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Be warned Trespassers will be shot at, hunted, maimed and tortured.....  Survivors will be prosecuted.

End of introduction .......Have you had one egg yet?

Something Completely the same in 2001

This page is not chronological and sometimes it’s not even in descending order. So if you are looking for something specific you’ve come to the wrong place.  If you are a organized person who needs some structure see the Dates section for anything more specific just use find, this is the only page so if it’s not here, it’s gone out for a cup of Coffee and we don’t know how long that will take.  Some of these links don’t work anymore but that’s the adventure.



Tuesday January 16th 2001, Cathal is born, and He’s wonderful and Healthy

So it’s Friday January 19th 2001, definitely the new Millennium and two Birthdays a nephew and a friend, Three days ago Cathal was born now that deserves a toast. Going well with the Juice, the next wish is Paris, and I am working diligently towards it, By the summer I should be somewhere in the Atlantic. Another Millennium celebration came and went, that TV has a lot to answer for.  Now I am watching telly in stereo in all the most convenient places.  I also matched my hair to my Belt, This one turned out well though kudos to My friend Julie. I’ve been to San Francisco twice now, Saw the sights, golden gate bridge, Fisherman’s wharf, Alcatraz and most poignantly those roads they used to show with Michael Douglas. My Cousin showed me every thing there was to see and we even made a Video (for use for Blackmail later) riding around on a flying carpet – well he is superman.

I’ll be going to San Antonio in Feb. to Visit Lois, and Hopefully Marcus!!!!!,  S&A will head off on the 5th, I’m planning on going on the 23rd, then Home to Ireland on the 8th of March. 

So Funny stuff was F driving into a snow drift, and Me being dressed as Medium, I also saw a Belly button in San Jose. I never did get to a land shark party, even though I was attacked on Halloween, and they are splitting up now that’s really weird, but life goes on, I got to a party at the land shark place and even got to swim the river.  Lots of swimming involved, first the Picnic then the party then the great escape, but not unexpected.  All my Links have suddenly disappeared so I will have to put them in again, I have a lovely component in xCommerce that grabs me a saying if I want one or alternately sends a saying to a friend.. or at least someone who’s email address I have.

Monday January 29th 2001 and we’re all here, I went to the long Warf Theater for the first time Yesterday, The Super Bowl was on, all the men were hijacked, no airplanes involved, but the Giants didn’t win anyway… 34,7 bad show but What can I do. Os rud e go bhfuilimid ag labairt faoi and Cultur b’fhearr dom beagainin gaeilge a scriobh. Agus sin sin. So I had another Birthday… My own. A bit lonely but there you go again, San Antonio in February and Ireland in March, Red Belt test in April so I’m all lines up.  Funny things are happening as well, it’s not just the travelling that’s lined up even though it feels like I’m not travelling at all.  The Lucianis are off this day week into the Bowels of Texas, I hope it goes okay.  So what with Oiche Luain on one Side, ag seoil chuig na hOilean on another agus an duine I lar NA tire in aice mo chairdi it’s another big mess, not since the Skiing mess has it been so complicated.  I haven’t Skied this year, Don’t know why… we had lots of Snow.  Did I mention the Christmas Eve party with Gary’s Friends? Oh and I went for my Christmas Present last Friday, since it was the day after my Birthday.  That was also very interesting, Show and Tell

Tuesday January 30th 2001 Two days in a Row!!! It looks like this day next week I will be trying to teach forms, so I’d better brush up!!! KJN has to go early. And in the grand old tradition of Me and the Coffee incidents I broke a Coffee Jar today!!!, first it bounced, then it Broke.

Wednesday January 31th 2001 Got lost last night, so close to home and I also lost a lens, My ez pass has somehow disappeared. And the web page was nowhere to be found, I found it this morning though so I don’t know what happened to it!!!. So Long Discussions DC and CT

Well lá Bealtine has come and gone with no fuss and today is Friday 2nd of February 2001 just for reference for me, Today is decision day, I want to be here next Tuesday but I have to wait and see… We don’t know who Hitseth is but Bob now has a new name,talking of fracticles,the little white belt is not going for his orange belt yes and He’s sad. So I had a discussion and made my intentions clear, and tried to make a path for myself so I can keep going, I think it worked out okay, Got home at 12:08 last night that was a late sandwich. Oh I found my lens, just scratched.

Tuesday February 6th 2001 I woke up yesterday to a beautiful day, not a snowflake in sight, so I went to work.  At 12:43 we got a note from our boss to say that the weather was bad and That we should leave if we wanted to.  and it snowed, and it snowed.

at 3:23 mugsy here decided to go home!!!!!

So I headed out towards route 8 north..... Wasn't going to happen, I changed ,my mind

(as women are allowed to) and head on route 8 south towards the 15, at a leisurely 20 miles an hour  (12 miles * 3 mins a mile would be 36 minutes.....) I slowly edged onto the 15 which was fine for a while even if it did need a good sweep from a snow plough.  I was sitting in traffic for the rest of route 15 which was lucky because if the cars were much further apart, I wouldn't have been able to see them, at some stops people got out and chatted, I stayed in my car, listening to reports of roads which were totally closed.

At 6:00 pm I was coming up highland avenue, at this point I decided I would only make it to one house and that was going to be 12 Burma road. (Heidi needed me)

Going up Highland av I got stuck, so I got out my shovel and started digging, it was then I noticed the absence of cat litter in my boot (trunk) and I had a vivid image of the very same cat litter sitting in my attic space. But I managed to move anyway, and I approached 12 Burma road I say car tracks going up the road, (which I thought strange() but I (Like Madonna) got into the grove and hurdled up the road towards Heidi (so near and yet so far) I got to the top of the road, tried to turn and got stuck.  Empowered by my earlier success I got my Shovel out again, and started shoveling I just needed to get my car into the driveway (Like that was going to work)

So I rang Texas, and Sonny told me to call Bobby
('cos he doesn't use funny words like "Ring")

So I  called Bobby, e was on his way home but would come out in the Morning.... Wonderful.

I went to bed.

Adair rang (which was fun) , then I turned out the light to Sleep.

the Phone rang - I answered if was David, WHERE WAS SONNY's TRUCK?

Bobby has it?


gone home


I his point I hear a voice in the background saying "it's not her fault she doesn't know....."

at 6:00 am I woke up.  At 7:00 am I got up, got dressed and went to look at the state of my car, All the Paths were Clear, Bobby had been over, even the route to the Neighbors, everywhere except within a foot of my car and no dirt.....

I dug a bit and tried my car again for a miracle - no luck, I called Bobby and asked him if he had any dirt...(he didn't understand me) Oh SAND!!!!!

But he came right over, I started shoveling some more,

There was some sand in the truck and he put it out for me.

- I eventually got the car out.... Then I went in showered dried out a bit and then headed slowly to work.  I am telling you this story because EVERYONE at work has a better/Worse story.....

Your Friend


Do illiterate people get the full effect of alphabet soup?

Helen  J

Thursday February 8 2001 Well Lois Had her baby Marcus at 5:43 am this morning, Both are doing well in Texas, so I’m really Happy :-D also I am going to France on Sunday – the 11the this means that I will be in France for Valentines Day, last Year I was in CT, the Year before in Las Vegas 1998 I went back to Omaha especially and in 1997 I was back in Ireland roses and All that….. so I wonder where I will be next year.  But more importantly I’m going to FRANCE !!!!!!!!! for a Week with Work.

This Physical week I have been reinstalling… reinstalling and reinstalling, Servers… regions….. and more…..

Friday February 9th 2001 and My Plans have changed again, Now I will be flying into Paris.


WOW! And that's not just the traffic jams.  Where else do you find Pyramids in the middle of a town.  This is a me eye view of Mexico.  It was like Dublin, Venice, Egypt and a very posh restaurant all rolled into one.  The fun of Dublin, The Boats of Venice, the pyramids of Egypt and the kind of food that would make your mouth water in a desert. I got to practice my Spanish such as it is.


Sunday February 18th 2001 And now the trip to France is over and I’m on  my way back…..so to start at the end, I managed to send postcards from the Airport, Ireland Beat France in the Rugby yesterday, I slept through going to the Lourve (even though I was busting) There is just as much alcohol in Paris as in Sochaux, I never go to dance, but I was having too much fun…..Sochaux was so good or rather the Joys of Belfort, How could it not be, and even the project worked… ça marche!!!!! Don’t forget to check www.mrlos.com like you do, but it’s all in English, I got to practice understanding, and tried out speaking French now and again, it looks like I really need more Practice…. Many trips to France…. Or is that just what I want.  I got within GSM of Switzerland, but I bought my Swiss card over the Atlantic.  The dogs were still in evidence, but nowhere is perfect. I even got a red rose on valentines day, courtesy of  Novotel, Interesting architecture.  Anyway there’s an awful lot more to Think about that I can write so I will think…

Tuesday February 20th 2001 Well, back to work for three days at least, indications of Prauge and the far east…..could be interesting, another language to learn perhaps, Expense sheets completed, A phone call I wasn’t expecting and a non existing email that I was, which all leads to even more thoughts, EDI seems to be getting bigger and  closer like a train with it’s headlight on roaring towards me, all to be flattered. This page has just gotten bigger curotsy of finding my Chicago Exploits. And now I’ve moved them out again

Wednesday February 21st 2001 I found out how to access my AOL web page but just in case I forget again, please check out www.tsdmgk.com it may look like an empty hand but it’s better than a gift horse – bad breath you know. So the Tam turned channeler turned teacher appeared for Lunch, and a lovely lunch it was too.  Did I mention how good the food was in FRANCE?. I’m of to Texas on Friday Morning to see Marcus, Crack of Dawn, I wonder if those chickens could even see the road? But it will be worth it – yup cha GI you know. 

Events that passed before…..

May 1988 I got my first job, so I had to go and celebrate, Mammy Áine and I went to Dinner and a Movie, not necessarily in that order, the Movie was three men and a Baby and dinner was at the wishbone, where they served the most delicious chocolate pancakes.  This was the beginning of our ladies night out tradition. Who needs to look at men named after furniture when there are chocolate pancakes available.

Feb 22nd 2001 Thursday Just Booked a weekend in DC for the First weekend in March, back to my Italian Friends, Scot and Lorna too. My rules do not seem to be working in Microsoft Outlook but that really is besides the point.  Mum will be coming over in the Summer YIPPEE alone Ahhh. So that’s the next thing to sort out. And sad news about the French teacher. Life is very Strange. I have Photos to bring to Lois, It looks like it’s going to Snow so I might drive up to Bradley tonight. He’s not half as nice as Harvey

Today is Pancake Tuesday Feb 27th 2001 and I’m just back from Texas.  Marcus IS lovely and Brett and Lois showed me a good time as always, Pictures to follow but not here…..So delayed flights for deicing and Sleeping at the hotel at the airport.  But the fun stuff was the trivia question – When is Chanpagne not Champagne ????? when it’s 40% vol!!!!! But what do I know, I don’t know JACK. For the first time in a long time I travelled PC less….. so  I lost out on a certain amount of exercising and feeling guilty that I wasn’t doing something, I managed though to read my Email and give some technical support, be it of a friendly nature, I told you not to call me here…..And bring the dogs for a walk and bring Marcus for a walk and Half mow the lawn, So if Brett was the one man that made me….. Very green.Sally and Lucky were glad to see me or at least slobbered all over me if that counts. Sally cut her foot in order to make a polka dot carpet. Marcus is 19 days old today. I whistled but that’s for the birds

I just talked to Áine there are Blizzards in Ireland and no dog or horse racing because of the foot and mouth (I can’t race because of my feet…. Well you couldn’t race without them) This of course affects D in a big way, maybe somebody’s just giving him a few days off when he needs them, can Greyhounds run in the snow? If they aren’t busses? D would know, He knows everything, and a lot of sport as well.  I think tomorrow I’ll go back to my Lental tradition and give something up, it actually very good timing, even if it depends on the Moon.  A lot of things depend on the Moon and not just dairy production, but since 13 is an unlucky number for some it just didn’t work out. I’m glad the meek get something as well.  The Grand Prix of Australia is next Sunday and with it the start of this years Formula one.

Hardware: The parts of a computer system that can be kicked

Well apparently xcd-all is NOT all it’s cracked up to be or at least not up to date enough for Amazing Grace, SAX that is well it’s just not the latest and greatest, which apparently is what I use for my SAX Processing. But with Ravi’s help all things shall come to pass or at least be loaded into xcd-all. But it leads to more Java experience, which means no more milk in the coffee or else having to ask for it…Oh I bought Millionaire for my PC, now we’ll see, just like the Song. Well I’m off to buy some Food, Practice Piano and wash some clothes not necessarily in that order

Feb 28th 2001 – 130- Big day for L, But I couldn’t get out of bed, well obviously I did, but in all fairness I’m not awake yet.  Today is also ash Wednesday, day of absenence (no not from work…) So I called L at home – no reply (as expected really she should be at work), and then I tried the old email, apparently my email for L is old and decrepit and also out of date, then I called Tallaght, but quick use of my Browser to get the main phone number…. There was no one at the end of L’s Phone.  The card at this moment which should have speeded it’s way to Ireland long ago, is in my bag. Joe reminded me that it’s 18 days to st. Patrick’s day and it is…but there is so much happening before then it could be years away.  And the big wigs are in Toupees are out well they blow off too much – What you see is what you get Let you work flow like a bird on the wing (would that be of a 737 ) I was on a 737 Monday, American airlines has extra leg room, I still haven’t figured out that one world stuff but eventually it will come to me when it’s too late – just like the 46A

Thursday March 1st 2001 and the time is getting near, by the way 129. I bought a clip for my mobile phone so it’s no so mobile any more – it’s stuck to me.  I thought it would be a good idea, that’s another thought this year, where is the time going, Two months gone as well,and I haven’t updated the web page this year www.tsdmgk.com Lots of forms last night which is very good. Will I remember Bin day today??? Will I deliver the pics of Marcus, Join us for the next exciting episode of…And goodish news from France. So I’m running out of weekends.I also have to Practice some French Millionaire like many other pieces of Software – (Ultimate translator for 2, Italian Cds, AOL 6.0) does not work on Windows NT so I went back to my old Windows 95 PC in order to try it out.  It gets irrating after a while and I resort to canfield which I like a lot.


