police state. Saturday January 10th I painted my bathroom Blue and Blue, actually now that I think of it, the Dublin colours, Come on ye boys in Blue. I was up till 2:00 am, good thing I'm not a perfectionist, I would be totally sleep deprived. No mass on Sunday, no Training, and I didn't leave the house till after 6:00 PM. It was cold. Good thing I had my layers. Monday morning it snowed. Or at least the snow ploughs were out so something snow like happened, It was probably snow though, cos of all that white stuff lying around. Rory called, I got 13 tdrs, I'm getting a new PC, aparently this is a day of infamy for open source, we will see how famous it becomes. KJN taught me Nahanji Sam Dan, that's the whole set, now all I have to do is major practice. It looks like I'll be going North on Monday 26th and staying there, Tuesday Jan 13th 2003 5 down 163 to go. Announcement made, shares are going down again.

I moved Today Jan 2nd 2004 off into the bowles of R&D. another day, another cube. And another bag ao stuff to bring home and organize. I snowed this morning, but then it turned to rain. The ski trip is at the end of Jan so that's very good, it misses Kodanja completely. well what you don't have you don't miss. We did the First half of my new Chil sun :-). again and again.....yesterday, I put together furniture, and make a TSDMGK space in the attic. Now I need to paint and add the symbols. Of Course. only 20 more steps to go in this plan, but the plan is getting longer.

Rules for redecorating Saturday Jan 3rd 2004. 1. When hitting a nail with a hammer, make sure the nail is not attached to a digit. 2. When Painting, Choose the Paint colour before commencing. 3. Masking tape is not just a good idea to be thought about. 4. Extra furniture does not create extra room. Lots of people were at mass Sunday Jan 4th 2004, or at least there were lots of cars in the parking lot before mass started. I spy new years resolutions, or maybe a search for forgiveness, we shall never know. I went to train in shelton, there were six of us. More self defence, well you never know when you might need it unless you are testing for kondanja in which case the answer is Jan 21st!!!!!. The Rileys will be arriving soon. The lads were back today, the graveyard shift. Good thing I had that packet of Biscuits, every where I go..... $22 worth of cans and bottles and my right arm is really sore, but at least there is a gap in the attic where they used to be. Maybe I'll try inch by inch. Or then again, why break with tradition

Wednesday December 17th was the Party. I only got slightly lost with my GPS. Two drinks each and a test to see who was over the limit. Then Gary wore jeans!!!!!!. Mind you he brough Gail with him so I suppose all was well with the world. There was no dancing, but then again there never is. I learned how to say happy new year in Chinese and Russian, but I think I've forgotten by now. Big changes happened yesterday Thursday December 18th 2003, and we learned the en of the shim shammy. I went out to lunch, but I don't think that made any difference I was out to lunch all day. Then I went to deliver presents at 3 Enterprise. This morning Friday 19th I delivered the stuff to Burma road early. One of My sessions was cancelled but another of my sessions was re-instated, so it's all even. Yesterday it looked a bit different. There is something in my eye as well. I drove to the Airport from Work, no incident there on the good side, the new A train is working, so I didn;t have to wait for a bus to the terminal. , there was a long line at the airport and a woman complaining that she would have to pay extra for her 10 bags. Ah well. The chicken on the plane was horrible which was actually a first for AerLingus for me. I arrived in Dublin Airport Saturday Dec 20th 2003 I picked up a renault Clio and drove to dunloaghaire. Mammy was there with the door open waiting for me, what a nice welcome!!!!! I came back to the US on Sunday the 28th and the whole world had changed. ie we had to pay for Drinks if we wanted them, so I didn;t. that's just uncivilised. I also left my mobile phone in the car. So After I checked in I went back and there it was all wrapped up and waiting for me.The lady in Imigration said I wold get my Green card soon, and I got my hopes up, really she was just saying that my parole visa would run out soon. When I arrived in JFK I had to wait the 45 minutes for my bag. Then back on the A train, it's old hat to me now, and I was helping other people. The year came to an end at Oxford with lots of Champagne. Many things happened in between, maybe I'll write about some of it maybe I won't.Then again maybe I'll forget. But I have to mention the party. Ivan was there and did nothing outragous which is worth mentioning in it's own right. I saw the new lights, even though it took me a while to see the light. Anne was there but we didn't tap dance- she was wearing boots, another remarkable fact. Rocco turned up really late but earl enough to ring in the new year. Even though we nearly missed it I know it woulod have happened anyway. After the festivities, I went back to the ranch. Pause to copy photos. I got some pictures at home. I missed the night of 1000 kicks too busy not going up a cold mountain, but RK missed it as well, so I don't feel so bad, not like his neck. We went up north on a mystery tour on Tuesday. And therein it lies.

