St. Patrick's Day

So the Druid Chef is coming to CT, and We're having a Party. Look at him on the Radio.

But Where?????

12 Burma Road, Woodbridge, CT

and When?

after 2:00 PM Sunday 17th of March

What else should I know?

wear GREEN

the Druid Chef is Rory he doesn't have a black belt but he can juggle knives

How long do I have to stay?

as long or short as you like of if you're really boring or **insulting the Irish 2 minutes.

** You have to be VERY inventive to insult the Irish.

Can I bring the Kids?

Of Course but you don't Have to bring one if you can't find one at short notice.

Who do I have to be nice to?

Well the Chef - Rory

Sonny and Adair (It's their Home)

Cunningly disguised martial artists

anyone who takes your fancy

Who Invited me to this Party Anyway?????

remember Helen? -

Irish -

does Tang Soo Do,

Works in Shelton with Computers.....

maybe you should just go and find out when you get there

Will there be singing and Dancing?

Well of Course but If you ignore me you might be able to eat in peace

What's on the menu?

Menu for Saint Patrick’s Buffet Dinner

17 March 2002

Irish flavored dips

Irish Smoked Salmon with a honey mustard dressing

Pot roast stuffed chicken with a Guinness glaze

Woven pan-fried aromatic potatoes scented with herbs Rustic country style vegetable

Open house style dessert ( bring your own )

Bailey’s cheesecake

Irish cheese board

Irish coffee

And plenty of drink

I still Don't know how to get there.....

Because you didn't hit the but Where link..... CLICK HERE FOR DIRECTIONS


I found this in Greetings - St. Patrick chasing the snakes out of Ireland