OK, who stopped payment on my reality check?

Well  March 2nd 2001 and it’s snowing AGAIN, 128 they say it will be 3 inches. Hopefully that’s all or I won’t be able to get home, Not to mention the treacherous drive to the airport tomorrow morning – I told you not to mention that, Well it’s Friday and we all know what that means unless you don’t read/speak English., And the Invisible man has been discovered by the Sheep. Remember when the eagle landed? I saw snowflakes last night while I wasn’t putting My trash out, all my good intentions seem to disappear once I write them down.  I am keeping to lent though. Only 44 days left, out of 40.!!!!! So last night we did lapel grabs, They’re fun.  Will my hair be Reddy for Ireland?, or will the colour have faded?

The journey of a thousand miles begins with a broken fan belt and  a leaky tire.

So now I’m ON the plane in First Class, it’s11:30 and the flights leaves at 11:50, I’ve already been offered a Drink, But I brought some coffee with me on the Plane, its March 3rd 2001 no news from across the sea.- except the foot and mouth disease and all that  Another 20 mins also for incoming phone calls.  The weather man is calling for a foot of snow between tomorrow and Tuesday, so there may be problems getting back to CT, that’s why I have brought my PC with me. Okay, my Nails are gone fare well parting is such sweet sorry, but nothing sweet for me because it’s lent.  5 days before I go to Ireland and +2.  So now the second drink I was offered (which I accepted this time – peer group pressure) nice Red wine, I think I prefer red wine now. Big life change for me, and more worry about clothes, Hey remember when S spilled red wine all over AOB’s white Couch?? Looking for a simple picture of a wine glass is a difficult as getting some actual wine in a shop after 8:00 PM in CT!!!!

Keyboard : Instrument used to enter errors into computer


March 4th 2001, first class again, oh it sucks to be me, be what else do you use free upgrades for?.  I got some news this morning mother and child are doing well, and D rang at 4:00 am – he’s wonderful.  There is a big snow storm about to hit new England, so I might be snowed in tomorrow.  So I arrived yesterday in dc and we went straight to café milano – exactly where I wanted to be, lovely fettuccini Armani and of course Champagne, and it didn’t taste like a mans suit at all!!!, Oh, something weird has happened to my shift key.  I went to Italian mass this morning with Lorna, in the church where they were married.  I couldn’t find the station with the Australian Grand Prix, but I was really well looked after – lots of Merlot too.

March 5th 2001 Being snowed in was the easiest thing that happened to me today, and a phone call for home was the most wonderful.  I drove home through a Blizzard last night, and when I got home I checked my email.  There was a message from work this morning for us not to venture in and the threatened storm hasn’t arrived yet, my car is snowed in though, great time to start digging/shovelling, Don’t forget your shovel if you want to go to work now has new meaning for me. I think external mail has disappeared. C Started her new job today


Corporate Motto: READY - FIRE - AIM !!!:


March 7th 2001 and all’s still Well, I started to dig out my car yesterday, I got about a third of the way there and I gave up intending to come back to it later But…. I didn’t something about all that hard work, anyway when I got up this morning, it was as if I hadn’t dug at all!!!!! All the Snow had blown back in a blanket all round my car and out the drive, the snow plough had not arrived either.  So I dug and I Dug and that was just to find my car, the biggest hurdle was the snow from the road, nicely packed in my drive way.127 So I dug out my car and Managed to exit with the help of cat litter… Now I have to get some more for the next emergency. The mail box was dethroned by some angry driver that was knocking down all the mail boxes in Woodbridge!!, so I don’t know when I’ll get mail again. Is that easier and more fun that making Snowmen?  Well I’m going to be a godmother again, Yippee, I’m just organizing my trip now. I should end up with plenty of air miles after all this, I have to find out how much I need.  I got to do my presentation and now I have a lot of work to do to fix it c’est la vie…..I haven’t received my aerlingus Pin yet, mind you it could hurt depending on where I get it. Yesterday was another Snow day…..So How many air miles does it take for a transatlantic round trip????? I won’t get to Karate now ‘till I come back from Ireland. Oh Lent is still going strong- 39 days left, and it’s Gary’s Birthday today.


Coffee - n., a person who is coughed upon


More Mysterious happenings, Today is Thursday March 8th 2001 Well there was a full roll just sitting there when I left, but when I returned, and looked up…. There it was GONE!!!!! What could have happened, did I have UN invited guests, Was I going out of my Mind – Contingence plan, look for another roll, then I see the neatly “folded” cascade on the floor, the roll had rolled all the way of the core and was now a puddle of paper decorating my bathroom floor. Mystery solved. Now you have to figure out how that relates to a Tower…..So I eventually got to Wash my Clothes, and even pack which is a good thing since I am leaving TODAY at 6:50, I even got into work before 7:30 – not awake though, and it’s still cold here. I had 11 single socks, all different colours. Now That’s amazing (it’s not really but what do you expect when you start reading about laundry and toilet paper?).  Setting the alarm for an early hour seems like such a good idea when you go to bed, but in the morning your perspective has totally changed, and there’s no hammer available with which to express an opinion.

I’m airborne again,  So I times it just right this time, I arrived at the terminal just less than two hours before the flight, got something to eat, bought a book and as I walked toward the gate the were announcing the bording call for all passengers (that meant me) so I boarded, Starbucks capicino in hand…..It was going pretty well until they announced in a cam fashion that they were in need of a screw driver!, the plane hasn’t fallen apart yet, so I presume they got one.I’m on my way to Ireland Yeaaay… Not first class though ahhhhhh, actually Irish time this is now Friday. Two hours and five minutes and I’ll be Home.

March 9th 2001 Arrived in Ireland, collected my car, and drove, First stop Meadow view, I never checked to see of there was a view of the meadow or not.  Maybe I will someday. Gearóid answered the door and I jumped on him….. just a hug, I woke the Boys who were ecstatic to meet me/ fast asleep and groggily waking up - (please pick the most likely scenario), So Lucy got up  (another Hug) and we had Breakfast down stairs.  The traffic going through Dundrum was _______________ (please fill in and appropriate adjective but eventually I reached Aine’s And I met Luke for the first time, He’s Beautiful, delightful, delicious, and suspiciously quite!!!!! Five minutes after I arrived I was left holding the Baby (Heaven – My Godson Luke). It’s Ruth’s Birthday so I we had a party, well Dinner party really because we had a lovely dinner first (with vegetables even) Dr. Q. arrived with joy and Gifts including   Catering to my new spurt of Expensive alcoholism…..We opened the Champagne and Drank and Drank then Gearóid and the gang arrived and we opened more, we drank again since it seemed appropriate.


March 10th 2001 This Morning we got some sad news from Louisburg, Uncle J. rang to said that Uncle A. had passed away at 3:00 am in the morning.

I went to Collect Katie from Busarus, this is where my phone saga came to play, she left me a message on my Mobile phone but my mobile phone could not be “topped up” so I couldn’t collect my message….. eventually I got my Phone sorted and I was just about to collect the message and the phone rang, it was Katie telling me where to pick her up…Ruthie does this great trick with a pencil but you have to see it. Anyway just as I was going to collect Katie what should I see but that Orange coat… and inside it – Mary Lucy, so Both of use headed towards busarus, “Oh we should have turned back there”. So we had breakfast (after our café crawl to find a proper food source) and we went over to the bus station, Caitriona Surprised us, then we went shopping After Chinese we headed over to Carmel’s, where I met my Nephew Cathal for the first time, He’s so big he nearly looked like a little boy instead of a baby, at all of eight weeks old!!!  I got to hold Cathal and bring him for a tour. He’s Lovely. He was awake the whole time we were there


March 13th 2001 – Tuesday, Up at the crack of Dawn this morning to drive home from Mayo. Massive fog, and a lovely breakfast in the Longford Arms. I met loads of cousins last night at the removal. Ray and Sue were there, I hadn’t met them in years. I met Father Leo , then Lucy arrived hence the line - “Do you not remember every girl you married?”  I went to see Rory’s “Unit” on Sunday and took some photos, he would show me a box of handmade chocolates!!!!! During lent.


Match 14th 2001, on my way back to CT, people got refused in immigration so we were delayed by an hour taking off, then the in-flight entertainment was broken so we had to wait while it was fixed.  Last night I went out to celebrate with J & D – we had a bottle of champagne in McCormack’s, I walked down. I didn’t get to see P. I saw Ruth this morning on her way to school, and of course I got to hold my Godson Luke before I left, He’s cute. Something fell out of my Hand bag at the airport, I couldn’t see anything though, I checked my glasses but they seemed okay.


The Ides of March. March 15th 2001 this diary format is getting boring, but when I try and think of more exciting things to do – they don’t include typing. So I tried to cut the bread/ Soda Raisin Bread yesterday and I missed, that’s why my typing is off this time, I’m one finger disabled, I had no excuse before. I’ll be going to Chicago next week, All the St Patrick’s Day festivities in Ireland have been cancelled because of the Foot and Mouth!!!!! Even the kids GAA games have been put off. So I looked at my Glasses and there was a lens GONE!!!!! And I know exactly where it is, on the floor in JFK Chance of getting that back. When does a GIF become a WMZ?????- When you’re trying to catch the bus, the 46A now goes all the way to the airport, but only once every four hours.  Mammy’s tickets arrived, and so did my Easter tickets. So my Dial up connection is working again thanks to SuperPaul – He’s super……. Even with one arm and a black eye.. but that’s another story climb every mountain. I found some of my is&t magazines at home, only three though I wonder where the others are.


The universe is laughing behind your back


So I got called for Jury Duty!!!!! – Sorry I can’t I don’t belong here, apparently that’s one of the Hazards of buying a car – you get to Judge people. And all the milk is gone, but there’s no use crying…It’s Friday the 16th of March – the day BEFORE St Patrick’s day, but the parades have started already, green eggs and ham all round!!! They’re even bringing in bagels in here!!!!! (walk like an Egyptian) Check out www.rte.ie for Irish news. I have to check it because of FMD   So another Christening on the 22nd of April and I get to practice Piano this weekend, I brought some more music home from Ireland along with my Magazines.


There are two ways to write error-free programs; only the third one works


Back to the Future , the Telnet enabler is in Beta (pronounced differently depending on what side of the water you’re from – if you’re from under the water you would pronounce it with a gurgle, unless you have a fish in your ear, which could be likely based on where you are). and notice the new name as well…  It’s Monday again the 19th of March.Two men sat on a wall and one said to the other.. Rory tell us a story and this is how it went. I also added this page last night, so we’ll see if it’s really there, or has spontaneous combustion reared it’s ugly head again, not that anyone is available to tell us wether it’s head is ugly or not even if we could depend on an objective opinion – oxymoron. So I’m not up the alps …..as WBY would say I sought a theme…… but so far rien. Ferrari won again on Sunday – yippee Did I mention that I like Formula 1  


Things could be worse. Suppose your errors were counted and recorded every day like those of a baseball player.:


Tuesday…My Pictures seem to have gone awry and I don’t know why, The telnet connector is REALLY good, well I’m having fun anyway. I may have to glue my hair down for that trip to the windy city maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow but some day….  If you have found this page, I am confident that it is through no fault of the AOL search engine which seems to have labled this page “no to be found”, on a request for help, I received links to places where I could register my page which not only had a requirment for all my personal info but a Charge…..So basically hello friends, do you have any ears you can spare? Oh I got Katie’s new email address…. All set and connected now.  Do you remember the time when we had to send orderd out by SNAIL MAIL!!!!!!! – “When I were young we didn’t have roads…..”  I Thought I Tsaw a puddy cat


When there's a will, there's a way..when there's a won't, there isn't


Lost in the desert…. Well actually I’m not but therein lies the confusion. Inniú an 21ú lá de Marta 2001 D’fhag me Eire ar an dara lá is fiched 1997 sin ceither bliana o shin amarach. Bhí se ar intin agaim fanacht ar feadh dhá blian, ach feach orm anois (mas feidir leat, os rud e nach bhfuil tu ach á leabh an piosa seo…) Lois asked me to be Marcus’s Godmother Yippee!!!!! So that’s in five weeks and counting. So I added some Photos I need to scan some more in order to have a better selection, “you have a scanner” – Reference back to the Omaha days.  Flying again, it’s a good thing I did all those arm exercises for Lois’ Wedding!!!, well, cattle airlines, but this time I got into the First 30… 29 now that was sweet, os I grabbed a window seat at the back with the result that there is a spare seat beside me, Who’s better than me (answers on a postcard please) I’s a bit rocky though, and I have to find my hotel when I get to Chicago…..And find out when th “meeting is….”  I just ate a WHOLE packet of peanuts (about 13 but who’s counting).


I always try to go the extra mile at work, but my boss always finds me and brings me back


Thursday Evening March the 22nd 2001, What else is there to do in a Hotel room in Chicago????.  I discovered IHop again mmmm breakfast for dinner, they bring new meaning to chocolate pancakes. – Which brings us back to de Selbys which came from the wishbone… but it’s gone now, and even when it wasn’t gone, they stopped doing the chocolate pancakes Speaking of Dun Laoghaire, four years ago today I arrived in Omaha from Dublin via New York and St Louis, Tomorrow is Dad’s anniversary and tonight I am in Chicago…..


To err is human but to totally mess up you need a computer


My PC is sick, the motherboard is not well, and I am waiting for a new one, I might get my PC back tomorrow, then again I might not…..So I am away from my web page and all the other nice files I usually take for granted that reside on my PC, today is March the 27th 2001,  Karate again last night, great exercise was had by all, I got to fight a Big guy and a Tall guy such is life. I’m going to Paris to learn French… where else would you go. So I’m really excited, you can’t really tell because of the suspension on this keyboard.  I got a threatening letter from CableVision, if you don’t shape up we’ll do something strange like giving you some customer service!!!!!  So I’ve booked my Ticket to France, I’ll be going to Paris to learn French for a week. Via Dublin since that IS the way to go.  I just have one more ticket to buy, that’s for the Dublin/ Paris leg. Shares are still sinking, except Guinness is still going strong.

