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Be warned Trespassers will be shot at, hunted, maimed and tortured. . . . . Survivors will be prosecuted.

End of introduction . . . . . . .
So Today is August 21st 2007.
It's been a long time, 2006 just disappeared, even though I have pictures. Nothing like the 60's just a time I did no "blog", that's what they call that it now blogging, once it became popular, i decided not to participate anymore, but NOW, I suppose I am out the other end and back in the side of being outside the trend.

We went to Scotland in May, I've never been to scotland before, so it was a new experience, I really love that accent, I think it is my favourite english language accent. I just founf out that my images were missing, just like a bad image but totally different. I think I have rectified that. Another Hard Disk blew, well actually it was the heat sync, the glue had gone hard, and my computer was overheating, causing the memory to go, luckily it was just 1 GB, so I replaced that chip, and the glue on the hear sync. In other news I bought coffee cup and I learned how th change the templates in the photo gallery, so i do not have to do so many manual changes.  I wehn home for Jen's birthday last year, when is a castle not a castle, well that's another story. mammy Gearoid and Caitriona cam to visit me..... Surpruise, and it was 7 degrees fgarenheight. that didn't stop LaVan from going outside to bbq some pork chops. that was Jan but in July -  August 2006 we had pigs :) yes seven of them this year the wall got blown out of the barn. We just got some more chickens. 48 araconas the martha ttewart kind. I do no agree with the MS mentaility, that you must do up your home in order to be right. (frilly curtains and home madepies). l made peach Pie from our own peaches :). he;s wonderful.

So speaking of Scotland Ryan won grand champion. L had Hagis. we all had a half a chicken EACH with lovely fries, everyone is called Jimmy or Dave, We met a stag night. we saw Highland dancing and bagoipers. We went to visit loch ness and found out they only has scotch and no wiskey, never mind Tullamore Dew!!!!!.


 So What did you expect to Find down here?????