Friday December 12th I was promoted to 2nd degree Black belt. Zee and I did a demo and it went really well especially for two practice sessions. I think it was the non standard Ke-hap that had the most effect. and then there was a no show. Lots of food and hugs, which made for messy clothes, My uniforms are MIA but they'll arrive some day. So on the 13th we had a Gup test. This went on a long time, then I went to Walmart to get stuff for my new attic plan. Clear out the Boxes and Fill up plastic boxes. It snowed again this weekend, so I took the oportunity to clean out my attic and move it upstairs. Hard to visualize unless you see it. Just like the Mouse.Enough said there. Sunday December 14th. After mass of course I can't find my book. This was Lunch week starting Monday Dec15th I had Lunch with Frank. he had a traffic jam but I didn't, too many calories.

Long Time No See, not Blinded by the light, just MIA, or at least away from this piece of text. For cronoligocal reasons I must state taht Today is Tuesday December 9th 2003. Whether that's true of not as I am writing this you have no way of knowing. Last Shelton class this year, as next week is a test. There was thanksgiving, and thankfully, I just lounged around in my appartment, eating Roast Chicken, Who knew? I suppose all those people who buy already roasted chicken besides me. Well it tasted better than If I had cooked it myself. Not that that says much at all, considerint 1. my Cooking Skills, 2. My Oven and three, how annoying it is to have to wait for a chicken to Roast!!!!!. Friday Nov 28th though was an early start and a long day. Literrally, I added Three hours by popping over to Hollywood. Been there, Done that, got the T-shirt, shot glasses and a few souviners. Some of the trip was good, like First class all the way from Atlanta to Los Angles, and some of it was not so good, like the Taxi drive to Hollywood Blvd. I found a Starbucks and that was an achievement. There was nowhere at the airport to buy maps or get information before I left. So in starbucks I planned and met some nice people who told me where the bank was. I walked the Hollywood Blvd walk, no a strut, you can't see the stars on the ground if you keep your head high. I did the VIP tour of the Chinese Theather. And I went up to Universal City, Cos that's where hard Rock Cafe is. I was just about to stop and ask for directions, but I couldn't find any information booth..... Just a Big Guitar right in my line of sight!!!!! yes the Big Guitar right in front of Hard Rock Cafe!!!!! I had dinner there, Strawberry daqurie was disappointing, so I had to move to red wine. Then the adventure of the Subway back to the Airport, Where I met a man from Korea. Annyeo ha sin ni da. By the time I reached Atlanta it was Saturday. Great news though, my last leg was upgraded as well, and that was the one with Breakfast. Pretty uneventful from then on. CT was cold, I drove home, and rested. BIG TIME. Nice to get Phone Calls from home :-). We're still 10 days away from Today. Sunday I went to msas, but not to practice in Shelton. I'm not sure if anybody was there. Did we mention the Big snow. It came Friday December 5th 2003. Lots and Lots of snow, so I left my car at work and didn't see Master and Commander. Then next day I bought more roast chicken, new fad for the next few months I suppose. The attic plan started Sunday December 7th still snowing and not a good day for Christmas shopping so I moved my boxes, and there were alot of them. Wednesday December 10th was the trip to Clinton CT. you know the exit where the Gap is, well That's where I parked my car. That was not however where I went looking for my car!!!. So I used one of my lives and called a friend, and the Police, then I had to call back as the nice lady pointed out to me that I was in the totally wrong place!!!!!. At least my car was in the right place :-). Back to Oxford after Tapping class Thursday December 11th 2003 , and this time, the other girley was there. we had some fun, cos that's what you do all girls together.

