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This is the Y@K version all you never really wanted to hear about 2000. TitlePage

2000 AD

This page is not chronological and sometimes itís not even in descending order. So if you are looking for something specific youíve come to the wrong place.If you are a organized person who needs some structure see the Dates section for anything more specific just use find, this is the only page so if itís not here, itís gone out for a cup of Coffee and we donít know how long that will take.Some of these links donít work anymore but thatís the adventure.

January 2000 Went to Paris with Ńine, like you do, Weíll always have Paris, stayed at the Trinity Hotel, rue Pigalie close to the Moulon Rouge (thatís not the correct spelling), We got an eyeful of the tower and saw our ladyís cathedral, it was cold but it was fun, and the FOOD!!!!!

Thursday March 23rd 2000, Ńine Called, Dad Died For once I couldnít say a Word, I went to the Airport but I forgot my Passport, Eddie to the rescue again with his American Air Miles.

Friday May 19th 2000. Got to the gate at 3:08, my flight was at 3:00, but luckily enough my flight was delayed and Now Iím in the terminal waiting to leave. Funny thing about that Porsche, I just put a deposit on one, and I am a lot happier, LexiBridge was demolished, well sucked dry really, so we were all let go.

Thursday June 1st 2000 So I had a few visitors in the last three years. There is a rundown of the Chicago event in my old web page which I should really integrate with this, one way or another. Deborah came to Omaha via Chicago, Patricia and Louise came to visit me in Beacon Falls, Ö..with no Horse, but very good cherry Garcia on a stick ice pops, that was when I decided to go back to Omaha for the weekend, Jen arrived to my new apartment before the furniture did, hence the small telly, thatís gone astray now but it was good while it lasted.The came family, Gearůid, Lucy, Niall and Liam ventured over to CTÖ For a wedding, but we had fun too.We had a heat wave, and only one air conditioner.I hurt my leg the week before.We went to New York, we saw fireworks on the 4th of July in the company of hot dogs, and we even got to do a jigsaw puzzle!!!Then came Caitriona and John, they stayed a week, then went to Florida, I got more clever and actually took time off, itís more fun that way.So now I wait and see if I get visitors this year!!!

I got to Ski on my first birthday in CT, that was fun, wet, but fun, had a lesson, skied down a mountain a few times, ate some food went home, till the next weekend.Then Gerry joined in. Gerry went back to Ireland, but before he went we gave him a send off in CT, a very colourful event as far as I was concerned!!!!!, ďWhat colour have I not tried yetĒ, what did I want with a single malt anyway!!!!!

So Now Iím working in DC three days a week, flying in and out, Iíve driven many cars, stayed in many hotels, ordered much room service, and I reckon it would be more fun, not alone.So Now Iím going to lunch, what great surprise is in store for me today?????

Friday June 2nd 2000 Hawaiian day..apparently because itís Friday and over 90 deg farenheight!!! Fought with fixed length files and won, now I need to update my specs!!!, got an unexpected surprise a day early, less than 24 hours to Porsche, I think itís 9:30 tomorrow, so thatís 17 hours away, get to Airport, drop off car, fly home, collect car, drive home, sleep, wake, go to bank, get car, go to DMV, get temporary reg, go home, drive Porsche!!!!!, bring rental car back, home free.Speaking of free, Iím still waiting for the bill from Rosen, they are as slow in this as everything else!!!!!, no sign of my credit history being updated either.

Had dinner with Scot and Lorna, got to practice my non existent Italian. Looks good for next Wednesday! The fund raising started for WHAK, Oh Yeah, Iím a red belt, so there.I didnít win, neither did any of my ĎCustomersí.

Stuck at the airport, My plane was meant to leave at 8:40, itís now 9:15, and it hasnít even left where itís coming from yet, I hope I get home tonight.I fixed that fixed text program (again), somehow extra code got copied in from ďSomewhereĒ. Left the office in torrential rain which only seemed to stop when it didnít matter to me anymore. Estimated time to leave DullesÖ Sometime after 10:00.

I rang Lois, she thought I had my Porsche, Ihad great fun last week when I rang mum and told her what kind of car I am buying.What more could you ask forÖ and she got the right answer.

The Millennium came and went and I forgot to mention it! I was at home in Ireland, actually I was sipping Champagne (rather vigorously) with Patricia & family, and having a major sing song, Thatís what I call a Party, Scot & Lorna had me out to dinner last night but I was too tough so we had steakÖLovely steak, and Wine, why donít you. Or course I got lost on the way home, but Scot rang just in time and pointed me on my way.