Wednesday, Still PCless and it’s 20°F outside. Not so bad inside especially wrapped around a cup of coffee. But now arrangements are more solid, maybe today or tomorrow I will get my PC back and get all my tasks done, including expense reports.  I bought speakers for my PC last night, so now I can listen to French radio anytime I like without sitting beside my PC with headphones on.  Today is Daddy’s Birthday.  Hey I did some technical support this morning from home, so I’m not useless after all… So this report is boring since I still don’t know if I’ll get my PC fixed today or not. I tried our café’s cuinine again, another buger and Fries, same as always but nearly hot….. but I did some damage control, tomatoes were ditched and I was able to eat my burger. So it’s fun talking ‘till the early hours when it’s sill only 6PM. This weekend the time will SPRING forward so at what feels like 6:00 am it will be 7:00 am that’s Sunday Morning since the change will happen Saturday Night/Sunday Morning. 127, over 700 cases of Foot and Mouth in England and rising about 40 cases a day, this is not good news for Europe


7/5th of all people do not understand fractions


So Today’s Thursday the 29th March 2001 and Yesterday we god to break boards in Karate….. on Purpose!!, My current requirment for Kicks is the Jump back kick, and I got to break two boards and no bones!!!!!!!!, that was a good day.


Warning, keyboard not found. Press Enter to continue


Loads of web stuff,and not just my page, This moving of dots is so difficult so I’m informed by SP that I can install Front page 2000 on my PC, does this mean that this page will get a new look? – NO, that’s the short answer for a long answer start at the top of this page and work your way down…I still haven’t heard if the Christning is set, I just hope it is. And just for good measure 27   on March 30th 2001 So I am informed that not only can we dress in the Changing room but we can tan as well…..You know when I say tan that I mean, get rid of that “I’ve just been let out from the hospital” look.


Honesty is the best policy, but insanity is a better defence.:


April 2nd 2001, I always thought that if I went to Toads that it would be for n17 or the Chefftans but it was a reggae band. Not to mention the Japanese – if you know sushi like I know… which I don’t except Salmon which doesn’t count except when it’s on a 10p piece whick would mean counting in decimals 0.1, 0.2, 0.3 and then the 50p piece has seven sides (refer to quiz) and a Swallow, at least I think it’s a swallow, I used to be very good at drawing birds when I was a kid, all my pictures managed to have birds, even that night and day desktop picture I wonder if that has anything to do with being scared by Alfred Hitchcock? Now that was a VERY good film The Pound coin has a Deer, Dough a Deer…. And I think the 20p has a horse rememer the references to political donkeys.. Haw Hee He Haw Haughey. In the same vein, you can see by the date that yesterday was April Fools day I just thought I’d mention it since it passed without comment.. Michael Schumacher came second to David Coulthard in the Brazilian grand prix. 130-1 Speaking of Counts the number of FMD cases found in Mainland UK is now 918.   This week is going to be pretty full, Cirque de Solie on Saturday as well!!!!! And I need to get Quaffed before Sunday, Hey we might be getting a Surprise appearince frm Italy (I could tell you but that would ruin the surprise)- Also I should check out the eye-dye before Easter.  LOADS to do. Change Licence, Service Car, I’ve been two years at the apartment since Saturday, I think I might go outside tomorrow…..isn’t cable wonderful.


NEW HAMPSHIRE:  Like Old Hampshire, only newer


Hey there’s a Japanese section in the ladies dressing room in Karate, where you can turn a different colour…Tuesday April 3rd 2001 – and we all know what that means? – ask King Lear. But infor for my accommodation has arrived so I booked my Ticket to France from Dublin with my trusty old www.expedia.com So I opened a Drawer looking for an elastic band and there was the French Chocolate I stashed away for after lent….. one more week to go. I quickly closed the drawer and decided that I didn’t need that elastic band after all, well not until after Easter anyway.  I’ll be in Ireland for Easter, Cathal will be christened, so then we can officially call him Cathal instead of “The boy who will be known as Cathal”  And isn’t Julie wonderful…. Vote Here. Today I have pigtails, no not a culinary choice, a bad hair day, if you’re hair doth offend you tie it up….And Don’t draw a line on the side of your arm with a sheet of paper. FMD up to 969, so no perceivable slow down. So I might be going to Toronto tomorrow…. The best plans of mice and men and hairderssers….. and Jade is down.(But is it out)


It works! Now if only I could remember what I did..


Did you notice how when you drink Red wine you end up looking like  joker??? – even if you don’t start out that way, and before you’re over the limit. It’s Thursday April 5th and I’m just back from Toronto I had to rush up there for to do some emergency Brain Surgery – okay just kidding


So Now I have a right to be in a temper… I went over to Super Julie at 11:00 am and despite injury, I am now redder than I was earlier, all set for respectable Christenings, In one week I will be going Home to Ireland, today is Friday April 6th 2001 I received an invite to Marcus’ (the boy will will be named Marcus) Christening yesterday, with lovely pictures of McKenzie and Marcus… aaaah.  I was also told by CT that I won’t need to serve jury duty because I’m relocating????? Wow They know something I don’t.  130 and 1061 cases of FMD in the UK…around  33 new cases a day now.  So I bought a pack of playing cards, like I used to do all the time when one card would mysteriously disappear from the pack, and I would only realise this just as I was about to lose a game for the lack of that very card….. do people buy cards anymore for single use, or has Solitare become totally a PC domain? Or do kids know how to Hula Hoop- or even want to?- Where’s the Pokeman in that?


A clean tie attracts the soup of the day


This is Thursday April 8th 2001 and I am waiting for my flight which has been delayed – mechanical failure, but they assure us that it’s not the same plane that we’re getting…..We’ll find out about that later. So Friday night – after Karate I went to a party at Joe’s – gate crashing a school reunion….. and I didn’t leave till 2:30 am that’s me and my bad sense of Direction, and then Yesterday four of us went to see Cirque de Solie, I loved it, even the trip down and back was fun.  We collected swords at Terry’s then acquired some short lived alcohol, 2001 that was a very good year, there’s nothing like a little Whine.  Then dinner at the Kpof’s they have everything even amaretto!!!! Oh an that drinking game Zoom, Swartz and P something (I couldn’t pronounce it so I definitely can’t spell it) I got to meet bo.  Bo Who? you ask (I’ll just giggle here at my totally overplayed joke).  So the guy at the Liquer store was very informative about New York law – and a hunk. I’m not on the web (being in the airport) so I can’t get info about FMD, but rory’s plans were messed up when he tried to collect the kids because of the Strike at airlingus, There will be another one on Thursday. I brought my Passsport and tickets with me just in case there’s a problem getting back from Orlando – did I mention that I am on my way to florida, or at least I will be when my airplane arrives.Maybe it’s Profaglio


If the cops arrest a mime do they tell him that he has the right to remain silent?


So Tuesday April 10th 2001 after two days in the sun I am NOT lobster red!!!!!, and a good thing too, we’re at SilverSummit – or Some’t it’s fun, LOADS of new people to talk to ans some people from last year… “Oh Helen you’ve changed you hair” We had a party last night with a GRAND Piano- but of course, and that was definite fun. Also lots of Pointing, ushering, monitoring and generally showing of the way, it was more obvious in the yellow (badly described as Gold)  polo shirts though.Cher and Clint gave out the awards, between them both they had two full sets of clothes. The medley was pretty funny and of course they were serving champagne, so I had Quantro for I think the first time, I didn’t know it was a mouth wash, gargle, gargle, suck suck – wham.  There was amaretto flavoured coffee this morning, well I won’t try that again.  We got free grenades, because you never know when they might come in handy.  My Presentation is tomorrow.  All you ever wanted to know about extending xCommerce functionality but were afraid to ask. I got to show off my signature maker, another demo tomorrow as well. So I think it’s islands of adventure tomorrow night.

April Friday the 13th  2001– and a Good Friday it is too. Wednesday night we went to Islands of Adventure, I went on the Incredible Hulk – TWICE, They had a whole event for Dessert which I think is a Great idea.  So we got tagged, Punched and beaded and then we made our way through the maze to end up with Spiderman and Ice cream – Still nobody danced. We had to wear cutlery on Thursday how fun is that??? We speakers received a Jigsaw puzzle that isn’t, two pieces that look like they match but then ….. don’t.  It’s really a card holder and a Clock, if you put either in front it will obscure the other, so it’s an ensemble.- Not like the cutlery we had to wear on Thursday. So FMD is up to 1242 in the UK!!!!! But the rate of increase is going down around 25 a day now. Well I’m going away, and I’m leaving my Computer behind!!! I tried to book tickets for the River but the box office was closed for Easter.

April 17 2001 Tuesday and I am just enjoying my Nestle Noir, Easter has come therefore chocolate is off the forbidden list. I arrived in Ireland on Saturday morning, grabbed a car and headed to Aine’s via town, there was hardly any traffic, what would any self respecting person be doing up at that time on a Saturday morning (besides helping me get a rental car) Declan – obviously woken from his slumber – answered the door and managed to look happy to see me. This would have answered his question who would be calling at this hour of the morning. So mum and I went to Dun Laoghaire and bought no clothes, But Lucy and Gearóid bought me a perfect jumper anyway- exactly what I wanted/ needed since I wouldn’t wear my coat. Then I rang Jen, she was on her way home so I called out to her, and talked and talked, Then for absolutely no reason we called in on Áine (except to see Luke which is a brilliant reason) we not only got coffee but a recommendation to a film – Bridget Jones’ Diary. Jen Louise and I went – Down stairs Loo is just a reference, and we laughed and we giggled – but enough about my clothes, the film was great.  I forgot my camera, my Eircell Phone and my Key to Mum’s house and that’s how I got locked out AGAIN…I managed to visit Patricia after all- YIPPEE even though I know I was chewing up precious essay writing time So the Big event I went home for was Cathal’s Christening. Easter Sunday April 15th 2001   Pause here for weird event, my Phone is in a time zone, it reads April 16th 9:42 am – which it isn’t. Anyway, I took Mum John and Caitriona to the Church in Bray where the Hip priest baptised Cathal, there was a shaky start with “ what will you name this baby”…no answer but once it got started all was clear. And Cathal was so very good and quite – weird huh, So we went back to Rory’s for Food, Food and More Food, as well as copious amounts of Alcohol including of course a Toast to Cathal with Champagne.  So all my immediate family were there, My Mum, my brothers and sisters and my Nieces and Nephews.  It being Easter I did the Easter egg thing, Cathal and Luke got socks since they’re not onto solids yet. Ralph Schumacher won the Imola Grand Prix!!! – we got to watch the second half on the telly at the party, We didn’t see what happened to Michael, but Jordan came fifth and sixth which is Brilliant. Sarah played with her electronic Diary, too complicated for me so Joanne helped her register a password. Oh still 9:42 am not – well I suppose it is life the universe and everything – Not. Carmel put me in the Picture….frame and Jen gave me a new glass on function and form, Jigsaw and frame, curves and rectangles, I like it. The RTE page has disappeared. FMD 1345 in the UK and two more cases found in Northern Ireland!!! Average of 26 a day now.129


Mommy! The cursor's winking at me!


Day one of no milk in the coffee and so far so good, but How would I know really since I’ve only had half a cup of coffee and am not awake yet!!!!!. It’s also Wednesday April 18th2001 No news about the satellites it’s just a mystery, without Julian, Dick, Anne George and Timmy the dog. 1355 cases in the UK that’s just plus 10 in one day, so the number per day is going down. So I received some photos from Popocatepetl – the Volcano in Mexico from my Friend Moi yesterday. The Phone is fixed it now tells the time and the fridge takes messages. Vivian is leaving today, I never met a Vivian before so I can safely say that all Vivian’s I’ve met are wonderful.  Despite the coincidence of meeting Eddie only last Friday, he had no bearing on her decision to leave.  I left my After Eights at home!!! So when is a receipt not a receipt, when it goes through corporate…..Consider the Lillies. I received an email from the Black hole in DC now that was a surprise and Pascal has an AOL IM.


Another day another 50p <----- Old Currency Warning.


So much for black coffee I’ve decided that I don’t like it, and will just have to get used to it after I get to France. So a letter came from Avis yesterday short but sweet and now I’m all sorted. But then I had an unfortunate accident with my mouse finger, and a sharp knife, I’m typing with seven fingers now (I just realized that I don’t use my thumbs to type) and using my mouse is just a pain literally!!! I brought some Bickies into work – Kimberly Micado and Coconut Cream, someone you love would love some mum!!And it’s another Birthday, not mine though Thursday April 19th 2001 and Who’s counting. So we went out to the Metro Grill last night to say goodbye to Vivian (but that’s not her real name….. great game for when your really drunk say her three names very quickly).  The FMD page hasn’t been updated so I’ll have to wait for an update.

So the latest is ‘Morning Michael, Hello Helen Bon Jour Bob, G’day Gary…..on April the 20th 2001, there are donuts in the Hall on the way into our building, the new caterers (starting next Monday) are showing their wares…And 53 I actually got to Karate last night, and now I’m slightly pink, should be nicely done for the Christening, 9 days and counting. We had team sparring yesterday as well that was fun. And then there were four, but there’ll be LOADS of wine to go round.

Hard work doesn't harm anyone, but I do not want to take chances

And my Red belt test was the 21st of April. I arrived early and helped proctor the gup test at 12:30.  But first I took the Battery from my Porsche, It’s in my boot as we speak so I have to bring it to Peter. Today is the 23rd of April and now there’s free coffee and donuts in the cafeteria, and I feel sick. Back to 11 a day for FMD 1441 cases in the UK. I missed Julie’s hen night yesterday.  So “The River” is on is less than a week, Men love Cars, women love Shoes, or do they well it’s not worth having a Sword fight over!!!!!. Got dehydrated at the Karate test, so I need to drink more water. And I need to find the call to a non service EJB, isn’t life just fun. Weird things are happening.  My psychic skills are sadly lacking and are not up to the task of finding the root of the problem. With or without an EJB, maybe it’s a network problem.

