Title Page Things about 2002

Be warned Trespassers will be shot at, hunted, maimed and tortured.....  Survivors will be prosecuted.

End of introduction .......Have you had one egg yet?

Something Completely the same in 2002

This page is not chronological and sometimes it’s not even in descending order. So if you are looking for something specific you’ve come to the wrong place.  If you are a organized person who needs some structure see the Dates section for anything more specific just use find, this is the only page so if it’s not here, it’s gone out for a cup of Coffee and we don’t know how long that will take.  Some of these links don’t work anymore but that’s the adventure.


We had Daddy’s mass on the 28th and it was lovely and extremely short. Anyway the party I bought my dress for was not as I expected the 30th or 31st of December but the 27th,  I found out on the 29th. On a nicer note I went to Visit Patricia.  Then a quick trip to Killiney Castle to Collect Jen. Mum and I went to Roaches Stores. Eirnan was home from exotic Manchester so we went to the long Hall, nice pub, you should visit it!! And off for Indian. Jen went to Cork on Sunday the 30th , looking for an Accent, they have plenty of them there, We had a lovely meal with Rory- well everybody except Caitríona and John really on Tuesday the 1st of Jan 2002. The excitement that morning was going to the Garage for Bread for Rory’s table and getting Euros as change. Loads of cream on everything and Ger taking polaroids. This is the introduction of the Euro. I went to visit Patricia, and her mum and cousin Lynn were then , then a short trip to Gearóid’s house where the road disappeared. There it was gone, just like the Luggage, but totally different. They are going to rebuild it, make it better, stronger than before.  They have the JCBs. I found the Road to Gearóid's house with my super sense of directing (ennie, meenie, miney mo) and we watched Gerry Ryan’s top 20, I’m still not sure what number 1 was, it looked a bit like an Elvis impersonator. Just in time then to collect Jen from the Train station, and grab 200 €, Well withdraw them from the ATM anyway, even the Ladies was accepting Euro. Speaking of which that is where I was, contemplating the 30 min wait for Jen’s train when my phone rang (It does that sometimes) and it was Jen, Her train had arrived, She was in the Station, which is just as well because so was I.

4:00 am, an ungodly hour to be getting up on Wednesday the 2nd of Jan 2002 but time and tide wait for no man and an aeroplane is definitely not going to wait for me ‘cos I want a lie in. So off I went to the airport, of course the toll is 1.05 € instead of the expected 1€.  The flight was good, we stopped in Shannon and disembarked. The next adventure was finding my car and realising that it was $14 a day for 8 days. It was Wednesday, That’s the day I teach, and that was really fun.

Trip Home to Ireland Good Points: I got Home. I met Mum and All my family including my 2 nieces and five nephews. My Irish Mobile Phone Worked. Mum’s present arrived.  I didn’t lose my Belt. I had Afternoon tea with Áine, Indian with Gearóid, Lucy, John and Caitríona, Dinner at Rory’s with Most of the Gang and a day in Dun Laoghaire and another in Blackrock with Mum. I Met Patricia, and I was introduced to the Euro, Hello Euro How are you…They didn’t loose any luggage or overbook me on the way back to CT.  I found My Car.

Boo – Fill the dishwasher, and Why shouldn’t she , she’s big enough, that was yesterday Saturday January 6th 2002. On Saturday  we went for a walk in the park and met other crazy people and surprisingly well behaved dogs. I personally wouldn’t put a tennis ball covered in dirt and leaves in my mouth but then, I’m not having as much fun as those that would.  And she didn’t like the Sticks. That was after Karate another first class of the year, my forth. Today Monday the 7th of January 2002 my French Calendar says “Tu va être malade, which does not bode well, but al least it’s French.

Today J’ai mal au ventre, well actually je n’ai pas mal au ventre but that’s what it says for Wednesday January 9th 2002.  Snow arrived Monday and I slid home in my car. The trip to Amsterdam is booked.

Voilà, tu as eu les yeux plus grands que le ventre. Well really my eyes aren’t that big – the Aye’s have it, but today I’m Super Ted’s yup cha gi. But not in the Paranormal sense. It’s Thursday the 10th of Jan 2002, 6 days to Kodanja. Fun with Airlines is the saying for today, I’m glad the prices went down but did they HAVE to go down after I booked my tickes, speaking of which they’re not the only thing going down. And my talking translator is speechless, all the better to learn sign languages. That would be good, Learn Sigh Language from Tapes.

Baseball is wrong, man with four balls cannot walk

Mais c’était très bon quand même!, what ever it was, I got up early and headed out to Oxford for coffee, but no kopfy could I find, all sleeping, except an excited dog,  so I deposited my package and left. K? .I’m getting better at video editing, imagine if I read the book!!!!!. We went downstairs for lunch ‘cos the webex was so long. Friday Jan 11th 2002. Last night I made a tape of the new form, stand and point, ok yes press record. Isn’t life Fun

And For Tonight.. Passe une Bonne nuit. This is Monday January 14th 2002 and not a very good reason for alot of exercise, and yet I persist. Saturday was Champagne, and that's always a good thing. I found the Tailor, I never thought to look for one before, but you learn something new every day, not the name of that wine though. And Sunday Hangoverless (not fair is it?) we sticky taped. What else is there to do on a Sunday? Well you could go visit Texas Visitors and So I did. Isn't Marcus cute!!!!!. Todays full schedule involves Shelton, west Haven, Seymour and North Haven, Imagine if we were still on Horses, that would be a right pain.

So at the begining of the day everything works out fine. Uniforms have been deposited ready for Collection on Thursday. Today is Tuesday Jan 15th 2002. Lots of masters last night, well four and one grand master which was Grand. And of course Lois and I got to train together again, with marcus looking on. Pause to Split this page, maybe by Millennium. I nearly forgot my bit of French....Oui,j'en ai besoin.There's a new link on the Web page for the Dutch contingent, Brace yourself AOL won't let me upload so I think I will take this time to Split my page even more!!!. Oh I found some Poetry.

Today is Cathal's Birthday, but I can't get in contact with him, he won't remember anyway he's 1 today and yesterday Giancarlo susi was born, 10 fingers and toes, yippee. It is also the start of the 6th Kodanja Wednesday January 16th 2002. Tu as Acheté une nouvelle voiture? Cathal said "UUGGHHAA".

On Friday the 18th of Jan 2002, The 997 ghost arrived again trying to confuse me and working very well, and then it disappeared, leaving me with the small problem of Finding the 73. Who needs a sense of direction when you only have two hands? Well after 150 miles and over 4 hours my traveling had lead to where I wanted to be. - pause for reference to the patient guy at the ex-pass booth. It's a bit like going to the dentist but totally different. This only left the trip home, it wasn't a trip this time that stopped me but a puncture. then the state police arrives, tripple A don't know where mile 99 is on the mass turnpike!!!. But the state police man was really helpful, First he helped me accross the Road and then, he call the truch with thee guy who had the equipemnt to change my Tire. I now Know where the Key for my tires is. So I drove off with the reassuring comment from the truch guy ringing in my ears, Good luck getting home, I'm surpried your other tyre didn't go first!!!!!. Saturday Morning our Friend from Chile was teaching and it was a wonderful class. "I Feel Good, Tang soo Do Tang Soo Do....." And Niall and Louise' Birthdays. I did get my Tyres changed though, just at noon, all set for the expected weather. The expectd Doboks were unavailable to me again as they decided to close early on saturday, Waisted trip number two. I expect weather every day and I'm never disappointed- about the weather that is. A quick trip to ponder pianos (a bit like playing by ear but totally different) and pay my respects to the off licence next door and I was on my way to Oxford, not to learn but to have fun. It was snowing but I did have new tyres so I made my way early to the party. Com in we're off to bed, but that's not really what happened. Then our lost sheep returned, new york was too far away on such a day so then there were four. Mainly drinking and talking and I'm not sure what anybody else was doing I was busy having a good time. Of course there was champagne. I really dug Sunday morning, but not as much as Karen. So the Front of the house was cleared, and I thought abnout the 8:00 am mass that I was missing, It was probably warm in the Church. The Texas contingint would be leaving so I made my way back to Woodbridge. I even got to give Brett a lift in my very cold car.Oui, Je comprends.

Trust in God, but tie your camel. (old Moslem proverb)

Marcus is a Dote. I brought him for a long ride in his pooh car, not smelly, cultural, it even has a cup holder and a Cup. and then they were off, until we meet again under the great oak. I wonder where that great oak is, and who said that it was great, or is it like very old, similar to a Great Grand Father???, So Back to the Party at woodbridge, we were expecting a Chile visitor ( did I mention that it was cold). But first time out to practice my non existant hand eye coordination with the neighbours. that little girl can sure throw a mean snowball. Okay my Text just disappeared, we Drank Champagne again to celebrate the momentous occasion of banging your head against the wall for five days and than stopping. But we heard about the little accident by then and all plans were off. Instead we had the type of party where you lie down on the kitchen table under the lights in stiches. The party got bigger when Carlos and M turned up and it went on and on... - definition of a good time - Having a Good time. My Friend K invited me to stay and so I did.

Monday Morning January 21st 2002 I actually awoke early to what I thought was the dog being let out. but it might have been a visitor leaving. Then I made my way to work. Le Soleil se couche tôt l'hiver. The Tailor didn't have the Doboks - waisted trip number three. I'm really waisted now. That was my lunch hour, So Pilates was out. On the Happy Side, it wsa Peter's Birthday and Carlos was in Class, He was presented with his Masters Certificate. I talked to Mike about Shelton, and Now I'm Sorted. - not bubbles, that was the Champagne.