Monday November 10th is Aine's birthday. time for lots of ho sin sool in class that night. then the next day - Tuesday at the shelton class more of the same. Followed by a trip to West haven cos I missed it to fix some computer problems. all Done All Fixed and All is well. Stocks are going up again November 12th 2003 Mammy's Birthday. $8.45 at the moment, which is a good thing. in other numbers -.6 and day three, but that's a bit optuse. I can't find a picture to explain, it's will be a bit like that seven sides on a Fifity pence piece thing, and Five Counties in Connaught. Last night after class I was back in West Haven, this time two computers were sick. Luckily enough with some TLC we manager to coax them back to their healthy selves. All is well with the world now, olr at least with that particular lan :-). I haven't heard any news about my Apartment, so I presume it's still not rented. Maybe I should go home for Thanksgiving and check it out. Two vacation days in a row!!!!!. Doing well on the Ficiala front, four days already, and I've reached naoi cloiche again. caitriona has been off the cigarettes for over a year, which is just as well cos after christmas they are going to be banned in Ireland, well in pubs and resturnats and working environments. Next they won't let you drink or talk - quote from EZ. I brought my camer to class again last night, I got Master D and Master P, only 52 to go!!!!!. Zicika broke her board on the third try with a jump back kick. Yippee. It was a good one. I got to stand and watch. I orders that stuff from Sky mall. This all leads to plan A. some of that is around thanks giving. I also need to travell to get 25,000 so near and yet so far. That leads to calling Mary Lucy on her birthday She says she's going to cook for christmas. Aine has started already, well those christmas pudding take a VERY long time. It's all that soaking in alcohol (not the cook, the pudding). But tonight as every Thursday these days is tap dancing. Stocks finished at 9.73.


Executive decision, no relivance , I just like this gif of a vw bug. I booked a trip to Hollywood Friday. Today is Monday November 24th 2003 and thanksgiving is next Thursday. So the reason behind it is 22100. That's not a joke but it could be if you thought baout it very hard..... no very hard, more tahn that. Oh I give up. In the new def I write more so If I stop for say 11 days it seems like a big gap. I did the whole stock think, exactly the wrong way. These are the things you learn, now I have to sort it out before the end of the tax year. Not a pretty picture. The intention was Saturday morning, to go to class, after picking up the orange car. but I waited too long, so when it was too late for class, then my car wasn't ready, something about brakes! for the life of me I can't figure out how I lost Friday!!!. KJN announced Monday November 17th that I will be promoted December 12th. there were lots of Sahm dans in class. Tuesday I had my class then I took two more. Master Bennet was taking class as well. I got a few more people for my Video tape. Then there was tap dancing Thursday , this time we rembered to clap, but will we remember the moves? Shuffle to buffalo, flip flap, or something like that. I don't even remember the names. The classes are getting smaller now, and we have two weeks off, because of grateful people and a nut cracker. Pause to check hands. Kodanja class was Lots of IMing well more than usual so I'll spatter smileys Friday and we had 6 or 7 O dans, they were learing 49. (7x7). I took some more video, and ended up at 744, no corelation. Party is the last tap dancing day, so choices have to be made. This leads us to my second visit to Texas in two weeks. This time it was for Master Brett Riley's 10th year aniversary, and byt the way this co-incided with the 5th aniversary of cape cod. My friend Lois tested for EE Dan, but I missed it by a hair, I did not however miss the dancing. Yes there was dancing, and there was me.Not tap dancing, or anything you might have to know in advance, just music with a beat, and words that we knew already. There must have been somthing in the water though. That's a reference to the demo. I might publish the list if I want to, then again this is my web page and I might not!!!. BR looked at the video when we got back to the house. Sunday was really a travel day. First class, but that just meant bigger seats and alcohol I couldn't drink, cos I had to piuck up my car at the airport. WE sat in atlanta for an hour waiting to take off. some indicator wasn't working. I got back after midnight. All things linux now, I have my Linux hard drive, but I Still have install problems - MySQL you know, these personal problems have an ego. Wendesday November 26th 2003. I started copying images, but it took too long. I must not be using them all.