Press any key to continue or any other key to quit...

So now in my humble 1st Gup opinion, up I got promoted….. TWICE.  I brought my battery over to Peter last night to get charged, but this morning April 24th 2000, there it was not charged, the power goes off when you lock up!!!! And Ivan – a shadow of him former self made an appearance at class so that we’ll recognize him on Saturday. Karen was also there dropping off tickets.  It was a pretty big class last night. Pause ‘COs Frank just thumped his desk and spilt coffee all over the place!!! So my article may be featured in the DevCenter. Today is Tuesday and Lois will be here on Thursday. The Porsche saga continues, spurred on, UN der lack of congestion, I decided to collect My Battery at lunch time, and get my Porsche going, so I collected my battery from Peter, Headed up to the House, installed the Battery, but alas and alack it still wouldn’t start!!!!!, next step, get it towed, but I needed a Flat tow, for my precious, low Porsche, It turned out to be Exactly 5 miles to Class A Auto, so it’s now in the hands of the Gods…. Well of Peter anyway nearly as good.  The Garage is clear except for that Stain from the Oil…and I managed to get some Sun. Just checked up on Katie, she sounds great, Spain in four months…

COFFEE.EXE Missing---Insert Cup and Press Any Key..

So My Porsche works….. Super Peter. Told me to try and start my car so I tried and it purred into life, isn’t life wonderful, but not as wonderful as super Peter., now all I need is a Service and my head examined, Oh I bought some of that stuff to get rid of oil on concrete as well, just in case.  I started preparations in my apartment last night, put away Christmas decorations etc.  Still no update on FMD on April 25th 2001

Operator! Trace this call and tell me where I am

Lois and Brett are coming home today Thursday 26th April 2001, so I washed, ah no seriously I wash EVERY month, even when it’s raining outside.  So they will be at class tonight.  I’m going to lunch with the lads for some team building, or Food as they call it where I come from. FMD is up to 1479 but they are easing slaughtering rules in the UK!!!!!  Tomorrow three weeks I go to Ireland. Isn’t life fun, and I’ve organised a trip to Texas for slitherbaun – I’m not really sure how that’s spelt but it’s a water park. So I added the list of pictures for easy access, in case you can’t wait to have the whole page of Pictures to render – Cable DSL and T1 Connections won’t have to worry about this.  I went to St’s Jude’s yesterday through red traffic light after red traffic light on Campbell avenue.  Only to find it Closed!!!!!, and My Porsche won’t be ready ‘till tomorrow.

Backup not found : (A)bort (R)etry (P)anic

So The Rileys arrived last night, well three out of four anyway, I had no steak in the New Deal Steak House, and Lois nearly had steak teriyaki, but for her hungry son, my soon to be Godson Marcus. Class was long but of course fun because Sa Bom Nim Riley brought his Texas style and energy to bear on us… and we got to fight as well.  Lois managed to avoid all the bouncing.  I found a new way to listen to the French radio, one interview at a time, and then I can listen again and again.  We’re having a meeting with Pizza at lunch time, Friday April 27th 2001  I hope the Pizza is articulate this time, usually it ends up just cheesy.  The Squirrel appeared out of the blue yesterday which is at least a relief.  My Porsche was spotted (not like the tiger)

Saturday 28th of April 2001 – the day of the river, and So there I went, and eventually found the quick centre buried beyond a myriad of parking lots.  Black floor, White tablecloth.   I managed to get a lot of last minute shopping in, shoes, handbag, cardigan. So Three of us sat down at curtain up, but my two companions had to dash before intermission and then there was one, then I found KJN so it was two again, which was the smoke blowing???  So I loved it.  I sat enthralled, Sword Fight, Cortez dancers, and the change to see Ivan and Rick “Perform”.  KJN even won a Door Prize!, We had the silent auction, it was very quite so I had to make up for it. Then there was the Wine reception and My Friend F.- I didn’t know that was your mother!!!!!  I had to toast to absent friends but I made it through the night. Ivan was hogging the Champagne so I didn’t get near it, but that did not seem to get in the way of the good tim that was had by all, or more specifically me.

Marcus was Christened Today, Sunday 29th April 2001 My Godson is now officially Marcus Alexander Riley. “All the Christians over here…”.  So there we stood round the Font (of love and mercy) , and Marcus didn’t utter one noise. (He made up for that later to assure us his lungs were in good working condition)  By way of this being a proper family do, the batteries ran out on the Video (something about if spoons and cows can do it)  We had a Photo session in the garden though, that was fun. And Food, Food and More Food, did I mention that there was food there?  We sat at the girls table and discussed the meaning of life. Later at the round table there was a bit of an upset, the table that is, since it acted a bit like a see-saw if you lent on one side.  Of Course we had champagne, how could the occasion go by without it!!!!

The day after tomorrow is the third day of the rest of your life. -George Carlin

Monday April 30th 2001 – last day of spring in Ireland (well this year anyway).  The latest mystery is my car door….. every so often when I go to unlock it it’s unlocked already!!!, maybe I’m just forgetting to lock it, of maybe some aliens form a far away planet are playing tricks with my using a VERY STRONG remote control which just happens to be tuned to my car, or maybe not.  I missed the Formula one of Spain because they showed it at 7:30 am and I expected it to be on at 12:00 but it will be on again tonight at 8:30 PM

May the forces of evil become confused on the way to your house.

Lá Bealtaine 2001, Inniú an chéad lá den Samharadh. Last night we had team sparring and as there were only two girls we got put on a team each, that was after I got hit in the head twice… (No noticeable difference) Lois, Brett and Marcus went home. The Spanish Grand prix was still showing when I got home last night. Schumacher won again, that’s 47 career wins.  Prost has the record with 51.  I didn’t wash my face in the morning dew……. Ah well there’s always next year.

I couldn't repair your brakes, so I made your horn louder

The apartment is still going strong back in Dublin, and I’m going to a Party on Friday, More sparring last night, with all this practice it’s a pity I won’t be here for the state championships on May 19th. So I just did some research and the Ides of March is March 15th.  I found all my Photos last night , then I forgot them this morning. How many words does a Photo paint? Today is May 2nd 2001 Gael’s Birthday, and also the Twins. So 1529 cases of FMD in the UK so far and Counting.

If this was a dream it would be symbolic, but it isn’t and as such it’s just a pity, a pity that is that yesterday while attempting to don my watch I missed and my watch made the short trip to the floor encouraged by gravity but not steeled up enough to be unaffected.  My watch like many a slice of buttered (and maybe jammed) toast fell face down onto tile and cracked up….. Time didn’t stop but my watch now bears scars.  Not a pretty face at all.  I can now only see the time on one continent, or both when it’s between  6:00 and 12:00 GMT…AM or PM .  There was too much sewing which resulted in a trimming down of conjunctives.  Now it’s May 3rd 2001 – Thursday and my watch is still broken.  The brothers got promoted last nigh, and just to show it wasn’t a fluke….. TWICE. I found the pictures I wanted, then this morning, I remembered to bring them in, only to find the one I really wanted to scan: gone. It looks like AOL is down, what it needs is a good party to pick it up.

I'm serious; it was a joke

Yesterday there was a Cow in the stairwell, which reminded me of the green door and the parallelogram, but not enough to make me recount the whole piece of prose.  This also brought to mind how the sofa got stuck, but then again it didn’t.  I think the cow had BSE because it was a cracker.  No sign of that expected email.  We had a long briefing. Nuff z. May the 4th be with you…Unexpected surprise, then an email surprise then the email I was expecting.  Maybe this is all because of the cow, and I mean that in the nicest way. And now I must collect my Porsche and Party, it’s such a chore. We had some Chickens, no eggs would they lay, but it became a very good song for a hen night, if you have enough toilet paper handy, the feather dusters came in useful as well. – very appropriate and then there was Patricia the stripper, which had to be demonstrated to all and sundry, especially Lois and Susan, well we were changing anyway so there you are appropriate again. The other demo was of course at the St Stephens’s day party at the Kpof’s That’s where I cut my leg in the red dress/suit.

Joke from Katie:

I Collected my car, I drove it away, a full mile and then it went no more, Help came very soon, but not soon enough to prevent the traffic jam, I felt like one of those cars stopping traffic on the 15!!!, apparently I have no spark – and I’m not used to hearing that, so I was totally lost, Maybe I didn’t drink enough coffee or something.  My new cream trousers were now a lovely shade of grey black, well in all the wrong places anyway. I made it to the off licence but not to stop and shop, and arrived at the party only two minutes late which I thought was good going after my day. Look up Party at Kpof’s in the dictionary and you won’t find it but if this was the hitchhikers guide to the galaxy, and they had room for more than mostly harmless, it would say : Party at Kpof’s  : Look out for a great time, with no mention of nouns verbs or a breakdown of how you might use it.  More Champagne, and then I had to stay, since their sofa was getting lonely from lack of Irish people. Helen went to the party and saw that the party was good. So Saturday Morning, there I was not gone at all, and I got invited to New York. At this point I had to don a temporary tattoo since it was the right thing to do.  It seemed like a very good idea, even after my Coffee. We found a place not to have coffee at, and don’t forget not to rest in the rest rooms either, not just a trip, an education.  Lipstick and rugs, that sounds like that it could be a performance piece. Mimosa with lunch that was really breakfast. Back to CT. Then more Food, Greek   Sunday I called over in a short dress and Bo used my legs as a drawing board.- she’s not that artistic though so it just hurt. She’ll be very good once we’re trained. I rang Rory but I couldn’t find him. So I had to email Then there was more brunch, food again and of course champagne, and because Brunch is a derivative of two meals we had to eat twice as much, that and the fact that we were eating Dessert for Breakfast, and Bottles of Champagne. Also two grand pianos.  I discovered I like Sambuka.  Today is Monday the 7th of May and my Karate bag is in my other car. This is an indication that I haven’t been to karate since Thursday, at this rate I’ll forget how to break a board on purpose. Confusion rules. Pretty in pink? I think not, and the totally wrong person as well. Did I mention that it’s been very HOT in CT, 92° F on Friday…

What do they use to ship Styrofoam?

It’s Okay, the flight wasn’t delayed… it was CANCELLED, now that’s a bit of a pain if you’re travelling, I don’t care how many air miles you get.  It’s cool at night though so I’m getting a change to sleep, we just need some nice weather for the first week in June for my Mum’s visit. Today is Tuesday May 8th so in 10 days I’ll be on my way home to Ireland.

I went to a bookstore and asked the saleswoman, "Where's the self-help section?" She said if she told me, it would defeat the purpose

So as I drove my Porsche in to work today…May 9th 2001 – Nothing Happened, but I wanted to mention that I have my Porsche Back. More Karate last night, the next Dan Test is less than a Month away… June 2nd, same day as Mary Lucy arrives. Today has been a day for conversations, maybe because I’m trying to bump up statistics in more ways than one, but none that would make me buy new clothes. I’m on a mission to find digital pics as well since I know I have them somewhere.  The cards are now in my bag awaiting some attention from me, maybe they’ll reach their destination this month…..?????

Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar: Sigmund Freud

There’s an oil crisis and petrol will be $2.00 a gallon but that’s not what affects me the most, rather another oil crisis causing a burning smell and a lot of smoke, it must be coming from above the muffler!!!  So Party Saturday and Grand Prix Sunday, I must remember to wake early.  Today is Thursday  May 10th but it feels like a Friday, I must be out in sympathy.  The giggling baby was very good, it just makes you want to laugh…


Compatible: Gracefully accepts erroneous data from any source

Temp Conversion


So long and thanks…The Sad news that Douglas Adams died on May 11th 2001


Apparently I: was deleted, and this happens every morning, only this morning I noticed it. Is this like the face of my watch- all cracked? Will I still be able to tell the time, this is also a time warp – Monday May 14th 2001  Time flies when you’re having fun if you have a stopwatch. This was a very busy weekend.  For some reason (another Mystery coming up) my internet explorer stopped rendering XML files even as text!!!.  How strange you say (that anyone would care to read about that) so I’ll stop there. We sat around the fire on Saturday night quoting Monthy Phyton, how _____ is that (please fill in your own adjective) And we had Strawberries, Champagne and Chocolate in the best tradition of having Ice Cream, Pineapple and Flakes, Those were the days, I managed to introduce my friend to Flakes though last week. – which reminds me of the famous blue raincoat.

If the #2 pencil is the most popular, why is it still #2?

I’ve half updated my Internet Explorer because of it’s unusual reluctance to render XML files.  It’s now explorer 5.5 a bit like naked gun 2½ but totally different. Today Tuesday May 15th is Liam’s Birthday. The Party was at the weekend though. I decided to add some Lyrics, to match all the songs playing in my head – other people’s songs though nothing original. The sad news is that “Douglas Adams died suddenly following a heart attack on the 11th May, 2001” It’s pretty poignant.  The man who gave us life the universe and everything as divisible by 6 and 7. When I went to Greece in 1990 with my Friends J and K, I spent my hours on the beaching reading the Hitchhiker series, all 5 of the Trilogy – or was there only four then, it beat Jackie Colins hands down for silly original humour. I search my cd player now to see if I’ve inadvertently left the radio show plugged in, but I didn’t it’s away in my Brookestone cd “case”.  This Fish is bigger than the average gif file that I include but it had to be z. I used to listen to records again and again, taking down a few words at a time ‘till I had the full Lyric, now I can just look them up on the web. How to speak to a 70 year old waiter in France in three easy lessons. Life is full of little mysteries, will Greg ever look at the life of Brian, we might never know, Will I watch the producers now that there is a broadway musical?. Which Matinee will we see when Mary Lucy gets here. And what about the email problem with resolving names?- I’ll never forget old “what’s his name”

I don't practice what I preach, because I'm not the kind of person I'm preaching to.:J.R. "Bob" Dobbs

Am I all packed and ready to go besides my final gathering of Essentials????? – easy question, easy answer – NO. My case stays empty, untouched by organized belongings headed with me to Europe. It seemed like such a good Idea yesterday before Karate, but after karate it was more like a pain in the neck, or the face if you want to get personal. So tomorrow is another day, but so is today and we’re getting closer to when I have to leave. Today is Wednesday the 16th of May and Friday I’m off. My car with lack of power steering is making up for the lack of push ups.  I’m toying with the idea of breaking this page up.  I’ve just been handed an Amazing wall hanging by my Friend, all the way from India, I really have to clean up at home now.