Oui, c'est déprimant is the saying for Tuesday 22nd of January 2002. But it's not really. One more trip to the Tailor and she Actually had the Doboks, they are now in my Car.

Le vent est froid and they found my bag on Wednesday the 23 of Jan 2002 - four weeks and just as well because I'm not getting any younger. Tu as Les oreilles toutes rouges. Probably because of the weather on Thursday the 24th of Jan, We went for Japanese today, Sue, QA and I. There's a Poem in that but I'm not feeling very Poetic. The chef had his name pinned onto his hat, which was very colourful. Back to the basics which is a good thing expecially for number nine where you step left. I'll have to unconfuse people later. I had to change November to January lest it be misunderstood.

Okay it's My Birthday and there was no Milk this morning, or rather no whole milk, there was 2% - Half Milk, 1% a Quater Milk,another watery one and Halk and half - double milk but that's not good enough on my birthday, so I had to stop and shop and then all was well with the world. Et le nez qui coule. But Lunch was good... you can't go far wrong with a nice glass or Merlot and Cholocate cake, did I mention Chocolate cake????? Oh the Company was exceptional as well. and the Chocolate cake. Katie rang this morning, ahhhh, Then Aine found me in the Resturant, and Gearoid missed me at work. but from accross the hall came those same familiar notes, and I don't even need to add to my Lyrics page. Chinto and a LARGE bottle of Champagne for everyone in the class (no not a bottle each.....) you can't get better than that, especially if you have to drive home after. So my little friend brooke, blue eyes, blond hair and three feet tall turned up at the dojang..... There's no Peekaboo in Karate, but I couldn't hlp myself. the we tested the wearibility of the floor, but I wore out before the floor and Brook, it must be the old age setting in. There was even a Picture on the cake, how cool is that, Pretty cool, speaking of pretty, K turned up at 7:30, there's dedication for you. we managed also at long last to present the Doboks to our respective instructures, unaccustomed as I am to Public speaking. let's all have a Piece of Helen 's Cake.So the night went on, off to McKays, IITYWIMWYBMAD? But I had enough to make me smile, There was a tete a tete in the corner, and we talked about fan fighting with a four inch blade. So what time do the restaurants close in CT, well Chilies closes at 12:00 so the lone restaurant shining into the night was a diner. We like diners, it's like having Breakfast for Dinner, makes you feel like you've have a very long lie in, and now - at 1:00 am in the morning, you're just ready for Breakfast. And it was still my Birthday in CA.


Saturday Jan 26th 2002, I bought a Piano, Yippee. And managed to find those allusive Kettles I was looking for, along with a few things I wasn't particularly in need of, Well it felt like a day to spend. And tracerbullet assembled my Piano for me, then played his party piece. All fun and games and no one lost an eye. So I Practiced, Electronic Piano's are good, They don't go out of tune and you can lower the volume when you're starting to learn a new piece. Where is the power Screwdriver when you need it?????. After training on Sunday, with scar face, I headed off with my mountain to Shelton. And I returned with a clean mountain, because Mohammed wasn't around - you know how he puts dirty foot prints on everything. Then a Sad cal;l to trumbull, where there was no parking because Ed Casey was so well known and Liked. Back to my third home for a little wine, but I wasn't really complaining, we had turkey again, even though it wasn't Christmas, no not to eat silly to look at. And vintage Tang Soo Do.


Yesterday Tuesday Jan 29th 2002 My mobile phone practicing it's freedom went for a dive and then a Swim, these phones apparently were not designed for full immersion. First it got stuck, then after a long time it got unstuck but couldn't find a signal, At one stage I could Dial a number but there was no sound - It got through to the number, but for me that just doesn't suffice. Then we went through the Phase phase, it swam between on and off for minutes, on... searching, found off, searching, off.......So When I got home I found my unused hair drier and tried some third aid . First aid was blotting, second aid was charging and now third aid - hair dressing. Some functions were now working, but the side buttons had no effect, on a more serious note, I could no longer charge the battery!!!!, so Old phone to the rescue, as a surrogate battery charger.


The last day of Jan 2002 and we're expecting an ice storm, it sounds like something in a movie. Rotate your knees, it's a bit like rotating your tires but totally different. To Catch up on a cultural level, Je n'irai pas travailler demain, Tu ne te sens pas bien? Non, je crois que j'ai attrapé un rhume. Which is good since my hand eye coordination is so lacking. La grippe est mauvaise cette année. Qui, tu as de la fièvre, and it's not even Saturday night!!! J'irai chez le médecin demain, but we're not going shopping till Saturday. agus ar son na gaeilgeoirí ba mhaith liom run eigin a scriobh as gaeilge. Níl tada orm, tinneas ar bith. Nuair a bhí me sa bhaile choinic me an clár Rús na Ruin. Ach ní chaoin liom móran faoi.


Well the Play was fun and the New England Patriots won the superbowl, not that I saw any of it. Saturday. 2nd of Feb (groundhog day) we went shopping and we only stopped short of dropping and of getting a modem. But my boots were made for walking and now there's more of them, which is not a good descroiption of the waistcoad/ whatever. Zippy trousers though and I got a chance to were them and my Dc top to the play on Sunday. Áine rang to check if it was still groundhog day but I wasn't really awake. and the Piano is going strong. This by some strange link reminded me of the mad dog....


Hello Brian, now it's Feburary the 15th. Qui il y a deux semaines déjà.. Monday the 11th I got up BAE to drive to Boston, and I arrived much to the shortness of this paagraph without incident. No elephants in the road, or Helicoptors waiting at traffic lights, well you can't have it all. Tuesday February 12th 2002 I met Angus, Now that really has been a long time! So Tuesday was a day for lots of News, News from MA, News from Dublin, and a chat with an old friend. Marcus turned One on the 8th of Feb, but we could se that coming a mile off - or at least a year. il fallait s'y savoir à l'advance. and as always well at least when you're going somewhere sunny or even to the olympics at salt lake. N'oublie pas ta crème solaire. Sinon tu vas attraper des coups de soleil. In honour of this occasion and also becqause it was a Friday...my fellow godparent an I headed for Black Hawk Down. Good Movie Onwards and partywards again, who needs a special occasion when we have a day with a y in it. Saturday. last, Feb 9th we ate steak and dances, but not at the same time, because it makes too much of a mess, I don't care how much velcro you're wearing, oh yeah the zips that go all the way to the top and then just stop.


And so Sarah Hughes won an Olympic gold medal for America last night Thursday 21st of Feb. 2002 in ice skating. I was watching on TV and her performance was amazing, and looked flawless. Then when none of the top three did a perfect routine or two triple triples - she won. WOW.


Sad things happened Monday 25th of Feb. 2002. Sad news on Wednesday Feb. 27th Spike Milligan died.


Last day of Feb and I called Lucy be hopefully she's out having fun. Pourrais-je te demander quelque chose? so Sunday or rather Saturday. night is the first Grand Prix of the year. and here we go again


It's Luke's first birthday today. Use the fork.....Monday March 4th 2002. On Sunday the Coffee went yukie, but we're all thrilled. The also gained a new neighbour April 15. An important date and not just for the Tax man. Katie and co will be going to Paris, and the same week holds Niall's confirmation. It's formula one season again, and on Sunday 3rd of March 2002 Michael Schumacher didn't disappoint any of his fans in last year's Ferrari (how gauche) he won the Australian Grand prix. This makes Grand prix number 54. Toyota in their first ever formula one gained a point and the new Australian guy Mark Webber gained 2 coming in fifth in his first race and in front of a home crowd too!!!!!. There's a new program on TV firestarter based on Stephen kings book and they quote the fire and ice poem. I think I first saw it on the dart in Dublin. Saturday. 2nd of March I hammered some nails after getting beat up, no connection whatsoever.


Tuesday March 5th 2002 the start of a new day, funnily enough that happened yesterday. I wonder if the same thing is going to happen tomorrow. I redid the Cookies - this is not a baking reference. So a phone call on Sunday made me decide to be really regular. Not like the coffee in dunkin donuts. Regular means with milk and sugar. Which I find different, a bit like the coffee which doesn't taste like coffee at all. And now the coffee is a link, usually it serves to wake me up in the morning, afternoon, early evening. Next trip is DC the weekend of master Burns tournament, Unfortunately that tournament is in MA and never the twain shall meet. That's somewhere I should visit since it's so close and the Barnum museum since It will remind me of Arthur's team. I'm off to ballerina tomorrow for the first time, and isn't it about time too!!!!!. Over the hump day Wednesday 6th March 2002. I actually had students last night. Lots of kicking. The Party will be a buffet, not like Jimmy with the sharks and defiantly not like the shark hunt, but you never know what you might end up finding if you look, and no worries about grass stains since we will all be in Green.Als de angst oprukt, trekt de logica zich terug. Il me tape sur les nerfs. A big todo about the Bouche, Yesterday Thursday the 7th of March 2002 I went to Billerica and found out about PMM & S, all you ever needed to know but for some weird reason neglected to ask. Rory's recipes are in. And today we had a shower of Cookies. It's Friday which is usually a good thing and the Preparations are coming together. Long Discussions with helpful people and an education in how things work. It's not really all fun and games at all, even if you don't loose an eye. That was very careless anyway. There's a pool table and Fussball up north. No Wonder (no don't wonder did you not see the beginning of the sentence). You may have noticed by the detieration of my spelling now that the editor I am now using does not have a spell checker. or maybe not. Tournament tomorrow BAE. I missed a day there for a minute but I put it back.


A seminar on time travel will be held in two weeks ago.


