very strange fridge from nowhere

Hi I am just experimenting with the mailing facility and since youare not too busy would you like to read you'll never guess what hat started out as MAN'S NEW RACE. In the beginning .. nobody knew that it WAS the beginning because nobody had seen the middle or knew about the end. In actual fact  it could still be the beginning and we wouldn't know. Following   this logic it could also be the end. [Musical break. And now the end is near ] But the end of WHAT????? The end of the human race maybe...But who is running in the race  and maybe more importantly who is winning?? [Deep break It's not the winning or losing but the taking part]   What has that great referee in the sky planned for us, or will    another totally different race start once ours has   surely as the sack race following the egg and spoon race!!!!!! Will we be competing or will it be other beings altogether...maybe it will be a three legged race excluding most of us altogether    [literary     break Four legs good....Two legs bad ] Are we relaying our way into the next world by our good deeds or  does every trip over a hurdle take us further and further away???? Why are all the other events empty.. the high jump bare like the  overheated red planet so near to the sun. who is playing discus  with the rings of Saturn and who blew the starting gun with a big bang.....[Silly Break  FREE A NIPPER ]  Is the milky bar kid really looking out for us???? Why can't we   see him at night? How do you get the figs into the fig rolls. Who was that masked man? Does a real smartie go purple when it plays  the blues? What's for tea tonight? Why is nobody ever there unless you want to be alone? Why is it only the good outfits that attract coffee and spaghetti to them????   For many years men {and women} have been asking themselves these  questions. As a result most of them have been put into parliament or lunatic asylums  for talking to themselves!!!!!    Commercial break     Not much in these adds these days is there?  Well I am on Differentiation which will swiftly turn into integration and also induction in maths now. If I can get on to a certain step on the stairs, and I'm able to climb one step then I can get to the top of the stairs.       



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