If the grass on the other side of the fence appears greener...it must be all the fertilizer they are using! (Kevin Rodowicz)

Is there a way out of Barnes & Nobel without an armful of books? Apparently not, but at least I get the bulbs for the flip light that I had intended to buy, and an armful of books, I will definitely have enough to read on the plane, even a French reader- which is brilliant for when I can’t be bothered reading for myself. And Katie just emailed, she must be Yup Cha Gi. This meant that I got to Karate early, more teaching which is fun. Fmd is over 1600 cases now and Today is Thursday the 17th of May, Ask and you shall receive. Walk away walk away, I will Follow you will you follow me I was followed to A Class and Now I have a pair of cars in the parking lot at work. One for each arm.

Still no appearance on any search engine, good old AOL NOT!!!!!, I’m packed and ready to go except for my elusive map of Paris with all my references in it. Just switch cars and go. That means that today is May 18th 2001 Wait ten minutes then call back…..

American Flag
Texas Flag
Irish Flag
Beware Flag
 May 21st 2001 I can’t sleep, it’s 1:30 am an I have to get up in five hours bur I can’t sleep.  I’m in Paris, at long last, in a studio apartment with a Loft – it’s lovely.  I talked the ears off Chris and Anne on the plane, and the time flew.  The Christening was today  - well yesterday really ‘cos it’s after midnight May 20th 2001, My nephew is now officially Luke Peter o Donoghue. It was lovely if a little sad when we all broke down crying at “How great thou art” – Daddy’s Song, the last time I heard it was at Daddy’s funeral. Then on to The Victor for the party- mmmmmm deserts , I FORCED Jen to try that chocolate heaven thing (If that’s not it’s name it should be), and I managed to demolish two deserts.  I also managed to indulge in some alcohol in the guise of Bottles of Ritz, well I started drinking them again last night in Bakers so I felt it only right to continue today. Jen and I went to Bakers last night after a strenuous day of shopping – I found my may and we got 25p off in the cyber café, as we convinced the guy to treat us as students.  I don’t think I will be uploading this page this week, I have to get a phone card tomorrow, and I’m not sure what the phone situation will be. So the weather is supposed to be 22 deg C tomorrow – Pause for Calculation that’s 71.6 ºF

Friends are chocolate chips in the cookie of life!

Last night in Paris and I’m just recharging my batteries, Literally, it’s Sunday May 27th – la fete de Mere over here, I’m just back from a concert and my battery is at 99%, I need it for Solitaire on the plain tomorrow, My Taxi arrives at 6:20 am I hope I will be there to meet it!!!!!  I’m not sure whether my French has improved or not but I know a lot more about Loft Story!!!  It was even the subject of our last class.

May 28th 2001 Monday and Memorial day, I arrived home, I Think France deservers it’s own segment (or country even). My new link to the loft story works so now I have easy access. Not to mention the Encyclopaedia Britannica – because it would take too many pages and probably infringe some copyright as well. The 777 had a personal TV monitor, but is that part of my other Story??? Now it’s just getting ready for Mary Lucy in June.  The French Open Started…

Tuesday May the 29th 2001, I woke up earlier than the sun this morning, since I am still on Paris time, Should I get up and maybe Clean??? Perhaps not, My time perchance would be better spent observing my ceiling in the demi-light and thinking about my Holiday in France. The car sat under the tree all night and is now covered in sap, no not an xCommerce enabler, just sticky stuff that falls from trees.   I have to get an emission test and Frankly the lights aren’t shy enough, it’s enough to cause “a little accident”, and soon, So I toddled off to work at a good hour of the morning, and there was as there always is a lot of traffic here. Luke is 16 pounds and there are 1659 FMD cases in the UK.  There was a Card emergency so I had to drive through a lot of road works and then take a different – (twilight zone) route home, but it was all a dream and I ended up on route 8 anyway

All you need to know is the user interface

It wasn’t like going to the dentist at all!!!!!  I got up early, and checked out the location of the closest emission station, since my sticker says April 2001 and it is now may – or were you not paying attention. Since my car has just reached 25 years old it no longer needs to be tested for emissions!!!!!, so no wait, just a sticker that I don’t have to renew ‘till 2003!!!,  encouraged by the ease of this transaction I wandered over to the DMV in Hamden to try for a double, change my address on my licence. The queue consisted of one person.  I need to change my address on my licence.  Ok would you like a new licence  for $10 or a sticker for this one. A Sticker please, I like the picture, it’s so unlike me, Fine…… looks, inspects, wanders off, I need to give you a new licence for FREE, since the writing has worn off this one, Fine by me.  A DOUBLE!!!!! All on May 30th 2001 and over the hump day at that.  The chocolate I bought in France was not as dark as I expected it to be, but I like the Nust,  you are what you eat. I got the photos from the Christenings developed, and bought some book shelves, all I have to do now is put them together (just the book shelves).  I suppose that that will be after karate. Sunday 2nd of June Catholic mass will be transmitted from the Church of the Holy Family Kill of the Grange ALL over Europe and or course in Bakers as well.

What boots up must come down.

I can make the wedding and the summer camp. May 31st 2001 Sonny’s Birthday one year off the four score every one keeps talking about.  Life begins at two score. I assembled the book shelves last night, minimum tools required even though I did need a Philips head screw driver and you know how easy they are to misplace.  I had to resort to my multi purpose pliers/coffee maker, allow for exaggeration, a few more tasks and I’ll be ready for whatever comes or more precisely Mammy.  I managed not to break two boards last night, so there’s another thing to practice.

Ot be back at

My Friend Françoise emailed isn’t life Grand, I rang mum and now we’re all Sorted, this time tomorrow we’ll be in my apartment, resting after an exhausting week for both of us. And Katie sent me another great joke.  It’s the 1st of June 2001

Break for Mammy’s Holiday in the USA

It’s Tuesday the 12th of June and Mammy’s going home today.  Last night there was thunder and lightning

So leaving Mammy at the airport was sad, news is that she got home safe and sound and of course worn out.  I got a message from the chef on the way home I missed an email, not in any emotional sense but I must have read it and not registered, Back to Work Wednesday, it’s pretty had doing these long four and three days weeks, but somebody has to do it. It’s Wednesday the 13th of June 2001 and not a child in the house washed, but really I have a lot of Food to fling. The latest mystery is my phone charger which has disappeared. Not at home, work nor in my computer bag.  I need to empty out my bag and see if the bus comes. The Animal Crackers have done a runner again.

A synonym is a word you use in place of one you can't spell

I remembered to change cars, now I’m getting emails from the edi system. So Karate last night and every kick hurt, and I was just kicking thin air. It’s Thursday already and I might be going to CA in a few weeks. FMD is progressing at about 4 cases a day in the UK. Still no sign of my (Bull) Charger

So I blew a Fuse, not in any emotional sense but more in the Don’t plug the Toaster, Microwave and Kettle in at the same time if you’re living in a 100 year old house!!! And so it stopped, the toast popped and the microwave dimmed to darkness.  This brought forth visions of the cellar with the dust encrusted floor and various pieces of deceased but not departed furniture arranged in nerve racking obstacle course like precision. And the cobwebs and the lack of a proper light.  Maybe I could survive without the Microwave, I could boil water on the stove….But then on further investigation that mysterious light in the fridge wasn’t…I could not manage without my fridge, so where was my torch.  Somewhere safe for emergencies, such as this. No sign in my Tool box of the Drawer where I keep extra bulbs, I remember seeing it somewhere strange and thinking to myself I must remember that it’s there in case of….. a fuse blown.. So now I know that it cannot be in the obvious places and yet I look. Okay where else.  The magazine rack of course and there it is, In the light it doesn’t give off such a bright light, but I hope, because I know the chance of finding another torch is slimmer that I ever want to be. So I trundle down after Storm Alison into the Cellar, Open the door, look down the steps, check to see if the door will remain open.  In the dark the torch does it’s job well, a mattress looks like it has been torn apart by hungry beasts (before they realise that it’s just foam and of no nutritional value) I hope that if they were ever there that they have long departed, I head for the back of the dreary set of rooms, there are doorways but no doors and there I find the grey box, the metal door opens easily to reveal on switch out of place. With great technical competence I switch it back and hope in the absence of a fuse chart that I have solved my problem.  And so back to my toast, but then the cellar door wouldn’t close- for a minute or too.  Adventure over, I put on the Kettle and toaster and left my corn sitting in the microwave until after the Toast was done. That was Sunday the 17th of June 2001

Is the glass half empty, half full, or twice as large as it needs to be?

Can’t sleep, Which is always a good reason/time to update my web page It’s the early hours of Wednesday Morning June 20th 2001, on a more productive note I found my battery charger, or rather I unpacked it as it was still sitting neatly in my suitcase, I need to throw out the one that’s falling apart – Case not battery charger., That reminds me of the walking Birds. Well it’s late/early, and that coffee at 9:00 pm was not such a good idea. Today the Database was really just an image of it’s new self, and I received a lovely card from home. So my nose is in training for a marathon and is also recovering from a well meaning’d attack from my Swedish neighbour. FMD is up to 1768 and rising by about 4 cases a day now. More cat and mouse games but without the cat.

Another Thursday, we get them every week whether we order them or not. and it’s going to be Hot. According to my Favourite weather station the high is just 73°F or 22.78°C for over achievers, that’s not the problem, it’s a wet heat, Thunderstorms expected.  I was just working out a mathematical solution and it made me hungry. Õ

The Next episode in Mysteries, I parked the white car outside my house on a Sunday and locked it . Monday evening and Tuesday evening I walked by the white car into the house. Wednesday evening, as I arrived in the drive I noticed a Light on in the white car!!!!! – I checked the remote lock- the car had been locked but on further inspection the back door was open!!!!!.  There was nothing missing, just the telltale light shinning in the darkness.  I closed the door and relocked the car, and didn’t wake us since I wasn’t even dreaming. Wedding Tonight- Friday June 22nd 2001 and Vermont butt ass early tomorrow morning. It’s all fun and games ‘till someone looses an eye.  I did some more rearranging and now all the Text pictures have moved to their own show.

Totally cut off from the world, No PC and a Mobile phone rendered useless by the mountains and I had a wonderful time, the game of Zoom Swartz and Profigliano reared it’s interesting head to great effect turning us all into kids (we weren’t that far off to start with). Then I was totally baffled trying to count with cutlery. All this and plenty of training with a slew of masters, What more could a body ask for… Got Milk????? Been there, done that and got the cool t-shirt, green with Korean writing, me likey, and I didn’t have to share a room. But we did have to use the swimming pool to change on the last day. Our Greek friend made it up in Record time, not like that guy in the Mercedes decorating the road divider. I woke up on the way home in time to buy a cherry garcia ice pop and redecorate my t-shirt, Boo seemed to like it later on.  Of course Ivan’s party had an open bar, which could had led me to more embarrassment except for the fact of my car – which rhymes with bar and was parked out front Not to mention an early start the next morning for a Three hour drive to Vermont.  I wasn’t driving though. So I just had good clean fun and A LOT of dancing.  It’s Monday the 25th of June, I have red ears (no relation to big ears), a lump on my arm – I think I got bit and not my Boo, and a lovely diamond flower tattoo, all before my first cup of coffee. Last night I saw the Moon up close, and wow, so Imagine if someone did give you the Moon and the stars? Schumacher won another Grand Prix – of Europe, so that’s 49 to date, Next week is France. I missed it though, I was too busy having fun and breakfast.

Today is Tuesday the 26th of June 2001 Last night I went to karate and did a show and tell and got scared out of my wits for my trouble, That’s classic, it looks bad you really should see someone. So I called and arranged a trip to Danbury, on the bright side, I didn’t have to spar, but I was worried enough to mess up my form- well that’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it. This morning I made the trip up the 84 and found where I was going.  It’s nice to meet friendly people when you’re sick and even if you’re not sick, So the man in the white coat didn’t evoke my normal run away action, It’s great when they come disguised as friends. A blood test or two later I left with my prescription, on a mission to stop and shop, Now in very good weather I have to avoid the sun for at least 10 days, Usually I avoid the sun without trying – hence my palely interesting complexion but faced with avoiding it on purpose I feel cheated and restricted, aw well better than the alternative – turning Green or British. I went pass the play house (why don’t you buy a real one…..) and both cars were there yet when I arrived at my destination one of them beat me there, you can’t trust cars these days even when Peter isn’t driving/ Flying.

What was all the fuss about anyway – and that reminds me of Monday night but that’s another story. I revamped the Text page to include all the old pictures that I had previously retired. Even thought they are all totally out of context now they probably make as much sense as they did within my document. Only 17 more little blue jumping beans to go. The problem is going to be avoiding the sun in Texas if I have to, less than three weeks away now. Actually two weeks and two days it’s Wednesday the 27th of June. Fmd cases in the UK have been stuck at 1788 for the last 24 hours, which is a good thing.

The glass of water, Full stomach, Microsoft outlook thing conspired against me but I had a good chat with Brett, not that he makes me sick, it was the lack of water, and I should have known better, Well I do but I should have done better even if it was 1:30 am. And so Preparations for Cho Dan begin, or intensify really to be more accurate. Today Thursday 28th of June 2001, I am VERY appealing, especially my nose, so now even if the remainder of my face maintains some healthy colour, I will look like I an perpetually wearing sun block on my nose. Two weeks ‘till Texas and three weeks to the next red belt test. –it’s Red, and it’s long, and there is a buckle, Yup, it’s a red belt – or is it an oversized shoe??


So sad News flash :

Jack Lemmon dies aged 76  Thursday, June 28 2001


Did you read the Silly Quiz?