Chercer l'homme una vez mas, but in the wrong language, I forgot to look as gaeilge, No we've never heard of him!!!. So It's Tuesday March 12th 2002, Rory arrived in Chicago yesterday I hope, or should I say Ruarai O Morachain. The Druid Chef. Yesterday was also the 6 month anniversary of the plane bombings last year. PA, New York and DC. In the mean time, Sunday was mothering Sunday at home, the forth Sunday of Lent. This time I got creative and Mammy got surprised. I even got a message on my phone, actually seven messages, I should check them more often, but that message was special. That was fun. The Greenwich tournament was held on Ruth's birthday Saturday. March 9th 2002. Great tournament even if it did mean getting beat up. Why couldn't I take up quilting.....The Druid Chef should be on radio tomorrow morning, on the Don Weeks Show in Albany.


WGY is not on the Internet so I couldn't listen to the show. All is well with the world Thursday March 14th 2002 except for the big bruise on my knee which means I can only cross my legs in one direction. It's a good thing I'm ambidextrous. I also discovered that there is actually a spell checker in Dreamweaver.. Go figure - 4 + 4 is hour glass.


Tuesday 19th March 2002 was not a good day starting with the realisation at 8:00 am that I should have reached a different state at that time, Not a spiritual state a northern state. Then there was a speedy rush and a meeting with a short dark stranger. Stranger and Stranger until I lost one lens from my driving glasses. What else could go wrong? well not much considering the plan as it was. I didn't really want to play chess but the rest of the people played nice and ails well that ends well and I even stayed for lunch in some pretentious restaurant, well I had to eat. I found my lens, Didn't fall asleep on the way home or meet any more of those nice people and I was home in time to teach in Shelton., so really it was only the first five hours of the day that really stunk!!!!!. This also might have been tainted by the exceedingly wonderful days that preceded it. Friday March 15th 2002, Rory arrived from Chicago. I checked it out on line and his 11:44 PM flight would arrive at 11:24, 20 minutes extra out of nowhere.So after making nice with the people in the airport, and show the security people that I do actually have a spare tire - aren't they awfully nice to be concerned, I met Rory even before he reached his luggage. Short stop for Date Check...It was a foggy night, two men sat on a wall, but that;s not important right now, after an hour of driving we reached home and through soup created by the fog we eventually found the drive way. No time to eat, relax and watch the qualifications of the grand Prix of Malaysia. I had my mis en place en place so I just added veggies and we ate.


Saturday. 16th March was a busy day. The man was up REALLY early, but we had allot to do. No Irish stew Leonard's but sure who cares, we stopped and shopped instead, then just for fun we went for a pint or rather a yard, maybe half a yard after sussing out the karate school in West Haven. The test was over, but all the main players were there. SBN Dugan pointed us in the direction of the firehouse, but it wasn't the same one so we ended up in Richter's. A nice place for lunch, then amazingly I found my way home. Saturday. Evening was Lobster in Oxford over the husotanic river. St. Patrick's Day 2002 - a day to remember if only just for all the cleaning up!!! This was a time for 30 of my closest friends an I to indulge in Celtic Cuisine, courtesy of the Druid Chef There were people wearing green, no green beer, but plenty of Beer, Guinness of course, Shamrocks, The tricolour on every plate. Green lipstick, where could you go without it. a tim whistle and bouran, and of course stories from the Druid chef, to complement the Food. Rory was on the radio for the first hour so people had to get to know each other, that is those who weren't watching the basketball!!!!!. Brooke played the piano and Logan was just generally happy. Show an tell at work went very well and Rory and I got to eat in our namesake Happy Family. Left over Beer and desert made it's way into the kitchen all on Monday 18th of March 2002, Happy Birthday Amanda. They sent him home first class, proper order. I also used the garage in bradley for the firwt time, It's a pity I was at the wrong terminal, but I found the druid chef anyway, Checked through to Dublin and all was well with the world. One last stop to clear out the neighbors fridge and then off home, before I fell asleep.


Today is Wednesday the 20th of March 2002 - all day and www has disappeared, well that's my summary of the problem, and it is causing me more inconvenience than I would have expected. This also hinders my search for clipart. Forgot my mobile phone and the batteries fell out of my camera and are nowhere to be found, Run you're free, don't look back, this is not a good start to the day. March 21st 2002 and the first day of Spring, my task for today should I choose to accept it is maxLength="0". And it goes on and On.....Check out the Composer Forum just in case. More teaching last night and now I can spar coordinate. Yes my blue gear arrived!!!!!.


Lots of strange inexplicable things happened, and thereby have no description - nuff z. MCI changed their calling system for no good reason and they don't even know it yet. My car disappeared and reappeared in the new parking garage in Bradley. a PINK - BRIGHT PINK kitchen. It Boggles the mind. Today is Friday - Good Friday 29th of March 2002 and Sunday I go to Swiss, not erland but otel. Maybe it's just a big joke for April fools day. I flew to Virginia Tuesday which was not half as impressive as my flight from gate B6 to gate E9, but I still didn't make it. That was after leaving my phone in the car and having words about 1 hour before flight time check ins. Then there was the wait for liberty and freedom, well at least somewhere to plug in my computer. My service stopped working when I woke up, maybe it needed a cup of coffee or a text directory. Sarah had a case of men's Suits. Maybe that's a new fashion statement. Easter is coming and not a Cadbury's Milk tray egg in sight, ah well. Maybe next year. And the bin man came early. Three weeks to Amsterdam, It's creeping up quickly. Happy Birthday Jarlath - Yesterday. Sad things happened, Dudley Moore died on Wednesday at the age of 66.


I went to buy a Book - Saturday. March 30th 2002 and as usual I bought many books, but in my pursuit of prose I met a person, who with his wife wrote a book and therefore added to my number of books by 1. I turned up for a non existent class and my hair turned red as a result, well the roots, the rest was mainly red anyway. So birds flew from my tire just to have something to remark on. "You know where we were today" "no Where" "on a wheel", "really" "Yup but it wasn't moving". Sunday March 31st 2002, Three years in Woodbridge and Easter Sunday. I couldn't find my hat, so I had to make do with butterflies. I met some of the family, and Willie makes amazing desserts, I only had four, well it was Easter after all. And so the long and not winding road, One hour to go 10 miles but it was 140 miles in total. A Pause for Expense. A Short Hop skip and Jump to Summer Street from the swissotel. But it was April Fools day after all. Well met my friend. The rest is just work for three days then the drive home, it was quicker on the way home because it was downhill. I still got home like the Easter egg Mum usually gives me, and I missed teaching again. This is a Good Drink but you can't get it over here yet. Just Norway and Ireland apparently.


Today is April the 8th 2002. The clocks went back Saturday. night - Sunday Morning, I didn't really notice because My radio alarm clock changed itself, both computers had the new time, and my phone as always got updated with no intervention. Maybe that is why they don't coincide the changing of the clocks with April Fools day, of maybe because it wasn't a Sunday anyway. I found my references filed away under references and they are now winging their way or not to new haven. It's amazing what you find if you organize. Visiting a new neighbour yesterday, not my neighbour, but someone's, some doors wouldn't open, others wouldn't close, that a metaphor for opportunity, or bad carpentry!!!!!


Only 19 days left with my Dreamweaver which incidentally is more than the time left to my trip to Amsterdam!!!!! Today is Tuesday April the 9th 2002 and I'm off to Holland in 16 days, but who's counting. Okay I have the orange top and the Good night, sorry I meant to say Colladh Snamh. Those orange trousers looked weird, and what shoes would I wear... So now I just have to do everything else, Oh yes, make a list. Which would be lisst If I was going to Madrid. Lots of exercise last night, lots of pain today. So Countrys are before me, well everyone is before me it's because I have short arms, or am I under presure again.


It was all so different before everything changed


Wednesday April 10th, nothing exciting, just some steel and none of it Dofasco, Nigara Falls. Driver Problems, as bad as it gets. I Just scanned some Pictures so there they are.

Asking questionsis a dangerous occupation, on April 25th 2002 I asked if I could be upgraded to first class, not holding out much hope, I received the answer I expected... No. Well There's no harm in asking, or is there, 80,000 miles were taken from my account on April 26th 2002, and I didn't have a hangover to show for it, the least they could have done was hit me over the head with a pand in order to syntacise the after effects of traveling first class to europe, al well, no such luck. We arrived and trained it out to the center of amsterdam, a short trip, easy really unles you have three bags, You have to navigate stairs to go u stairs or stay downstairs on the double decker trains. We reached the hotel early and in the best tradition of weary travellers there was no room in the inn yet. Dump to bags, Drink some coffee, and water, don't forget the water, it is amsterdam you know, and head out. Bleary eyed shopping. To me it was night, but to unexpectant Amsterdam it was early Friday morning and not all the shops had opened. We weren't the only ones shopping but we might have been slightly more awake. we met up with the team and did a canal tour. They had already checked in but were nevertheless tired, many a drooping head. And so we reached our hotel once again, still no room, many hours later, then success, we belonged. Three bags, no elavator, and a guy hanging round tired wondering if he had to bring the bags three floors down narrow curving stairs again. Funnily enough I didn'r really have three of my own bags, I had two of my bags and a bag belonging to a complete stranger. and since it was all of 3:15 Delta was closed!!!!! After a few unsucessful phone calls, nice chat with the delta international staff in London..I decided to return the bag I had and hope my bag was as eagerly waiting for me. More trains, but only one bag this time. Can someone explain the train ticket system in Amsterdam??? Buy a ticket......So Delta is Closed, The airport Baggage system is no help as Delta is seperate, I can leave the bag, but that would be the same as abandoning it!!! Great, another trek to the hotel and back with the bag? I decided to experiment with their storage, and left the bag there for the night, sweet dreams. when I returned my room mates had gone out and there was a note in their place, so I decided to wash, no connection just a comment, that leads to the phone ringing when I was drying my hair, who could it be? Hallo, Can I speak to Mrs K? Sorry she's not here This is H. Oh well I /we wanted to talk to you we're here!!!, After very little persuasion and donning shoes, or rather runners I was out for the night with the lads. I recoment the pineapple bicardi breezer, even though through the rest of my holiday I only managed lesser imitations - orange and something else. So on with the Pub crawl and meeting many new people mostly from GB. Well we had fun anyway. But what was all that about the tree?????