My computer is reving. and stocks finished at 7:35 + 1.30, they got top 8.80 at one stage but not now. Today is Tuesday November 4th 2003. 127.8. This was the day of the call. the day we got news of Bob and Co. and also the day that Novell announced that they bought Linux. Plan for the day. Teach class, Take class. result, Practice double dagger forn, teach class, stretch class, take class, raw hai again :-). and that's about enough of that. Which leads us to Wednesday November 5th. I didn't bring my camera into class. Master D was there and Master P. They let me teach the advanced belts again. Shi Sun. Thursday the 6th was our second tapping class. I had to park on the road, and I went home on time considering that I needed to bulk up on sleep before the weekend. I was right(strange thing that happens once in a blue moon). This was also KJN's birthday. but alas and alack I wasn't there I was busy tapping. Friday was Christy's birthday, of with the use of high tech, or yahoo IM voice, I sang him happy birthday.This is a tradition. A bit like calling all your children Mary!!!.I stayed late to reach the 12 hour time limit before I could apply for first class, but I Accidentally checked in instead, and to coach. I investigated some more after 6:00 pm, and I found a not saying I couldn't apply for an upgrade until I got to the airport. No believing what those web pages say. (Take what you are reading as a case in point) I tried again on a different route, and I found the page, that let me apply for an upgrade, not only that but it was accepted, so I printed out another boarding pass, and I was all set for 1st class for Saturday morning. No class, just a trip down the country to Eddie Izzard.well it wasn't meant to be eddie Izzard, but he's so funny I couldn't help it. MY car didn't break down, cos it'a a reliable Honda. and Blue to boot!!!!! I got back the next day which was about three hours before I had to leave for Texas. So I got up aroiund three and got ready to go. Funik in place. Something to read, and we're all set. I left before 4:00 am, and there wasn't much traffic. The long term parking at the garage is now only $13 a day, which in my humble opinion is VERY reasonable. I walked over to the old delta terminal, only to find out I didn't have to so I walked back. No rush though I was really early. Nice First class but no food this time, I think that was a once off with Jen. Back with the plebs from Cinncinatti to SAT, but the seats were big anyway, and no-one was sitting beside me. Lolo was parked when I got there with austin, ahhhhh. IN here comes wurst feist again. We went to Bube's to pick up McKenzie and Marcus. Then we went to Wurstfeist for the rides for the kids. Round and Round.

That clock thing still hadn't registered by Monday morning so I got to work really early. Lots of stuff to do, Edi, WSDL, Wash uniforms, Wrap, forget my wallet, I didn't really need to do that but I did anyway. Good thing for the emergency money. I arrived at Karate early, even after stopping off to get that CD from Adair. When I walked into the Dojang, KJN told me I passed my test :-D. this is a very good thing. So I skipped along to get changed, then I taught the white belt kids. Fun thing to do number 2. We had a sparring class, then I gave KJN Han Gul(that's korean for korean) and we watched a movie. Tuesday I had lunch with my friend Frank, and found a new dessert at the metro Grill. It was the bomb, literally a chocolate bomb. Since it was Tuesday and the last Tuesday of the month there was a gup test. Six judges and 5 people testing, but Ryan got a change to Judge for the first time, and that was good. Mr. Tabone showed me some of the knife form, don't try a roll on a hard floor, if you don't think you can do it correctly, result, Big bruise on right shoulder, good thing my Computer bag is a wheely. Back out to KJN's house now with the new Declan Software I bought, This time I didn't stay for the movie. Beauty sleep and all. Wednesday morning October 29th 2003, and my clock has adjusted to EST. No more getting up at 6:30am. It was fun while it lasted. Or was it??? I don't remember now it was such a long time ago. another class on wednesday, Classes are getting bigger. master Dugan is back as well so all is well with the world. Thursday was tap dancing day. But first it was lunch at the diner with Chris, and di the dividend thing, not at the same time, we were in the right place to buy more coffee thouogh, dunkin donuts, not maxwell house. I don;t know I only like nescafe, and bewleys straight from home.I worked late and went to the dance studio from work. S got lost, but she was found just in time. so tip tap tip tap titap titap, shuffle, shuffle ball change and so on I can make the hands move, and I can make the legs move, one at a time, it;s just this doing it altogether to music that I have a problem with. Later and we were laughing in oxford, very good for the stomach, and thanks be to god we had lots of toilet paper, in our cars. And the dog rand around. It was very late going home. Friday, another day, and another class, or was it. no it was Hallowe'en, amoung other things, pay day, Ainse An d Declan's 14th aniversary, and of course Friday. So I wore a blue wig/ red wig, withc hat, no wig. out to lunch back to the metro grill, but the bomb was gone ah well. Such is life. The more things stay the same the more they change. Speaking of change, when is a karate class not a karate class? When it's a trip to 744 for dinner cos we're all wrecked. NO movie though, we went there to wait for the movie, but by the time it was time it was too late, bidy clock speaking. I suppose that happens allot. Two more months left in the year and they start with the First of November 2003. I got up in time for karate. well done that girl. No test, just regular class. Then back to the ranch, but I fell asleep!!!!! I must be sick or tired or both. I found out Sunady. I got up at 5:00 am, in preparation of my 6:30 am trip to the first TSDMGK Region 2 tournamnet held in Casperkill country club. Alas it was not to be. I was fighting a headache, and by 6:00 am I was fighting to stand up. So I went back to bed and stayed there for hours, just getting better, not at my chil sun forms though!!!.


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