It’s Monday the 2nd of July 2001 and we were hit by lightning no less, Well That’s my story and I’m sticking to it, Corporate headquarters was struck Saturday night and our T1 connection has been down ever since.  Good thing we switched our email huh. Email won’t be back till tomorrow morning, in the meantime FMD is up to 1806 cases and Michael Schumacher won another Grand Prix, that’s 50 so far. And his brother Ralph came second with Barrichello his team mate third. There are 7 Grand Prix left this year. Silverstone will be on when I’m in Texas. And the good news is a lack of colour, which obviously suits me very well. As an exercise just presume that everytime you blink, something could go wrong. Sort of like a quantum leap but totally different.  This means that anytime something breaks ask the question – Did I blink, did anybody else blink… this could therefore be the cause of the problem, resulting in quicker problem solving.  In strange situations – (Lightning striking our telephone lines…..) a problem may occur when someone hasn’t blinked, this could be a different problem, or the exception that proves the rule.

Spurious messages from AOL billing/ not AOL Billing have been arriving over the last few days, and It’s all a Hoax!!!, Aol seems a bit dangerous to use what with all the girly emails and the Hoax billing. Yesterday was Independence day so Today is Thursday July 5th 2001 We had a surprise visit from overseas on Tuesday in the form of Eddie!!! Just a two day jaunt over the Atlantic to surprise a few friends. So in honour of that We went to Southbury, the Heads and I for Japanese/Chinese, but no scorpion. And I learned how not to throw knives on Monday. I left my jumping beans at work and the 4th was a Holiday, I didn’t even get to Paul’s party, but Patricia is a Bachelor which is a great thing and she might become a Master, which will definitely take less than 12 years, but no belt, just a sash.

I reinforced my Knife form and got new Knife techniques to boot – Cape Cod Reference And in a Strange incident yesterday our Friend took a day off work ( no blue moon, not the Birthday) 1814 cases of FMD in the UK and rising, averaging about 3 a day at the moment. Yippee – it’s Friday July 6th 2001

Karate Karate and More Karate, Practice Piano, and saw a Movie, AI, Interesting but depressing all the same and the web committee had a unanimous vote , so a full weekend, I even remembered to water the plants, as if I would forget.  Heidi seemed happy as well. But now it’s Monday again – July 9th 2001 and the start of a new potentially exciting week, Friday I go to Texas anyway so I know it won’t end a quite week.


Some Water torture or rather a puzzle from a friendly message to start the day and now we’re all awake – I am speaking for myself. As the nationals get closer the sparring intensifies and on it goes, I bought a wooden knife, Pretty useless really but it has sides, a partisan knife, just what I always wanted, it can’t even spread butter and that’s how to cut down on cholesterol.  The Lucianis are faring well, as per a message from over seas, Gold medal no less.on Tuesday July 10th 2001 So on a Similar note Ceiling problems at Southbury.


Tuesday July 17th 2001, Lance Armstrong won Today’s stage in the tour de France, and Mika won the British.Grand Prix on Sunday But more importantly I spent the Weekend in TEXAS where my friend Lois was awarded her Cho Dan  on July 14th 2001, well what else would you do on Bastille day, if it isn‘t your birthday Check out the 11th Dan Classing Photos. The theme besides the actual promotions was based on the Chil Sun Forms, each form up to Chil Sun Yuk Ro was demonstrated by one or more Mi Guk Kwan students.  After the Promotions we went on the Night float – stopping of briefly to make pina coladas and margarita.  50 people in tubes floating down a river, so besides floating, drinking pina coladas and loosing my shoe – which someone called Niel found – thank you – no I ain’t missing shoe at all In the same spirit of cleanliness and dilution we went to Schlitterbahn on Sunday. More tubes, lots of slides, a new bikini and the best corn ever, oh and a lot of sun but I tried to avoid it. So then I tried to come home, oh we have a problem with the aeroplane, but we think it’s really the testing equipment.  You might miss you connection, you will miss your connection… CANCELLED, so I got to drive to chez Riley after all, and see a sunset (the sunset) at their house. The Rileys were wonderful and showed me the best time and most of it was VERY clean!!!!! When is a flight not your flight- when you mistake to time and turn up 5 minutes late – it was  just one of those days, but eventually I made a flight and headed home. For no good reason especially after the demo fiasco- (let’s not talk about it) I had to do my form by myself in front of everyone last night, but at least it wasn’t on video.

Every time someone asks you to do something, ask if they want fries with that

The Next plan is for a digital video camera.  I need it for forms, and it might make a nice piece of furniture or not. I keep getting porn emails through my AOL account, and AOL can’t seem to stop it, also bogus billing emails FMD is up to 1866 and counting – I wonder do the people counting the FMD cases keep falling asleep?  There were 7 already today July 18th 2001, and there are five counties still active in the last month, will it ever end. So instead of emptying the contents of my handbag, I arranged to have my car serviced on Monday, which surely means I won’t be in the state.

It’s going to be Chile in December, not chilly Chile…After a long time I finally posted those Birthday cards. Now to get the next one out ON TIME….. Today is –Thursday the 19th July 2001 and not a child in the house washed, but thanks to Liquid plumber my bath is running properly – all you ever didn’t want to know about…..so you weren’t going to ask.  The Hotel in the Catskills is booked SOLID no rooms at the inn, Luckily enough I got my reservation in early and I also booked for two nights. Mo helped me practice my highest self defence techniques last night. I remember you well in a Chelsea Hotel

Well it’s a good thing I didn’t leave my Harp in San Francisco.  It was a Karate weekend with Friday night regular class, Saturday afternoon red belt test and Sunday morning drill, and I remembered to feed the dog so that’s a good thing, I even got to see Ellen play at long last, but I didn’t get to stay too long because of my red belt test.  I’ll have to go another night when I can dance all night.  A lake. Some tubes and a couple of car sales men not selling cars, but then we got to chat and tattoo till the wee hours of the morning.  Some of us had to get up really early – not me though I just did it for fun.  My car is at long last being serviced, we’ll find out whether I can get a new bottle for my windscreen washer fluid, That wasn’t an option on Kevin’s computer.  It’s another Monday – July 23rd 2001.

Every time someone asks you to do something, ask if they want fries with that

Sometimes I have left home without my phone or my wallet or maybe a hair brush.  The odd time as I‘m leaving work I might realise that my computer bag is a bit light, I haven’t packed my laptop yet, But yesterday beat all. At 7:15 PM – just the right time to leave for Karate, It dawned on me that I had brought my car in to be serviced that morning, and I hadn’t collected it yet.  So here I was, Car-less, 12 miles away from home and 13 away from karate, in search of a person who had NOT misplaced their mode of transport, who was working late and in a kind frame of mind….. Luckily super Joe, working way too long hours had not left the building, and he lives close to me. So I made it home, but not to the fore mentioned Karate. Today –  Tuesday July 24th 2001 was a boring day for the tour- the 15th stage. No real change in the top places.

I eventually attended Karate last night, and best of all I was Promoted, Never underestimate the power of a small strip of insulation tape, and always wear rubber shoes.  My mother never said that. So now San Francisco is on for NEXT week. Today Thursday July 26th 2001 is SilverStream’s 5th Anniversary and in the good old French tradition we had cake… and good cake too none of that fondant icing, creamy cream – still white but that’s expected away from home.

9 Weeks and 7 classes away from my four year goal. Yesterday I got to know the floor , but that’s another story, yesterday was contrived enough.  I couldn’t find my car keys, at Lunch time I had done some emergency shopping, that was my last memory of having my keys, Were they in the car? – let’s go an find out. No my keys are not in my car but my open wallet is, this makes finding my keys a more urgent task, but first I need to get back in the building, with my passcode the ai had suddenly forgotten, and just in case I wanted to phone any one to get their pass code, I had loaned my mobile phone to Frank who was otherwise phoneless and currently headed very slowly towards San Francisco. The story ends as all do, I remembered my passcode and in due course found my keys and made in to karate in very good time, and I have the bruises to prove it. And so on to Today Friday the 27th of July 2001, Preparations are in hand for the weekend. Karate and of course and a shopping excursion to find a digital video camera.

Money laundering today, Sunday 29th of July 2001, all 13 dollars, along with the more common or garden clothes. Which are now as expected clean, And it’s Carmel’s Birthday. Party at the Kopfs last night. What could be better, Inflated lounge chairs made a great decoration, but appeared too late for a short trip on the water. So I bought a digital video camera yesterday, now what to do with it.  No suggestions please. Schumacher stalled on the grid , and someone crashed into him, but then they stopped the race, and since less than two laps had been completed, Schumacher got to start again. Then Schumacher was out again, but through the miracle or brotherhood, Schumacher won the German grand Prix in a German car – Mercedes. And Schumacher’s team mate in second place.  This made no change to the Drivers leader board and no record breaking feat by Michael. But Ferrari have gained another 6 points to put them 58 points ahead of McLaren with a possible 80 points left in the Constructors championship, Michael is still 37 points ahead with a possible 50 points in the Drivers Championship., but he has just suffered his 2nd DNF out of 12 races coming first or second in the other 10. This is Ralph’s third win in the current racing year!!!. On a less powered note, Lance Armstrong won the Tour de France for a Third time running, and Erik Zable snatched the green jersey from Stuart O’Grady

Remember...if the world didn't suck, we'd all fall off.

Just a Crawling PC to complicate my life courtesy of Oracle 8i, but you just got to have it…..Wednesday August 1st 2001. Look out for sayings on the title page. Monday July 30th 2001 was Katie’s Birthday, More Beer Please

Last night a late night – or early morning depending on which way you look at it, and Tomorrow a very early morning, LGA at 7:00 am, just popping over to DC for the morning, like you do. Lots of Sparring last night, Nationals are getting closer- only one week away. Thursday August 2nd 2001 It’s Paul’s Birthday, Important Karate event. And just because it’s worth mentioning, the Milk situation has been very good lately, There is an owl in my Latest page that reminds me of Lois, not because she has huge eyes or because she hoots a lot (she doesn’t) but because of her collection of owls, there is still an odd one around the apartment (owl that is) and when I see them I am reminded again.  I also get reminded of the dirty dishes, because one owl is behind the sink, wouldn’t you think after all this time that it might cop on, and decide to do the dishes for me, well that’s owls you know, the don’t give a hoot about anyone else, just for themselves.

Monday August 6th 2001 A very Karate weekend for me and accident prone for K&R, “How would you like your blue car sir?”, “Without scratches please.” “Sorry that’s not available would you like to wreck your ankle instead???” – it’s enough to give you a pain in the tooth, especially if it breaks. So the weekend started Friday August 3rd  2001 with a trip to DC, a panic to get the database working, did you know that you needed to be hooked to the internet in order for a database on your hard drive to work????? – Well neither did I.  Scot’s new car is very comfortable, good for last minute panics with projects and it has B.  There must be some significance in that but I don’t like to ponder too much…And after a very slow drive back to CT from LGA (Bingo) I crashed in on my friend Karen, with some dragon wine which we like!!!- I’ll have three pints of that. And a “wim” in the water where we went loopy. Saturday August 4th 2001 Morning Karate, then off to but a tripod, this time I met a friend instead of a sales guy, so tripod in hand – now seven limbed, I went home to record my forms for posterity, I wonder if posterity really cares…This is where the Bermuda triangle in Oxford, made itself known to me.  The house of misfortune, this lead to a viewing of “the producers”- Hysterical and wet. After Saturday comes Sunday My camera skills were not needed, so I took the opportunity to practice my Forms, which was needed. Then I went off to get beat up, like you do if you do Tang Soo Do. So nicely smashed and not in the Irish sense of the word, I went out to the river again and then to the riverside where I learnt more Greek- well it is all Greek to me. Mallista, Harrica.

Today is Aug 9th 2001 Last night I tried on my new Sherado (if that’s how you spell it). It sounds really good!!!!! Now just the trim and the lettering and I’m all set – like jelly but totally different, But More importantly my godson complete with parents arrived, before I managed to find my way back from the jewellery fixing bowels of David’s house, those Rolexes are better now with the few links taken out – look there’s the missing link. SO it would be good if Peter wants to come and speak Greek on Sunday. Je peut dire donc tous jour maintenant parce qu ça c’est le mot que je utilise beaucoup de temp. So on my list is the Expense nightmare, and booking a trip and both involve DC. – Flash back to the pain in the neck literally because of height.  We had two FMD free days but it was too good to last. So I’m all hooked up again with equipment for my Phone, charger, hands free, and no beer, because the tree wouldn’t fit in the car. Suits are all set for Karate, like jelly again, and the ear piece is made of gel. Now comes the time that I have to start planning, watch out and tie down anything loose.

And now we’re famous, Well on video at least, Lois Marcus and I went to train last night, we decided to train early and practice our forms, and then there was no eight o clock class, just as well that we’re yup cha gi. Pasta Fair ran out of food…. Well they didn’t have fresca, or cheese ravioli – worth coming from Texas for, or even mayo, and not the county in Ireland – they didn’t have that either, What did we think it was????? – A RESTURANT???  I put Marcus to sleep with my singing – well rocking really, perpetual motion, it works every time sometimes, well now and again anyway. Today is Nationals, and I will be heading there after work – Friday August 10th 2001 Let’s hope I get there without too many detours. I am updating this doc courtesy of Connecticut power or lack thereof.  Our Power just BLEW, there are no lights and there is a major thunderstorm right outside the window.  I just had Lunch with Paul, and he left his keys on the table


Did we have car trouble this weekend??? Was it comparable to the medical emergencies last??? When is an air conditioner not an air conditioner??? How do you make a Porsche go???  What happens if you leave a bag of ice on the floor of your car for two hot days…??? All these questions will not be answered to anyone’s satisfaction. So besides the power cut, the absent air conditioner the Thunderstorm, power cut, non starting car….. how was your weekend? Absolutely bloody marvellous with copious amounts of strawberry daiquiris, Swimming and of course the obligatory Champagne, you can tell by this paragraph that I am talking about the Tang Soo Do Nationals held in the Catskills, it’s so obvious, Sonny and Adair came and recorded Lois’ first Nationals as a Cho Dan, and also other spurious events. The team fighting was amazing, It came down to the wire…But WHAK A retired the trophy for the 4th time in a row. And Marcus watched his namesake become the Sparring GRAND CHAMPION again.  Well I competed. I came home with trophies, and that’s enough about the competition.  The swimming was fun and men AND women were allowed in the outdoor pool. Starbucks on the way home was a great idea. Our email did not recover ‘till this morning, Monday 13th August 2001 Back to this weekend, I met Rob & Jessica, after being party to their half suffocation,  they were extremely forgiving of me, and my accent. We had dancing in the auditorium (well I danced…..)