Saturday. 27th April 2002 and I got up BAE to try to swap cases with delta. train, stoprage, in the back door, and a friendly reception, we have your case, we were going to currier it out. All's well that ends well, and this case had my name, all I needed to collect it was the accent. ps my voice by this stage and for the rest of my holiday was husky. something about walking in the rain with a cold. Home again before the house rose and ready for another day. I bought a Phone, and he knew my name 'cos I was wearing my team jacket. Saturday. evening was champagne and strawberries.


Another early day on Sunday 28th April, we have six minutes to leave, They were taking pictures when we got to the station, but then we took more. I know my place.....So it was the International Tang Soo Do tournament in Rotterdam, in english and Dutch, le Pays Bas, Douze Point. How do you say Ke Hap in dutch????? with a croak, especially if you were out walking in the rain. It's a wet Cold. I had to do my form four times (and never the same way twice) On to the interesting stuff, Leanne was wonderful and then we decided to go Chinese, when in Amsterdam, we had ourselves a mini convoy, I used to have a mini, 85 miles an hour, uphill with a passenger. We got there, and I learned a new song, Ja JA menshe...It may come in useful if I'm ever stuck for words. There were technical difficulties on the way home, that oddly enough had nothing to do with language and everything to do with trains, so we got a bus to bring us to a train station the other side of Amsterdam central so that we could get the train back..... we got home pretty late, no dancing , no drinking if you don't include one sweet wine, but fun was had by all. Monday April 29th 2002 we found a bit of culture or van Gough and Gaugin. More art in the form of WIM, who was at home, even though his local has now disappeared. Maximilliams was lacking any culture as it's closed Mondays, ah well we had to go next door for beer, so many Pubs, so little time. The Brazil Party sounded good, but that's what happens when you talk to strangers, Summer stranger that others. This was the night before Queens day and the whole town was alive. So have an Orange cow on Queens day and put it on your head, well it's not safe anywhere else!!!. Sing a Song to anamaire, and drink orange juice. Of course Splash is closed, it's Queens Day!!!!!, but the wine shops seemed to be open.There were barges filling the canals and well aimed water balloons filling the barges. And at 6:00 pm it all stops. So we went to the club for a bit or culture and what else? Steak, well I like steak especially if I'm on holidays. A guy not called Pearl played the piano , then he stopped. I think it was May Day that we ventured to Keukenhof. This is when relativity kicked in and time started flying.The Flowers were beautiful and the Japanese Garden serene. Not to mention the huge cream bun with real cream. I'll meet you by the wooden tulips, If I get lost, but there wasn't enough space. This leads very obtusely on to Mozart at the Koinklijk Concertgebouworkest. Not to be said many times if you are inibreated. On Thursday May 2nd 2002. There was no time to go dancing, as the shoes took to long to retrieve and we had a pit stop at the blues. I wonder how boo is doing? I did get to the hard rock cafe, and then coinsidentally to the Aran bar, no not to buy a jumper, for and Irish breakfast. And the ladder with the aberdeen accent. We had to check out but the business center wasn't really working, luckily the cyber cafe was open, so I got online, to find out what to do with the rest of my life, It's a pity they don't sell pain au chocolate, that would make the world perfect, ah well, just had to put up with the great coffee. Shall I stay or shall I go, This could be rotterdam or anywhere, Friday May 3rd 2002 . Up early to drop my case off at the airport.(hum some spy music in your head as you read this for the full effect). Ben the concierge man helped me change my reservations, Plane and Hotel, then I was set. friend went to nice and paris, and I suddenly was back at the airport again. delta was still closed.


Saturday. May 4th 2002 a Long trip with a rough landing. Breakfast at the hotel and then off to the locker, scenes from a spy movie once more, people unpacking bikes in the airport in Amsterdam, this moves this stays, this I'll read on the plane, How do you read a shoe? very carefully especially if it's attached to a horse, so there was a whole group going home to CT after a 13 day cruise off in the Netherlands, hallo Gerry and Bob, happy 50th. I couldn't find my last Pain au chocolate, so I had to make do with a huge dark toblerone. It's a dirty job...So I checked dates, and suddenly I'm on time to get back for the Dan Test. Ivan, Eric, Asis, John, the sisters, the two Mikes, Brandon, Nick, Julie and Rashema, to name but a few of the 54 even though Clara and Leanne were sick. It went on 'till 7:30 PM, I think that's a record but I'm not sure. When I got back to the house there were all these cars in the driveway and no room for me. It must have been a party. And Easter appeared again, this time in Greek fashion indiaheron, I think, you learn something new every day that was Sunday May 5th - 40 in Texas. It was like a reunion of sorts as well, with a little Irish dancing and a discussion about the band. Also two brothers marrying two sisters is apparently out. But the lamb was cooked on a spit, that was defiantly new, but well cooked. A Student, a Teacher and a Grand Master and the dog didn't get cooked even though it was next in lineMonday May 6th 2002 Dépêche-toi! Apparently I bought a ticket for 80,000 miles that doesn't exist. The Porsche works though even if the glove compartment was flooded, how did that happen?? Lunch at the psychics place which is better than my spelling. Sparring and Forms, Forms and Sparring Preparing for the Silver Anniversary CT Championships. And then today May 7th 2002, Je n'aime pas la façon dont tu me parle. A much brighter day, those sunglasses make everything dark though. I dressed for winter and the sun came out. It's a nice thought though. Discussions in the Diner about Amsterdam. and a Mushhroom omlette. On to wednesday, and who has the Hump, May 8th 2002 Nice weather though. There are ants in dublin, and I have to get rid of them.

Before you criticize someone, walk a mile in their shoes. That way, if he gets angry, he's a mile away and barefoot.:

Tu Mettras de l'ordre dans la maison plus tard. la Journée va être chargée. Thursday May 9th 2002 questions about travel arangments and replies to far away emails, how do you get to Brittany from here anyway. - Aparently through Paris. I updated my passport, not Country passport, just internet. and redid the groovy name. Happy Birthday to the Brazil guy. NoPhotos yet from Amsterdam.


Back to a very old enumration 124.8 I suppose .032, J'ai la lessive à faire, which is actually true, Party tonight, Party tommorow, which is actually fun. so May 10th 2002 - Friday Mothers day in Mexico. I found a game in the sun online yesterday that I like (chercher les chien) and now I have a way to mispend my old age, The snooker table wouldn't fit in my bathroom, shucks, and It would get wet, all that washing you know.


I learned a new game... Beer Pong, the rules are much simpler than zoom swartz..... but it's only a one drink game (type of) so if you don't like beer you're out (or have amazingly weak hand eye co-ordination). I also got to visit the apartment building where I so nearly lived. I wonder did it miss me. There was Barry the wench and Katie the beer pong master. also when did the bar the bar become the playwrite? aparently last Saturday. night, well it all gets a bit confusing after a while..... They sell alcohol, they have music, they're in New Haven, It's hard to tell them apart really and the mobile phones don't work inside.


Saturday. May 11th 2002 Gup test - you you're a gup, I had my old role of calling calling connands. hup, hup, hup Hurray. Then the party at Franks, the slide show was amazing. I found out to my cost how secure the doors on these old cars are..... Very. I locked my key in my car. But thanks to the lads I got another view on beer pong and a trip home to collect my spare key.


Sunday steak and spiders.


You can't get there from here tonight - Monday 13th of May and my connecting flight arrived to late to connect to my final flight, that's okay, just a 3 hour round trip and an early start of 2:00 am in order to arrive two hours late to a course I am teaching. no problem, gosh I though there might be some inconvienence for me. Still I got to go to the olive garden.


Of all the silly things to impede my work on the plane, it happend to be a faulty blind, I couldn't see my screen because of the light shining directly in my window onto my screen and my window blind was stuck.


Party at the River Monday May 27th 2002 - Memorial Day, I even trainned at 9:30, not what time of the morning is that to be exercising on a holiday, and then there was the parade, a short parade to be sure going through Shelton., but enough to cause me to detour. Went for a swim, on purpose, but I didn't find my partitions, but I got home early.


So it's Friday June the 7th 2002 and all the dans are being promoted tonight, Ivan, Mike, the Sisters, The girls, Nick, JM, and Pot Luck after that, Let's see if I acn get my no exxistant new radio installed. Here's hoping. Yesterday was a day for driving, alot, luckily enough not much traffic to Boston and back and no flat tyres. Nous n'avons pas mange la-bas. because there wasn't enough time. But then again I did get popcorn with star wars, what else can a body ask for????? - Water or maybe a nice can of Fresca. - this goes under things I discovered in America, like brownies, a one person chocolate cake. And Interstates, yes as the word implies that's a ROAD?. Speaking of Food, I got my BBQ working, and nothing Blew up, Saturday. June 1st 2002 Just a few scars from all those insects, and I even forgot to mail their invitation.I didn't go to the Open Competition in New Haven but the lads did well.