My battery is half gone, I got to a stage today , when I couldnít bother talking, it was strange, maybe a sign of my early friend.I might be celebrating tomorrow, Champagne, what good is it in the Fridge? 12 and a half hours to Porsche, but only if my plane arrives, I donít think Iíll get much sleep tonight, Maybe Iíll start that book by Ursla.I havenít finished the xCommerce one yet, It got very boring, very quick.Still no feedback about SAX but Iíll be in the Office on Monday, close to the action.I wonder if I have a cigarette lighter?Iím meeting Rich at Noelís to pick up the Porsche, I think Iíll leave it there until I can collect it.

Pause to save, even the Ice cream place is closing now, but not before I got a Worlds best Chocolate and Strawberry cone, well you have to get your priorities straight sometime.I rescued my sayings, and now they are part of my signature, I have a little program that updates it when ever I want to run it. I like it anyway.

June 8th 2000, No more text pictures, I really have to invest in some clipart. The clipart I had is lost.I need to transform my Quiz!, like you do, no more wishing for a Porsche, Now I have one, whatís a girl going to do?

June 16th 2000, and itís a Friday, Last night I was meant to fly back to CT, instead, I am training it back at the moment between PA and New York, Speaking of training thatís what Iíll be doing in London, I didnít really need those reminders, Iím quite safe really but life goes on and people get funny ideas, not the only one to get funny ideas, but I reckon that my best bet is just to ignore it.I also need to phone Tony, heís moving up to level 3, so PKS must have been Level 4Ö.. As least I know what I likeÖ.. So Wet shoes, tired head, weak battery and all I headed out to the parking challenged, Iron deficient Harrington Hotel, thatís another person I havenít spoken to in ages.So Iíll head off Wednesday Morning, used to thatÖ and Arrive in Dublin midnight, all going well, then the next Wednesday night I head to London, Beverly has my Hotel set up, all I need is transportation, and info about George and Sarah,Rory must be very popularÖ Heís so hard to get a hold of, or is that slippery.

So I have my PorscheÖ I am Porsche enabled, except that Rich has a boxster bummer, I even have a reg, DC Phoenix, thatís my take on it anyway.I really need a haircut, it just grows and grows. Iíve ďfinishedĒ the project, all we need now is a little SilverStream miracle in order to get us to the MQ, otherwise we are left with adding a Jar file/ changing the program that calls xCommerce to do a little extra at the end. Looking at the window from the train the day looks lovely, I wonder If Iíll get any sun before Wednesday.

August 22nd 2000 Inhere I bought Eddieís car When is a title not a title Ė when it doesnít have title written on it!!!!! So the Title got moved very slowly back to Italy in the meantime the Altima sat quietly in my Driveway. Scot and Lorna got married on the 26th of August Ė Gearoid and Lucyís anniversary. And the wedding reception was at the Italian Embassy.Loved that Cake!!!!!, and drinking champagne in the Limo, where to sir, just drive around, Iím not drunk yetÖLorna looked Beautiful, Pictures on the lawn,back to their room after for more festivities.

Thanksgiving 2000 ĖWent home to Ireland, Mum Caitriona and I had our pictures taken but Mary Lucy wouldnít stick her tongue out.Itís always the same. The four of us went out for a Meal Ńine, Catriona, Mary Lucy and I, Mum had convinced me to buy leather so I went to eat dressed like a Babe Ė literally, my skimpy top had ďbabeĒ written in diamante across the chest. But the Food and conversation was very good.Another Family outing the next day (you know how we Irish love thanksgiving and celebrate it with our families) a Big feast was had by all, Carmelís hair is now dark (and lovely) It was loud and It was fun.

December 22nd 2000 We had the Kids Christmas party in the Office, it was fun I got to take pictures of Santa with Chrisí Camera Ė Digital you know., also Danielle coloured a lovely picture for me and Megan and Catering made me cards
Christmas 2000†† Got graciously invited to Dine at Rick's, Sam was Playing the Piano, and there was a lot of Food, R was conspicuous in his absence but L and E more than made up for it, S was guilty of doing all the Cooking. Inertia took over and I spent most of the day entrenched there just having fun and eating and talking and Talking did I mention that I talked a lot. The tree was lovely too. My tree was quite beautiful, I say that because nobody saw it so I can make any claim I want.

December 28th 2000 Ė The story of the Spooky emails, I sent an email, I received a return receipt this is okay, then I sent another email I received another receipt for the second email and another receipt for the first, I sent a third, I received a return receipt for the third and another one for the First, This continued for two days until good old (or young depending on what stage of life you yourself are at) PM found the spooky email and Fixed itÖ..








So What did you expect to Find down here?????