Great Class Monday night and off to the border afterwards, and I learned Peet cha gi. Today is Wednesday the 15th of August 2001, Jennifer’s Birthday. The phone was engaged though, I wonder what it was doing, probably chatting to the fridge, or is that too familiar. I had a request to include some Wedding Pictures so I did…Not mine though… Well, they are my pictures but the party wasn’t mine….. I had a great time though, except for Richard’s announcement. That was the Saturday 24th of June 1995. There was one issue with the Suit, another wit a suspicious haircut, and the statement about Claire leaving Munster

The weekend of the 26th seems to be a popular weekend, or are we just getting our last hit out of Summer, Two close wedding anniversaries, I’m going to DC, but there’s a Picnic here, and a trip up to 6 flags through the school. Tang Soo Do Mi Guk Kwan that is.  I’m going to do Pilaties tonight, Thursday 16th of August 2001

Not just Pilaties but Ballet as well – well my inelegant version of it anyway. And it’s on pretty early, plenty of time for Tang Soo Do after, for those gluttons of punishment. And News just in Jennifer is coming over in September- Yippee. I’ve also split this document so that the old stuff – pre 1997 is somewhere else. It’s worth mentioning that it’s FRIDAY – Aug 17th 2000 it really feels like a Friday and all is quite on the western front. This was a heavy week, and tomorrow is a Gup test. NO it’s not me in the animation, it’s a representation of ballet…..

Today is Wednesday the 22nd of August and I wasn’t here (in this document) for a while because I hurted my finger (aaahhh). More on that later. I just booked my trip to Chile but it’s okay since I’ll pack a heavy jumper. So I went for a Swim on Friday with my Friend K, who is not camping away, very intense. – I can’t help that one.  Saturday was the gup test and it went well, with same side grab number  5 and the hoop hok kick. – It sounds better in Korean. And then came the Tang Soo Do Picnic… It started well with the class, and continued in it’s amiable fashion with lots of lovely burgers, and of course a change to swim in the pool, Going forward with the positive Sue arrived, and great fun was had by all, More Burgers and more swimming. And then to the fun and games, It seems like an easy spout – all you do is throw the ball, then catch the ball, and then run screaming out of the water, with no Jaws I in sight, I jarred my finger, and now I am handicapped in my typing (I was handicapped before but that was lack of skill nothing physical.) So I’m waiting for the swelling to go down so I can do a Fist, or more importantly switch from fist to spear hand and back (this helps with my Piano practice).  So Karate on Monday night was funny as each time I did a block I could see that one finger sticking out – not the insulting one though, I was just trying to make a point. All that activity made me sleepy and I NEARLY fell asleep watching the Hungarian Grand Prix that I had recorded, but not so, MS WON, equalling Alain Prost’s 51 GP record, and with RB clinching both the Driver and the Constructor’s 2001 F1 championship. Cool. FMD cases are up to 1668 in the UK.


Growing up watching the tele, I have seen references to “pop quizzes” but have never been subjected to them, neither did I think that they applied to the Martial arts. But Monday after deciding to go to Karate I found the TSD version of a pop test, well not quite on the spot but the next day.  So Tuesday Evening August 28th 2001 I had a Dan evaluation.  And I glowed and I glowed in the “Horses Sweat” sense. But that black strip of insulation tape is well worth it. Friday August 24th 2001 I headed from Work to DC, My monthy Phyton CD in hand – you never know when you might need it, and the install cd for Oracle. And even with sitting on the runway for twenty minutes, I arrived in DC in good time, to meet the guy with the MANLY vehicle – nuff z. And I met Lorna, Ahhhhh, Good news was had by all. Breakfast chez Susi is an event, and better than that an extremely enjoyable event, Food and Company. The perfect start to a day – Saturday August 25th 2001 that holds a Tae Kwan Do class in store for the unsuspecting and the not awake. Well I glowed there as well. Then since I was in DC, we went for a trip to PA, to see Rick and Michelle at their country abode, and even visited the country club.  Steak, Wine Corn on the cob….. who could ask for more. Oh yes I tried to buy a Shot glass in Maryland, but I couldn’t find one. And we drove back, or rather super Scot did, I fell asleep some of the way home.  We went to mass in Italian on Sunday August 26th 2001 , it was Scot and Lorna’s aniversary, so back to where it all started, “The first 40 years are the Hardest” of course G&L are now married 15 years. Then we went for a swim in the pool, where I didn’t have to glow at all, just wear a lot of sun screen. Driving from the Airport I called K, and ended up in Oxford for the evening, Down by the river not eating pizza, since Steak is so nice.  So now it’s Wednesday 29th Aug 2001 and Jen is coming in 9 days. But oracle won’t work unless I’m connected to the Network, sometimes you have to take the good with the bad.

Apparently there are no AerLingus Flights arriving today Friday September 7th 2001 into JFK which is pretty strange since My Friend Jen IS arriving today on an AerLingus flight at 5:30, another one of life’s mysteries (let’s not talk about the toilet paper again) , KJN gave me some great photos from the 2001 Nationals. In other news, I thought it was the legs of a spaceship but it turned out to be two glasses usually in motion but stopped for editing. Last Sunday Sep 3rd 2001 Michael Schumacher won his 52nd Grand Prix (well official one anyway) breaking Alain Prost’s record of 51, The same day the Lucianis had their annual pig roast (and you’re mother’s ugly), and during the Week FMD broke the 2000 mark it’s now up to 2007. My black belt test is three weeks from tomorrow.  I am looking at other accessories as well in case they give us a surprise question. What kind of scarf would you wear with a patent leather black belt????? And something is a foot with Sonny and Adair, it caused dictionary problems but we’re okay now.

Pokemon (n), A Jamaican proctologist

My Friend Jen arrived but I’m allergic to her, no she doesn’t make me sick….. Just Ugly, My face broke out in a rash. The Pri Roast (post Rash) was good though and there was a lot of Dancing, and a lot of PIG as well. Today is Monday Sep 10th 2001

Horrific events have been happening over the last few days. Today is Thursday the 13th of September.  On Tuesday the 11th of September 2001 two aircraft – full of passengers crashed into both of the twin towers – world trade centre.  Then we discovered that it was an intended terrorist attack. Another plane crashed into the Pentagon and a fourth crashed outside Pennsylvania.  This was all orcastrated, and at the moment there are more than 4,000 people not accounted for, with 94 bodies recovered so far. We were sent home from work.  Everybody was and basically still is in shock.  Both twin towers imploded along with build 7 of the world trace centre collapsing. Hundreds of Fire fighters and rescue workers are missing as well, since buildings collapsed after the initial rescue work had started. I got home early on Monday and we went to Pilaties, we let the dog out into Thunder and Lightning, The early finish on Tuesday meant that I actually cooked (we have both survived this).  We got to see Rat Race along with the other four foreigners in the cinema in Milford. And instead of the intended trip to DC we ended up in WH – West Hartford shopping in westfarms – no not the shopping center the Mall and then to TGIF.  I’m still superted’s sidekick. Yesterday evening ended at Rib Pits, but we had stuffed ourselves in TGIF, so we didn’t eat much.

My Friend Jen got home Safely and that’s good news. On Saturday the 15th of September, we had breakfast at Dennys, well it’s an American custom, according to the Irish girl, So many pancakes, so little time, but not enough room for Sundays, but it’s the thought that counts. Then after a quick visit to WHAK, we went home to worship the Sun, It was a bright day until I found out that Jen’s flight had been cancelled. So Push comes to shove (the long story has been left out due to health speculation). Jen went home on Saturday – “Pack your bags you’re leaving, and I’m really happy to see you go.” And arrived home Sunday Morning 16th September safe and sound. In another part of the world on Sunday afternoon, there was a Race, a Grand Prix, but Ferrari we wearing black noses instead of their normal advertising, to show respect to the victims of the WTC, Pentagon and PA tragedy and their loved ones.  It was a sombre event, Pablo Montoya won his first grand Prix, and also held Pole position. This suddenly free Sunday meant that I made it to Dan Preparation class, and due to the same event KJN was there as well. Then a nice cooked meal over at the Luciani’s – Hello chicken. Monday Morning, Afternoon I felt the effects of not training for a week and then taking Dan Preparation class. Not a pretty sight. Friday 14th September 2001 was a trip to Mystic Aquarium where we saw the beluga whales, and the sea Lions and the Penguins (not of the chocolate variety).  It was pretty amazing, These huge Mammals looked so calm and happy and ready to perform while they were being fed. They looked free and happy, and yet we could see them at close quarters through the under water viewing panels. So after that amazing sceptical what next but to see a Kodanja class in action. We went to Friday’s Kodanja class and Jen was duly impressed. Been there, done that and Got the T-Shirt!!!. So Monday evening 17th September 2001 I was hurting, in all these muscles I obviously don’t exercise enough.  This being the case I decided to go to Pilaties and then to Karate, My brain wasn’t working well either. I handed in my Application for Cho Dan, along with that Essay, I never liked writing essays….. Fate or friends were being nice to me as Karen didn’t do any arm exercises (note about endurance test, it hurts your arms). And KJN decided to let me practice for my Dan test instead of sparring at the end of class. Nice People…This brings us to Today Tuesday 18th September 2001 and the email is sending messages so far two.- well that’s what email does. It was Sonny and Adair’s 41st anniversary last night and they went to Riverside Restaurant on my Recommendation!!. And enjoyed it too. Oh Yeah, FMD is up to 2022, averaging 1.6 a day.

Well there have been no FMD cases in 3 days which is a record so far, - oh spoke too soon, another case in Northumberland today…  Today is Monday September 24th 2001 and it’s 5 days to my Black belt test or Dan test rather..  We had our last dan preparation class yesterday so now we should be ready. Gearóid called yesterday, the lads have started Kempo Karate which is great, too bad there’s no Tang Soo Do in Ireland. I had my first class with master Dugan in along time Wednesday September 19th 2001, and we went over to McKays for soft drinks, go figure. Not a bit like the old days but slightly. Saturday September 22nd I went shopping for a wooden salad bowl- like you do and found a gourmet food shop, just as well as I needed olive oil and balsamic vinaigrette anyway to make the salad in the salad bowl. I made the salad but it didn’t taste ahlf as good, maybe it’s the company or lack thereof, or maybe I’m just really bad at “Making” salad. So No Chicken stir Fry from Adair – it has too much wine.  Since I was in the shopping mood I bought new blouses, to go with this months choice, I still didn’t see any dresses with pockets in Dress Barn, and not that many dresses either!!!. I found my Segundo Romances, which helps towards my Spanish learning. There are now five of us going to Chile. I’m on a mission for a new nationwide Phone, apparent it’s less than 6 miles away, just go to Orange and change my plan. So if I change my plan half way through my mission… will I still have a mission?- these are the questions  (there is a hidden question there also) that don’t keep me awake at night on account of the coffee that does. Pilaties again tonight, via Walmart. Nothing I can do about the pictures save a face lift and that will be too late, yes I AM smiley’s sister…- School reference. Angela’s Ashes was on telly last night- makes you think.

(x)= Carta  On Wednesday September 25th 2001.  I found some new muscles last night in Pilaties. And Today they are making themselves known, “HI, I hurt….. Who are you”, What’s a nice muscle like you doing in a place like this??? – Aching. It’s two for Milan, so now we just wait for the Brochures. It’s been 4 months since I’ve been home, and it will be another 3, long time no sea crossing. I delivered the bone. Boo was happy, mind you Boo’s always happy – as far as I can tell from the tail wagging, I wonder if people ever did that, wagged their tails if they were happy. It would be hard to see, and judging someone’s reaction might be interpreted all wrong. Also travelling in an elevator with a lot of happy people could be difficult. Just for a bit of Culture I’ve added a Picture of some of the Rituals for the Mobeesa tribe.

A wave of joy, I’m looking at two boards, broken in two pieces, wondering if I really broke them.  Thoughts run through my brain did I jump? Did I kehap? In the age between looking at the boards in one piece and that instant I had forgotten. People started clapping – they didn’t know any more than I did I thought, they just see the broken boards and presume that I have done well, then must have been in my time warp with me. But there was no call for a repeat performance, “Puddo” which means step back to ready position, meant that my time was up and I had to leave the floor, for the next effort at dissecting pine.  My “Tang Soo”  was nearly as watery as my eyes, my mind spun in disbelief. It’s over, there are no more trials.  I did it. I broke my boards. I walk backwards to my place and sit cross-legged. DJ congratulates me and I feel like spinning her in the air, instead I smile and signal that I cannot talk. I am after all still testing for my Cho Dan/ Black belt, even though it’s really midnight blue.  Royal Blue is my favourite colour but I wasn’t asked. Very soon it is all over and I am spinning and Jumping with DJ.  My friend Karen arrives with a Bottle of champagne, and Now I remember my name and some of the days events.

I stopped training on Wednesday to make sure I didn’t confuse myself before my test. I ate lots of carbohydrates the day before, and I made sure to drink lots of water that morning. Friday night I arrived home to a dozed red roses. My friends Lois and Brett from Texas were thinking of me from so far away, it’s enough to make you pass a dan test…Niall called from Ireland to wish me good luck and tell me they would be rooting for me – “Jump Helen Jump”   I arrived at the test in uniform and with a nest of butterflies in my stomach.  I wished my friends well and started conversations with the other people who would be testing with me in the 12th dan classing.  This was no competition but rather a team event, We all wanted to look good, show off and gain our first/second/third dans. And so it started.  I remember seeing Sonny and Adair at the back of the Room, Sonny with camera in hand. I saw Ivan’s head pop in and out of the dojang door and Vinne was there for all or most of the Test.  Peter came, I was surprised at how happy I felt to see people I knew watching. SBN Carty wished me well before the test. I saw Pablo’s camera and a quite DJ which is unusual. My nest of butterflies seemed to dissipate after a short while. I was excited at the opportunity to test for cho dan, the chance to show off in front of all these people and make KJN proud.