There was more dancing Friday, Marlissa's Birthday, starting out with authors and ending up with strange stuff in a bag, and of course no hangover. May 31st 2002 and Sonny turned 80, so I suppose he's 08 now. We had the party on May 18th 2002 with a carosel at the lighthouse Park, Cold but fun, all those horses going up and down, and plenty of cake. We even got badges, this was all during the Silver Aniversary TSD CT State Championships. I arrived back from Colorado.


So it's easy to buy a radio for your car, and it only takes 30 min, unless there is a bad connection and then it takes just enough time to make you or rather me late for the Promotion class, I had to just sit and watch. but it was amazing, ivan broke things wioth his head, Brandon twirrled a bow staff as if it was a match, and the sisters put on a show out of nowhere worthy of sunt women (or men) in the best martial arts movie. No dancing, but wasn't that enough. There was a test Saturday. June 8th 2002, and none of the red belts turned up. Then I fell asleep with my phone on buzz, but nowhere near me.


I lost my car Tuesday June 11th 2002 I must have put it in my OTHER pocket, Well it's white and it has my stuff in it. And where my car was meant to be there were road works, except it didn't quite look like the same place. And by then we were going round in circles with the taxi driver. One way circles COs the streets in Boston are mainly one way or dug up or both. So we left the taxi and started chercer la voiture. Good thing we looked in French , since within a short number of minutes we found the car. Now I want to change it, isn't that always the way. So I called the DMV, Friday June 14th 2002. You don't really want to call the DMV, you should really be looking on our web page, and if you do need information from us you better have all the information we need in order to help you. If I had that information I wouldn't be calling the DMV, are you calling under the influnce?????. Route 3 has roadworks, so in the theme of most of my trips I got lost. Sunday June 9th 2002. I bought a map, but it didn't cover where I was going so I had to navigate from directions, go to the 7th light and turn, funnily enough I managed. I tend to drive around in circles alot. But sometimes I not lost, just looking for parking, like in Stamford, eventually I had to park in the drive, ah well, the Party was good though, even the boxing, and MORE beer Pong. Alot of dancing but mainly being lifted in the air, must be straing gravity in stamford, maybe it's because of Guinness. I DID leave my lights on while I was refuling and that meant I needed a jump. but kind strangert with huge car or truck gave me a jump and then all was well with the world. My Friend Deb came over to Boston, So Monday 10th of June, after the first day of Composer training, I met up with her in Kitty O Shea's for proper food. We even saw Anton O Toole's picture on the Wall. 1975 hall of Fame. Then back to South Boston, and Martha. That's how I lost my car, well the next day I met them again, and the girls went out for Italian, cooking that is. Bar talk first, If you're in a bar you need to keep talking or else you have to drink in which case you can't drive home, if that is you can find your car. Maybe I should get a pink beetle, that might be easier to find on a dark night in boston. Okay then at one minute to 12:00 midnight June 12th 2002, while I am nicely tucked up in my bed the fire alarm goes off in the hotel. GRab some close and my room key, walk to the nearest exit, or course, I didn't stop to find shoes and socks, Three Fire engines arrived. Some people had stopped to pack, and walked out with luggage, I nearly asked someone if they had any extra shoes in their bag.....Instead I just stood there in the cold. Apparently then it was safe to go back into the hotel, but I had to rely on my psycic skills as nobody was telling us anything, but the other people were heading back inside, I took confort in the fact the the Fireman didn't try to stop us on the way into the hotel, so all must have been clear. I also got called for dury duty again, but not at one minute to midnight. I found out that I had sent the videos I ordered to DC, for no good reason, that's the address I had in my account, so now hopefully they will be even better with the extra traveling they had to do. Texas in two weeks, Schlitterbaun, or however you spell it, hot and wet anyway which is always good. I might even get an extra Mug. Margie got me a mug in Billerica and that was good. C'est le portrait de son père. I got a link to Photos today, a Room with a view.

My Fan belt broke on the way home Friday June 14th 2002, so I'm stuck in the middle of the road, no political implications, not knowing what happened except that my car had stopped. Before I could phone tripple A the woodbridge Police arived, Officer Kubik I presume, and helped me out. So my car got started, I got home but the next morning June 15th, on closer inspection I found a broken fan belt in my engine, with my non existent mechanical skills I deduced that my fan belt had broken, and I would need to get it fixed. Monday said Peter so now that's the plan Sunday was Fathers day..

A strange and weird thing happened at work, Frank went home!!!!!, and before the sun went down, Monday June 17th 2002. I never thought I'd see the day, or maybe I just never thought. All the better reason to book a trip home to Ireland, so I did and the lady in American Airlines said I would get air miles for that.

Today Tuesday June 18th 2002 is Sarah's Birthday. Happy Birthday Sarah!!!!! . Car stuff, wax on, wax off, June 22nd 2002. Nice shiney tires and a very hot day. well it goes with the new radio. Jade graduated so there was a party. West Haven, Oxford, West Haven and I didn't get lost once.Tuesday 25th of June I headed off to Virginia. When I went off to Roanoad, a thousand miles away..... Well it felt like it anyway even if cincinatti wasn't the direct route. Then Thursday I made my way to Texas. Yippee. I even got to go to schlitterbaun on Sunday before my flight back. We did the triple, With Brett for Master Blaster of course and black night and Lois to finish the triplet. No bar in the swimming pool this time, discussing doboks. I arrived back at home 2:00 am Monday morning. Not a well woman, that last leg was a doozy. It must have been the sun, where I come from we don't see it that often. Then there was bad news from Texas which had nothing to do with the floods. Tuesday was movie time, Mr. Deeds and Wednesday I had a mystery tour round exit 26 off route eight. I got to see a rubber road It wasn't as much fun as it sounds. Thursday July Forth 2002 went to the beach. Luckily enough we found it eventually and I came home the same colour as I left, despite spending a chunk of time in the sea, that sun cream really works. Party in Oxford Saturday. 6th of July, Good idea batman!!!!! Not enough sun to go swimming though, I wouldn't dry off fast enough. I brought some of that Bacardi Silver I discovered playing pool. Sunday 7th of July and Michael Schumacher won another grand prix, this time Silverstone with Rubens making it a Ferrari one two starting from the back of the pack. can't get much better than that. Monday 8th July 2002 and I started teaching the afternoon class in WHAK for three days. Sparse class but then I got to practice my forms. Tuesday I didn't - too lazy, but I had bigger classes.

There it was gone..... My Blouse, Wednesday July 10th 2002 after four classes teaching and one and a half hours of training, a very reeky dobok, I had nothing to change into. Not even superman. So I had to drive home like that. Very big classes though. I stayed for the 6:30 class as well as there were 21 students. Good thing I had a proper Lunch, so Broke into the cheesecake, I know that sounds way more messy than it is, I can't believe someone took my blouse.!!!!! I just lost a chunk of time because of control keys. SAVE. Okay, I brought the rest of the cheese cake into work Thursday , but it just sat there doing nothing but depleting all day, just like ice cream but without the mess. Do we all remember the fake ice-cream in hinman lane west!!!!. What a mess. NOT. KJN was back with a vengeance, or rather long classes, and our European neighbours were represented in class July 12th 2002 Friday night. We even got to see team form practice, but let's not talk about that Saturday. night was a haunting experience with cats and roosters and the ghost of HH returning from Bingo, It's a good thing we had that lamp handy. Loads of deer as well. un accustomed as I am to cooking, I let someone else do it, but it ended up the same. The gup test was really good, and we all finished early. We went floating on the River for Karen's birthday, well that was the most fun, and Champagne, but I still got heat rash. Ice cream cake and Wendy's special coleslaw. What more could a body ask for. The tour de france is continuing, they've just finished the second time trial. I bought some books Monday July 15th 2002, before karate. That was a nice juxtaposition. Work, books, Karate, or rather Tans Soo Do. Grandmaster Hwang Kee passed away on the morning of July 13, 2002, and our KJN announced it in class. One of my non existent nails broke in Boston, Tuesday July 16th 2002. All this after getting up at 5:00 am to drive three hours. Not much traffic though, and those plastic maps are great. Apparently it's all going to change though so where ever I am, I wont be able to use a map to work it out!!.


I could tell it was going to be a Horrible , no good, terrible, very bad day. Monday 22 July 2002. Let's start with the email, that I never sent and go on to spending a day waiting for a verdict, big time In Neh at WHAK followed by a chat on the way home. And Now it's over. Yesterday I was so busy calling caitriona I forgot to write anything in my page, well it was her birthday after all!!.

Today is the last day of July 2002 And I have to say something about Las Vegas. We left Thursday the 25th of July, Big debate about parking, but I'll know better next time. Absolutely no line (allow for exaggeration) at the airport. But I did get searched, by a girl from South Africa who spoke French to me. Isn't that always the way. The seat plan worked very well. Being psychic is wonderful, But of course you know that already. Even The food was edible. And so for The search, carousel, 12 back to carousel 5 But not like looking for luggage But a rich guy. Then he found us And all that was left to do was join The thousands in line for a taxi, mind you it only looked like hundreds when we joined The line. Just in case Vegas isn't entertaining enough they have a maze in every hotel, The trick is to find your room before you've gambled all your money in The slot machines, And cannot pay for it!!!. Then they give you a map, But it gives a false sense of security as The land marks on The maps are cunningly disguised behind poker And black jack tables, And are never The colour that they are on The map. So a Room with a view - 19 floors up And out I go to enjoy Las Vegas. $10 on a number in roulette pays $350, unfortunately I didn't reinforce this knowledge by experience, But I did get to shoot some craps, which I am aptly bad at. So at The early hour of 2:30 The day before competition I eventually headed back to my room.


July 26th 2002 had The line up at 11:00 am. But first came Breakfast. I got an early call at 8:00 am which was just as well as maintenance turned up at 8:15 to fix The air conditioning. Was it broken? - yup someone reported it last night, that's why we waited 'till 8:15 am this morning!!!!! so down to meet my friends from Texas, now there's a welcome for you And freshly made pancakes. And The nice person at The door let me in again after I had to leave. We had relay breakfast with Rick, a bit like The 4X100 hurdle But totally different And more food, except for me as I was stuffed by then. Lots of presentations at The opening after Chrissy sang The American national anthem beautifully, And The lads played The Korean National athemtem on their trumpets, well somebody had to blow them, then won four grand championships between them!. I digress, That day was the Dan competition. I had a direction problem. 9:30 and we were still competing, and at 10:30 we went to see O. anything to make Ivan happy. It was good, especially the curtains, but I couldn't keep my eves open. So back to the Hotel for the night. Next morning July 27th we went hunting for breakfast.Eventually we reached a waitress, who informed us in a slow loud voice that they were busy, and when they were busy it took a long time for someone to come over to our table. Ah well, I know now, we all do.



It wasn't meant to rain, Friday August 2nd 2002 but I wasn't expecting my battery to be dead either. So I went for a shower and a soak, waited an hour then drove home wet through. It was a pretty spectacular thunderstorm though, even sitting in wet clothes. And then in the spirit of new stuff, I cooked, lots of wine, you can't go wrong. Well you can but how are you going to know. with enough alcohol everything looks/tastes/smells good. Saturday said mr Kipling was effie's birthday party, and I still didn't get to drink vinny's wine, well he's just not fast enough off the mark, if that had be our english friend, I'd still be tipsy now. Off to oxford on Sunday for a swim, well it's such a long way to drive, it was a float really. Long class on Monday and Master Carty brought his set of photos, over 400 of them, I also got more of those CD holders, so now I have to look in four different ones until I find the Cd I'm looking for or not.


Thursday August 8th 2002 what is the difference between a duck, strange things!!. I'm on the second of the stardoc books and it's strangly unfictional for science fiction, or maybe I shouldn't be reading late at night. Also my mailman skills have been sadly lacking but I'll give it another try today and I'm expecting 100% success. Something strange happened on the way to work and I thought.. that's strange, but that's all I can remember about it now. I'm going home in two weeks.and a day .... :-D, 125.2 and there's 100 days to the Kyo Sa test. This Morning I was suffering from CDS, Coffee deficiency syndrome, which brought on a catch-22. I went to the garage to buy milk (for my morning coffee). I bought the milk, paid, took my change, and realised when I arrived at work (still no coffee) that I had left the milk behind!!!!! This is Friday August the 9th 2002. Black Forest steak house had a long run this week. Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Today, culminating with having lunch with Brian, Paul and an absent Frank, but we had a beer sitting in his place, it was a bit quite though. That's the weird thing for today, I still can't remember the strange thing that happened yesterday. Two week 'till home time.


We had a pig roast at ricky's house Saturday 10th Aug 2002. THere was a moon walk, limbo, swiming, lots of pig, a live band and alot of people in tie die, also abdel's last event with it, fun though.


HI I'm just back from the summer camp and my muscles still remember all the activity vividly the theme this year was communing with nature and back to basics, and we followed through with that all through the camp. It started as all the best outdoor activities do Friday Aug 16th 2002 with thunder and lightning. It was pretty close and of course wet, but I'm from Ireland so I'm used to the rain. Just as we were getting used to the elements, the sun came out making a symbolic rainbow in the sky. We had it all. Saturday was a combination of our annual picnic and summer camp, and so might have been routine, even then in the same field as we stood last year , we say a bald Eagle!!!, How did it know about summer camp? More back to basics and the basic I forgot was sunscreen. Yup Saturday morning was a completely sunny occasion. Which gave way to a perfect day to spend in the states largest outdoor swimming pool. Sunday morning tested our ability to train before a third cup of coffee. It was a perfect set up to explore Muk Nyum and then it was over and now with new friends, another view on my martial art, and a few sore muscles I look forward to the next TSDMGK event. I hear there's going to be a winter camp March 2003 in Austin…..


Okay, back from Ireland and lots to tell. Today is Wednesday September 4th 2002, and I've been back since Saturday. The first episode in this story is about my ticket, which wasn't where I expected it to be, the day before my trip. Fine, I'll just call and find out what my options are. - They were to buy another ticket, and then pay another $100, Go to the American Airlines Terminal the day of my trip, with all my luggage to collect my ticket, and then make my way to My terminal to check in. But as it happens the day of my trip Friday August 23rd 2002 (Happy Birthday Michelle), I found my tickets in the exact place they were meant to be. So the trip was messed up, but this time surprisingly enough not for me but for Paul and co. I was surprissed to realise that our super network Mountain Climber was scheduled to be on my flight (well not my flight exactly, I didn't OWN it...) and then shocked to find out that even with tickets he couldn't get on the plane (good thing I found mine). This was all after meeting Cathline, Siobhan, Brigit (pronounced BEERgid) and a different Helen from scotland. Well I had to eat something Frank stood me up for lunch, something about work.On to Ireland, and by the time I arrived in Dublin it was Saturday 24th of August 2002. No sign of Rory, and being too early to call, I hired a car, good old Avis, and made my way to Abbey Road/Dun Laoghaire. I woke Ruth and tried not to give Luke a fright, since I hadn't been home for so long, a Cup of coffee and toast, and a long chat later I headed to Co. Wiklow, Bray that is 84 bus route, but I was driving. Happy faces and one covered in yougart greeted me as I arrived. More coffee and lovely brown bread, or Brown Soda Bread as some people call it!!. Then the lads had to leave, Flying off to London so they could go to France the next day. C'est la vie. and so Chercer le Jen, but she wasn't working so I wemt to the farm, cases still in my car, my hair amiss, and half awake, despite all the coffee. Jen talked to me anyway and THEN I went home to unpack, and basically doze on the sofa 'till 6:00 pm when I was going up for Dinner with Aine. Roast Chicken!!!!!!!! My Favourite (as cooked by Mammy, Aine or Caitriona). Since there were still more hours in that day, Gearoid Lucy Liam and Niall appeared as if by magic, two of them in doboks, to welcome me to Ireland. We all had dinner, then I went home to collapse (in a nice way) and sleep 'till the morning. Sunday Morning August 25th 2002 and my plan was to go to Galway to visit Auntie Margret and Uncle Martin. but first Coffee in Bewleys with Aine and the gang. Jen and I went shopping first, then for a nice mug of Bewleys, nearly worth the trip home in itself. I started my trip to Galway then, M50, N4, N6 and then detour to Moy Lough. What a beautiful day, spectacular, and not much traffic either, maybe I was going the wrong way. I started on the new Balinteer entry to the M50, before you know it it will be all the way to Dun Laoghaire. On the way to moy lough you pass Montbellew, or rather I didn't pass it I stopped to visit Uncle Emmet, where else can you buy a Pint and a washing maching all in the one place? One glass of wine later and I started the last two miles of my trip. Gortaganny Looked the same as always and, as usual it was a very welcome sight, memories of our annual holiday, or the odd weekend taking a bus trip to the top of the road, nuff z. Auntie M was sporting a new hair do, and had an entertaing story to go with it, I could tell you but that would spoil it for you. There was a new calf that Uncle M had to feed every so often, I could tell you how ofter, but I can't remember. Tea and Salad later and we were joined by Danny and Noneen, and more Salad, well we needed someting to keep us going through all that talk, we even had visitors from California. - Left Ireland to Become a former in CA!!!!!. The talk kept going till after midnight, and then as they say in Gone with the wind, another day. Monday Morning August 26th 2002, amoung other things was G&L's Aniversary, do we all remember the Jig saw????? There is a Londis in Moylough now all the better for getting rashers for breakfast and more Tea. Katie was getting off work at 4:00 so the plan was to leave at 2:00, but I had to get some photos first, Got the camera, intend to use it, otherwise it's just extra baggage. On the road the toward Limerick in order to reach Shannon, Co. Clare. Traffic was bad coming into Shannon, so katie was there by the time I got there. Isn't life great. There was a problem with Water and Larry came to fix it, a little bit of excitment, then we had to collect the microwave, all the better for reheating Roast Chicken. Roast chicken again, mmmmm. We went out to the old lodge, now they have peach Snapps Lemonade!!!!! Then John joined us for a proper session. Tuesday was a work day for the Cullinans, so I was there by myself after the left, Planning my trip back to Dublin, N81, N7, M50, N11, in the mean time the DOT had changed the traffic flow or rather abolished it from the center of town. No more drives down O'Connell Street. So a Call to Aine, and a drive out to west Dublin to discuss Dinner and a Murder, or rathre how to host a murder in the air. Characters attributed and and entertaining "I'm a celebrety, get me out of here" and it's back to dun Laoghaire again. Wednesday August 28th Mammy was coming home, My plan was the Guinness brewery, 'cos I like the smell. I had lunch with Deborah (remember Boston) and met up with old friends. Some older than others. Can you tell me where lamb doyles is? Then Home to see if Mammy had arrived, arounf 9:00 there was a knock at the door and the girls had arrived, Mary Lucy and Catherine. An even nicer sight than Gortaganny, even though that's where they both grew up. have a cup of tea and some nice toast, or fresh bread. I took the oportunity that night to go to the 40ft with Jen, not the beach the Pub, in the Pavallion in DL, they have a great view, of all the Boats from the Bar, even the 83 footer. I dropped Auntie Cath to the Station on Thursday and ML and I went to the new Store house in Guinness, Presents to buy you know. Friday was just murder well and dinner. I was captain Jeremy Upgrade (First class traveller) Saturday August 31st 2002 A quick visit to the square to deliver christmas presents better late??????? and a last chat with Jen. A short trip to the airport and I flew home, AerLingus again, an easy flight and an easy trip back to CT. Then a visit to Burma Road, My Texas friend was back,with my Godson in tow. and he's still beautiful. then another pig Roast on Sunday , the 12th Annual Labour day weekend PigRoast in Woodbridge, hosted by Warren Luciani, I had to eat those fried dough things, tradition you know.