Then the really fun part , telling people that I have passed. KJN posted the Results on Monday 1st October 2001 which was wonderful, Kathy also passed completely. 

Monday October 8th 2001, Conor’s Birthday. No FMD cases in 7 days now, which is pretty consistent but there have been two cases of Anthrax in Florida. Also strikes started at the weekend. Scary stuff really.

I didn’t break my Mug and that’s a good thing, Today is Friday the 12th of October, more that a month after the attack on the World trade center.  FMD has been clear in the UK for the last 12 days and Sunday is the Final grand Prix of the year. My Dan promotion is now scheduled for November the 9th 2001.  All it needs now is a Demo. My first flight since Sep 11th will be Nov 2nd when I go to Texas for WurstFeist. All that for a Sausage. I started teaching on Wednesdays and so far so good.

I get by with a little help from my Friends, and by “by” I mean my Portable garage assembled, and I just stopped for a cup of coffee!!!!!. Anyway New people Old people and a romp in the garden, beats putting up a tent any day, now I have somewhere to put my car… I just need to tie it down some more and I’m all set. Forest green and all. Then we had Japanese and a Jacuzzi. Next weekend is Block Island another adventure, no tents this time though. For Reference it’s Monday October 15th 2001. Saturday was a Gup test and a red belt test one after each other and I got to Proctor both, who said life wasn’t fun…..Then Omaha steak at the head house, the futher I get away the more it all comes back to me, lovely steak and Company though, - not necessarily in that order. Sunday started later than I expected, that sleep stuff just takes away chunks of time. Brownies were baked, but I didn’t get the opportunity to test one out, I had headed home to start construction work on my car tent.

Well it was up, and now like Humpty dumpty and the grand old duke of Yorke’s men, It’s down. So I rallied the forces, four strong men to take the Garage from the tree and plant it in the ground. It got planted with six anchors that were never going to move except when I arrived home that night 4 of them had and the garage/ mobile home for cars had bent sideways into a heap, a nice forest green heap!!!!!.

We Rented Bikes on block Island and cycled up to the lighthouse where there was an exhibition of Model Ts then took a stroll down to the sea, it was magnificent, I forget the last time I was on a beach…..that was Saturday October 20th, the day after the night before when we went out to eat in down town Block Island, home of 800 people – not downtown, all of block island, it too a while, just enough time to sus out the t-shirts, and not to have a cup of coffee, but we met Mandy and Bill on their wedding anniversary. All in all there was a lot of food and a lot of exercise, but I thing that Food won out volume wise.

So it’s Wednesday October the 31st 2001 which is the Donoghes’s anniversary. I was thinking of dressing up as a green belt but then nobody would recognise me!!!!!

I bought a new computer, and now I just sit back and wait for it to arrive. I practiced demo 1 last night- freckles and all, and tonight between coughing I’ll practice demo two.

Today is mammy’s Birthday November 12th 2001 and I am now a Bonified Cho Dan!!!!!My computer has arrived, although it’s not all together yet, well I had to get a desk and a Chair, and they all take time to put together….. and I have all these bits left over!!!!! We went to McKays after the Promotion Friday November 9th 2001 which just happened to be 25 years after the certification of Tang Soo Do Moo Do Kwan in the US, and the T-shirts were a big hit, but not as big as Justin’s suspended wood chop.

So to make a short story long I went to Texas on Friday 2nd of November 2001 to see my Friends on the way to Texas I am Informed that on Monday I will be Flying to San Francisco, which by itself is not so bad until you include the fact that I’m arriving back in CT around midnight Sunday night/ Monday Morning.  Still all is well with the world until I meet the American Airlines ticket operator Nazi. I don’t like you, you’re trying to talk, “Next Customer Please”, I don’t like being blackmailed especially by a customer service rep for service….. But a bag search later and I am winging my way to Texas – Wurst Fest, the ten day salute to a Sausage you know. And I met McKenzie again and you know what that means?…Nothing. (private joke- it’s what they say where I come from)…..In San Francisco I find out I am flying to Portland Oregon Wednesday night November 7th 2001  , New  State. for me, and also new airline – Alaskan, and in the spirit of the new security systems, I got all my bags searched and x-rayed. Life is fun. On Thursday November 8th I had a ride in the new Hybrid car the Honda Insight you know it switches off at traffic lights – especially if you stop first.

Thoughts on teaching 10th gup children on Tuesday November 13th 2001. This is to remind me later on of things I might have forgotten.  Right hand in the air, does anyone have any questions. Counting to tem in Korean in Chimbee. The Sit, stand lie down game. Stretch your leg, eat your toe, Point like a ballerina, flex like wearing high heals, Low block and tickle your knee. And what ever you do Don’t forget to KeHap!!!!! My back was sore and Silly me I thought it was because of Karate, but no, on mature recollection I remembered the desk that I had assembled, the TV stand that I had Moved and the whole manual labour evening I had the night before.  So now my Computer is on my Computer desk with the printer all set up to sit there and Look pretty.

The lights went out Sunday November 18th 2001 and with them my lap top because the battery had suddenly decided to stop working.  It seemed like a good idea to clutter the room wit furniture when I did it, oh yes two coffee tables because there are two sofa’s and I might want to drink coffee from either of them, This translates to a Shin minefield when the lights go out.  What logical place had I “Stored” the torch, or was this the time for romantic scented candles, well that was two things to find, matched and candles, I would concentrate on the torch, which would be more useful for the trek into the cellar. I found the torch on the sideboard. And it even gave out a dim glow, which might be transformed to a illuminating if not blinding light for my trip into the pitch black.  It wasn’t Pitch black here, the outside hall light still shone, it was only inside my apartment that was black, anywhere you might leave a coffee table ready to attack.  I made my was downstairs, That was easy really I had a light, and over toi the cellar doors outside.  The cellar “doors” were malicious pieces of metal, which opened outwardly to a precarious position that gave little confidence in their steadiness in a hard wind, But from previous experience I knew how difficult it would be to close them completely which gave me the confidence to head down the dusty stairs.  The cellar was full of hoses, an old bed pieces of metal and a lot  of dust, it is also full of walls, lest you might actually see where you were headed when you entered.  There is a furnace making noise somewhere. I walked cautiously past the furnace, not looking down because of silly images planted in my head from movies like Indiana Jones. I know there are no rats or bats, but better not to look anyway. Turn the corner more mysterious objects casting shadows before my torch, and then the little grey box. I open the box, I switch the only tripped switch then I return to the dodgy door by another route. The Door was just as difficult as I suspected to Close. But I closed it with a bang and looked up with relief to see the lights blazing in my apartment.

On your bike, or rather my bike, did I mention the Nut in the bathroom??? And three in my runner. Anyway just as expected but not foretold when I took my Bike out for it’s maiden ride in over a year – maybe two, I noticed the two flat tyres!!!!.  Good thing they invented foot pumps, It’s good really since if you cycle a lot you should have good leg muscles, which helps with pumping, and if you don’t then the exercise of Pumping is good for you legs, Two inflated wheels later I headed out to collect my old car.Tuesday 27th November 2001 It was basically all down hill and Luckily enough Murphy decided not to hit out at my breaks as I slid from Woodbridge to west haven with the least amount of trouble, except to my Pride – The thought or cycling shorts crossed my mind more than once. Yesterday Wednesday the 28th I had a 280 mile drive with a short stop halfway in between for a Presentation in Boston. And then Lunch at cheers, no not the Cheers, a Cheers off Summer Street. One more vehicle to Collect and I’ll be all gathered up at home, if only I had a Portable garage!!!!!. So Tonight I’m left with the simple task of packing, cos I did the hair thing yesterday. Today is Thursday the 29th of November 2001

Silly in Chile:

It was a twelve hour trip Friday November 30th 2001 from JFK to Santiago Chile and a 20 hour trip from West Haven to the Hotel. The reception we received was nearly worth the trip. Starting with the realisation of cultural differences between the US and Chile- a Stranger kissed me on the cheek and I didn’t retaliate with any force, to the dawning of the welcome waiting for us, and the organisation that was apparent in our delivery to our Hotel in Santiago.  I didn’t need my bouquet of flowers to tell me that they had prepared a fine welcome for us… TANG SOO!!!!!. So Saturday December 1st Winterish in CT but definitely summary in Chile While the masters interviewed our new TSDMGK members we had a chance to search for a shop. Initially we went in search of a soda/ soda machine given my extremely bad sense of direction we ended up at the wrong place, but managed to find shorts. The soda machine spat out coke when we asked for Sprite and the ATM whirled and beeped and spat out no money.  Did I mention it was HOT there. We found the swimming pool on the third floor, but didn’t even dip a toe. We got all dressed up for our meal and that’s how I ended up doing the maranga in a tight skirt, not the ideal for dancing, but there is always time to dance and room for desert. Or verse vica. Sunday December 2nd 2001 was the demonstration. It was pretty amazing walking into a room with 150 students standing to attention welcoming us. And emotional too. A quick change later and suddenly the place is transformed to a fiesta.  Tuesday 4th of December was a Beach, in more ways than one. The beach was beautiful, not ideal for stretch kicks for those of us who are not blind already  Lovely lemon chicken!!!!!, and I showed the lads that I know nothing or else my finger’s broken. So I was Silly in Chile and I had a short trip to the edge of the Bath, but Chin up and I didn’t break my teeth, just another set of five stitches to go with the other ones.

Jumping ahead it’s Tuesday December 11th 2001 and Tomorrow I have to go to Chicago, first hot in Chile now cold in windy. My Dan Certificate is now one with a board, and not one that I can break with any technique that doesn’t include a saw. Lovely food in Chicago and the Company was great. We went to the Clubhouse Wednesday evening December 12th Full of beautiful people and us, no not a pair of socks. Waiter- There’s a fly in my drink, What’s it doing there… The Breast Stroke. So we went out to Lunch on Thursday December 13th 2001 , just as well as I was missing our Office Party, and we talked watches, well the Weather wasn’t that interesting after all… Windy isn’t it, yes.  And  I arrived home in the Middle of the night, but that’s the way it goes.

I drove to Bradley airport on the day before Christmas Eve Sunday 23rd December 2001. not to meet a friend, or even fly home, no I was just cleaning up Delta’s mess and Collecting a Ticket so I could drive 95 miles to an airport on Christmas day and arrive home a day late from Ireland. So an Hour there, 25 mins getting into short term parking. 10 mins there and an hour home. A Nice waste of a Christmas shopping time even if I do say so myself. Luckily enough I got to train in the Morning even managed not to hurt myself with the beheaded sweeping brush. 

That left Christmas eve Monday Dec 24th 2001, for all my Shopping.

So I went home on Christmas day Tuesday Dec 25th 2001. The plan was a direct flight to Dublin, but what with a cancelled trip they forgot to allocate me a seat number and then they were overbooked, so I flew to Amsterdam, four months early.  I arrived in Dublin 5 hours later than I expected to on a not direct flight to find my Luggage GONE!!!!!. No Sigh, hi I’m home for Christmas with no clothes and no Presents. Oh Well you might get them tomorrow. The good news is when I arrived December 26th Rory and Sarah and George and Cathal who were there to meet me. Over 24 hours travelling and no change of clothes not a pretty site. So my ticket was with Delta I flew Continental but suddenly Air lingus are responsible for my bags!!!, The next day December 27th 2001 at in the afternoon, my Clothes arrived, to everybody’s relief but still no sign of my other bag with all the presents. So I went to rent a car, but the didn’t have a car so I rented a van and fell over a plant.

We had Daddy’s mass on the 28th and it was lovely and extremely short. Anyway the party I bought my dress for was not as I expected the 30th or 31st of December but the 27th,  I found out on the 29th. On a nicer note I went to Visit Patricia.  Then a quick trip to Killiney Castle to Collect Jen. Mum and I went to Roaches Stores. Eirnan was home from exotic Manchester so we went to the long Hall, nice pub, you should visit it!! And off for Indian. Jen went to Cork on Sunday the 30th , looking for an Accent, they have plenty of them there, We had a lovely meal with Rory- well everybody except Caitríona and John really on Tuesday the 1st of Jan 2002. The excitement that morning was going to the Garage for Bread for Rory’s table and getting Euros as change. Loads of cream on everything and Ger taking polaroids. This is the introduction of the Euro. I went to visit Patricia, and her mum and cousin Lynn were then , then a short trip to Gearóid’s house where the road disappeared. There it was gone, just like the Luggage, but totally different. They are going to rebuild it, make it better, stronger than before.  They have the JCBs. I found the Road to Gearóid's house with my super sense of directing (ennie, meenie, miney mo) and we watched Gerry Ryan’s top 20, I’m still not sure what number 1 was, it looked a bit like an Elvis impersonator. Just in time then to collect Jen from the Train station, and grab 200 €, Well withdraw them from the ATM anyway, even the Ladies was accepting Euro. Speaking of which that is where I was, contemplating the 30 min wait for Jen’s train when my phone rang (It does that sometimes) and it was Jen, Her train had arrived, She was in the Station, which is just as well because so was I.

4:00 am, an ungodly hour to be getting up on Wednesday the 2nd of Jan 2002 but time and tide wait for no man and an aeroplane is definitely not going to wait for me ‘cos I want a lie in. So off I went to the airport, of course the toll is 1.05 € instead of the expected 1€.  The flight was good, we stopped in Shannon and disembarked. The next adventure was finding my car and realising that it was $14 a day for 8 days. It was Wednesday, That’s the day I teach, and that was really fun.

Trip Home to Ireland Good Points: I got Home. I met Mum and All my family including my 2 nieces and five nephews. My Irish Mobile Phone Worked. Mum’s present arrived.  I didn’t lose my Belt. I had Afternoon tea with Áine, Indian with Gearóid, Lucy, John and Caitríona, Dinner at Rory’s with Most of the Gang and a day in Dun Laoghaire and another in Blackrock with Mum. I Met Patricia, and I was introduced to the Euro, Hello Euro How are you…They didn’t loose any luggage or overbook me on the way back to CT.  I found My Car.



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