The Wheel thing, Pot holes and the fact that it is REALLY difficult to mend an aluminum rim. That's one of those things that you might learn after you've completed your notmal Schooling on Thursday Sep 5th 2002.Mind you that's not the only new piece of information I gathered that day, quite an eye opener. Luchc at the black Forest, but no trees Friday September 6th 2002


I have to start wearing more green, Ravi forgot I was Irish, I even have the accent well it was before coffee on a Monday Morning. Yesterday, said goodbye to the young Rich guy, usually we get things FROM Tawain!!!!!, All done in the best of taste well nearly and played cards without getting set back too much. On to strange things, and we have the Excel that won't close or save as. the Geese just standing in the road and I found my car keys, just sitting in my bag, as if they had been there all along, and miguk is korean for America. I'm going to Texas for Wurstfeist.


Tpday is September 11th 2002, and everybody is remembering. Even the stock markets are closed 'till 11:00 am.


A New Month and alot of changes. But the resturant doesn't change same bat place Black Forest, even if Eddie didn't want to go there again, I found other company. The Indy grand prix was on Sunday but I was in Attleboro. Eddie came all the way over from Italy just to give me a lift back.I drove to Attleboro behind a van on Saturday, but that was a relatively short trip compared to other people. Mind that pothole. Then we had lots of candles at what is soon not to be Gary's house. Don't mention the sambuca. Last night was the tribute to Tailgators so Chris had a gator tail. After Gaitors, Tang Soo Do but there was something missing.We finished the class with 140 sit ups, just 'cos. So the week leading up to the move was mainly getting back to normal after the week in Portland. Good Luck with the Boat. Well it wasn't quite a week, and I came home first class, from PDX to Cincinatti. Nice Seats, and a personal TV. Last Friday Septerber 27th 2002, it was really foggy and by the time I reached West Haven I decided to go home, all the better to cook. The Friday before I was arriving home from the East Coast at 7:00 pm so we just went out locally and found a nice italian resturant, I even got a doggy bag!!. Good recomendation from nice neighbours especially since there was an accident north bound on route 15. Black Forest Thursday and Monday, but I decided not to go Thai today. Walmart didn't have the background for my photos either, so I just had to buy some books.


Okay, we went to a pumpkin farm and I picked out a pumpkin, and two small squashes just for good measure Wednesday October 2nd 2002. Don't forget the hayride, there was no dance at the other end, but it was only lunchtime, and I forgot my Ginham. Thursday we got the news that the lads were leaving so I went to lunch with Paul, well I don't like Pizza much. no reflection on Italy more a dislike for large amounts of cheese!. This year I remembered the Birthday party in Oxford, and so Brooke turned three, amists a myriad of presents. What do three year olds like??? Today is Tuesday October the 8th 2002. Ell n'est pas rouge; elle est bleue!!! but I'm not because I received an email today indiretly for the tla, telling me I'm certified not that all my friends don't know that yet. Today is Connor's birthday and as a present to me, processing only took three months instead of 30!!!!!!!!!. I did a dounle take, called to make sure I wasn't misreading the email, but there is was in black and white, now it's all downhill. I wonder if we'll get snow this year. I also found out how stressfull no reply can be, but that's another story. Hi Jen. so back on track next exam date Nov 16th for Kyo sa, Next trip Texas for Wurst feist . Yesterday, I started the Process stuff, I also sent the DV-2003, wow that was a quick reply.


We went hunting for Apples, Thursday October 10th 2002, but there was no picking going on, apparently the 90 degree heat in April had something to do with it, so we bought apples, and ate apples, and just for good measure pie and cookies. Then there was the mystery tour, which is a generic name for a trip anywhere given my sense of direction, but when there are two people in the car that don't know where they are going that's another story, and a different route home altogether. Today is Friday October 11th and the problem is a cool one and people who won't travel south. The black forest Gateaux (cake) in the Black Forest steak house is just right, like I found out today. Sudden Change of Direction Monday October 14th 2002, south, to Tampa. So it went flying out of my hands and under the door - October 18th 2002 but there was nobody there, not like Fred and Chris' going away lunch. Everyone was there, Bob was sick, and Mike was out of the country, but anyone that was in was out to lunch, we filled up the back room in the Black Forest, I think I had been there before sometime??, maybe we should take a picture or something. There were two men outstanding in their field in the pub but depending on whether the field was plus or minus it was in a different place, then I found out that I dreamed it all. Today is Monday the 21st of October 2002 and I have to go for green card stuff, not forgetting the other card for overseas as well. My appointments are now in Utah time even though I am not, Just another twist for life's confusing situations. It looks by this closeness of dates that nothing has been happening, but actually the reverse is true. (Nothing hasn't been happening). The lads left, so we had a piss up a Lunch and emotional good-byes. And then there's the rest, but that's another story. Kyo Sa test in less than four weeks. Lots of uno's last night, but I don't yet, I'll just have to practice, just like the knife stuff but totally different. I did get to practice Piano though, even with the tracks in my arm, My right arm doesn't flow freely enough, maybe I'm left handed after all? One more visit and hopefully all's well, just the sideways photos, and delivery. Speaking of delivery here's that Floor mat, hopefully it works better than the falling garage!!!!. On my way home last night there was a dear, doh!!,. with no day glow or even night reflecting attire, Luckily the timing was fine and I was able to avoid it. Sometimes I see them in the yard but last night it was just calmly crossing the road. I got help remembering my knife techniques last night, but alas and alack I still can't cook, salads are fun though, an what about that chocolate cake????? Gearoid won the GAA lottery, no better man, just for turning up in the rain, but you don't usually expect luck to be fair, it's against it's nature. Not to be outdone by his older brother, Liam came first in the RDS with things that Fly. Speaking about things that Fly the shares are all over the place at the moment.


You are young only once, but you can be immature all your life. Je Vais lui envoyer la photo par la poste. Le train est sur le point de partir. The plan is to reorganize and archive leaving a clean set up for future records. I have all the necessary accouterments, not it's just the job.


Great day, got the photos at last and then abandoned. ah well who needs to eat anyway??? It's real old fashioned, and it's what we used to do when we were animals. TSDMGK has become official in Chile. That's a great achievement for us and SBN Garcia-Huidibro. Magic is happening with service providers, options appear and disappear.


Saturday I got to wear my hallowed outfit I bought in Ireland, and ended up with a twin, except twins usually don't have the same name, or else that would really be confusing. I should have brought the hat though, ah well. Then I met a woman called "girl", well coileen but you know what I mean or you would if you spoke Irish. Some people don't. Computer problem fixed, through no fault of my own, but that's the way it goes. Sunday I took a knife to that pumpkin, and carved a face for myself. I even found a small candle I didn't know I had. More Knife stuff on Monday but this time I was attacking people well nick, Good thing I had that practice session, now I have even more to practice. Aine called, and Luke now calls me nella, not like the ferrets who might not be nelly and kelly, I think they are good names for ferrets, especially with the Little House on the Prairie references. What was the mother's name again?????


So where would you store your T-shirts for easy access, easy in the chest of drawers, but there is no chest of drawers, just two big ones, that don't do the job and are full anyway. So Saturday the 26th I went shopping, I found a Jumper and low and behold, a chest that looks just like the drawers that don't work!!!!!, but it won't fit in my boot. Time for plan b, and that's the waiting, thinking game. Saturday 2nd of November 2002 - now it's winter in Ireland, and if feels like winter in CT, and after a short trip to Branford, I like to go new places and get lost every now and again just to make sure that my sense of direction is really as bad as I think it is. I headed back to my chest, via a friends house. An old friends apparently of the guy on the shop, that didn't stop them overcharging me 400% !!!!!!, anyway once the clerical error was sorted, there was plenty of room for my chest of drawers, so now I have three pieces of Furniture that match, I'll come home one day and think I don't live there. Sunday was the surprise party, the surprise being that it wasn't really his birthday, well close enough, and I got some photos...Lots of Food, Drink, Lovely coffee, Many friends and we all stood around while he opened his presents.


My New camera arrived yesterday November 6th 2002 which was also KJN's Birthday. All this because of award miles!!!. We like that, I forgot the CD though so I have to wait 'till tomorrow to install the Fuji USB stuff. Or maybe I'll get it on line as I am so Lazy!!!!! So I actually had students Tuesday and Wednesday this week. Isn't life grand. We're preparing for our board breaking tournament, only one damaged finger, and no swelling. That's a good result, Imagine if I was trying to break boards. Breaking boards is okay just other things I can't do at the moment, but my knee got better, it must have been practicing allot. What happens if you won't do Chil Sun ee-ro??? Well you can't do pyong an Ee Dan- it's enough to make a young boy cry. Lots of issues and even more next week when I get to teach more senior students. 9 days to the Kyo Sa test and counting!!!. OK, the USB stuff works, all is well with the world. Tuesday I went to Trumbull, but I shouldn't have and I missed some of the Benefit speech. But then I got a new web page started in West Haven - a pretty eclectic day. Today of course is Chris' Birthday, They come every year unless you are born on a leap day. Life the Universe and everything. I got the latest Harry potter Book, I just have to not finish it before my trip tomorrow so that I can read it on the plane. Not an easy thing to do. Magic. I got a stone, a long time ago, and it says Magic, as I thing everyone should have a little magic in their lives, even if it's just a pebble, and I keep finding it in the strangest places.


Sunday I must have a suspicious face, I got security checked twice on the way home from SAT to BDL... Maybe they were checking on each other though. Then just for fun we sat on the runway for two hours while the captain made announcements that gave no valid information, trying to mislead us into thinking that we were well confirmed, and offered to let us off the plane, while making it quite clear, that we might not get back on, we'd have a very long line for food, and it definitely would be no fun. I decided against getting off the plane as it might mean a third security check in a two leg trip, especially as they were getting progressively more thorough. I didn't want people being that friendly with me, for all to see at a security checkpoint. Of course I mind you rummaging through my laundry, and no need to thank me for my patients since it left the airport way before this plane did. On the bright side it was Aine's birthday and I called he from Texas again, Luke Gurgled. All fun stuff. Friday evening November 8th 2002 I arrived in San Antonio Texas dressed for a blizzard in 80 degree heat. Lois circled and I jumped in, all very easy, so easy that Marcus had fallen asleep. Then the mastered arrived, but due to some marvelous plan they had derived earlier, they left again to torture themselves for a few hours. Bad Dobby..... and arrived back in the early hours of the morning. I finally got around to dropping my doboks off at the three brothers. Now I'll know who I am and where I come from. Aparently it's an emotional thing getting a jacket embroidered, according to some customers there. Halfway through the wait for info on my Green card, so lots to look forward to. I might even be able to go home for Christmas. Also I found out that Mary Lucy shares a birthday with Bahi and Alex, Luckily there are remotely divided so there is no presents issue.


Discovery number 73. (Discoveries numbers 1-72 are undocumented) You can't do an ee dan yup cha gi with a wonkey knee, on one side you cant straighten your leg, and on the other side, you can't land!!!!! It doesn't stop a person from trying though. We got to do some old one steps last night involving elbows. Interesting low punches from horse stance as well. Delay on the Visa front. Human intervention was required, but the human didn't know, so thats at least two weeks awaited. I'm trying to fax the reply for the third time...Maybe it'll work this time, it's meant to be lucky you know. And it's Mary Lucy's Birthday :-), she is in great form. I got another one of those funny cheques, so now I get to ask a new person at the bank how to cash it and they will go through the same procedure they go through every six months. So now, I have to wait again, for another form to sign, then send it back and after that maybe the month will start so much for Nov 28th. So Brace yourself, I did but it didn't make any difference, but I doubled my students in my Tuesday class!!!. Wednesday said Mr. Kipling, and I was teaching four year old white belts, and then not so four year old white belts!!!! even dans. Thanks to SBND. There was allot of board breaking going on as well, on the 23 there's going to be a breaking tournament. Good thing the gif is still there as my knee went half way though the jumping, maybe that wasn't such a good idea? Saturday November 16th 2002 I participated in the 14th TSDMGK Dan Classing to test for my Kyo sa. First there was the Clinic. Neh Kwang WheyYuh. So we arrived before 9:00 am, at 10:35 we were given a written test to complete before the Dan test, What is your name?? Four times, I think I got that one right, that and my lineage all the way back to Grand master Charles Ferraro. At 7:10 PM we were leaving the dojang, for the rest you just have to have been there. I took some photos after it was all over. Note the relief. Saturday evening was champagne and preaching, Now she starts, maybe at the next test I should bring along a bottle of bubbly. .. Or two. So up early Sunday morning, no stains on the carpet, and not an empty sambuca bottle in sight. All the better to go home and call Ireland. My voice was well up to it. So it was with great joy that I told my mum, a teacher of over 40 years of my teaching test. Those telephone things are great!!!!!I didn't even have to yodel. Maybe that's Korean, maybe not, I'm still surprised with Ho Hup. That's even better than Hip Hip Hooray. And sounds allot like winnie the Pooh. Ho Hup, I suppose I shall just have some Honey. My knee went again, but it didn't matter as all I was doing was sitting there. Then to train well half train, cos of my wonkey knee. Then back to my patchwork quilt, well collection of pieces of material, so far, but it's really warm while you're working on it. I'll have to get sharper scissors though.


And a Ho Hup to you too, My internal and external are mixed up so I have to get a good handle on that though. Yesterday's French was Il vend des chaussures, Maybe that's why he left them at the school, yes we had a strange shoe event at the school last night. They were still there when all the people were gone??? I ain't missing shoe at all. NOT. Well despite expectations, no cats crossing my path or anything like that but I did get good news last night, I'm sure that one of the many horoscopes that could be relating to me must have said that but I missed it. The results of the dan testing were up on the board. I bought some books including some perls of wisdom, the language, not the jewelery.


When I say jump (or ee dan) you say left or right..... I arrived early to class Wednesday 20th November 2002, after a trip to collect my doboks and a haircut. All the better to go into the basics of gicho hyung ilbo. so little girl and I started jumping, jump left, jump right jump forward, one, two three KeHap. It's all fun and games till someone breaks a leg, or three boards with a reverse punch, actually that was fun and well except for being out done by the new guy. Preparations as under way for the Breaking tournament, which gives rise to strange homework assigmentst, "But Mum I was told to practice breaking boards at home.....". The Novell stocks took a big jump yesterday +16 % but it all disapated during the night. Well what goes up and all that. Just like the bug but totally different. The clocks went forward Sunday 24th November 2002, but not really. It all started with a broken watch, not just making faces but unworthy to run anymore. Probably the battery, but who keeps those kinds of batteries hang around, or even the little tool for opening watches to insert batteries. I found another watch though that I had abandoned, because it only showed the time ion one timezone, how antiquated and un confusing. So as I was going through the airport for my 6:35 flight I looked at the aiurport clock, or rather one of the many airport clocks (so time really does fly or else why would there be so many clocks at the airports!!) and it sais or maybe I should say it dhowed 6:40 PM (not a good thing), so I rechecked my watch. It showed 6:45. hmm, maybe I should get a second opinion, or even hour opinion. and there was my phone, safely ensconsed in my handbag (they call it a pocket book over here). I removed my phone and checked the time, 5:40, I liked that answer better. I had a feeling that Bradley didn't have it's own daylight saving rules, but you never know. I received two calls from home, Chris Kinder, curiosity, or just a nice family. I vote number three, and that fact that since I'm travelling today I was actually at home during the day to receive the calls. Saturday we had the Breaking Tournament in West Haven. Another oportunity to get up early on a Saturday and head out into the cold before I was really awake. But It's all fun and games in the end.


This is your captain speaking... We were about to take off but we found out there was a piece missing from the plane, so we are waiting for a part to arrive. 'IS IT A WING?', I hope it's not the breaks. Did somebody leave with a part of the plane?. 'This is your captain... we can take off now' . That's how my trip home started last night, Tuesday November 26th 2002. Oh I left out the crown room, that was fun too. Along with the secure feeling that the plane, now probably had all it's functional parts, was the prospect of the oncoming snow storm. It wasn't going to hit 'till midnight, hopefully we landed before then. And we did, and the breaks were in full evidence, which answered some of the questions. This morning I awoke to 6 inches of snow, well I had to wake up , get up and look out the window. Shortly there after I was clearing the snow from my car so I could see through my windscreen. It's' snowing you know, first snow of the fall/winter. Kids are making snow men, and I'm thinking about shovelling my drive when I get home.


The Texans arrived amid laundry, all that and clean clothes too. The class was very small something to do with grateful people, so we got to do lots of fighting techniques. Courtesy of Master Dugan. There is alto to tell about Thanksgiving. And of course Ballet of the bands. But I don't have any photos of that, it was more an audio experience though when you think about and the battle cries could have stood their own with William Wallace. Thanksgiving 2002 was November 28th this year. I started in woodbridge, well it is closer to home, and had a wonderful Turkey dinner there, then out to oxford for dessert but the turkey wasn't done yet, so I just had hor dorves and headed out again to Southburt, this time I was in time for dessert and of the right temprement for coffee. Lots of chat later, I headed back to Woodbridge for computer stuff, and then to oxford again to celebrate with friends. This time though I had a designated driver in a lincon town car, you don't even need a key to get in, but you'd look a bit silly trying to start the engine with a combination. Whhich reminds me that my duplicate title arrived yesterday December 1st, not like the first one which never arrived. Lots of questions at the party, and despite some multiple choices not many answers, The civil war, as if there was only one!!!!!. Friday was a trip to danbury, but I left my red cloak behind, so it was then a trip back and an invite to see the Muppets christmas special!!!!! well I think I may have seen it before. The last day of November was the date for the battle of the bands in West Haven. 4.5 hours of eardrum splitting music, and some dancing. Mainly I was mesnmerised by the dodgem cars without the cars that was going on in front of the bands. What happened to good old neck wrenching head banging????? So I filled in the gap and added some continous jumping as well, funnily enough my knee was fine.

Just in case I forget the Photos from Chile 2002 are here. and Today is December 11th 2002. It's really cold back in CT. also check out my short note on the Chile Trip. Suddenly and without much warning, it's only 13 days to Christmas. Elle était tout étonnée. Aparently all my mail is junk, New procedures in the mail system, sent all our incoming mail to a new Junk folder!!!. Just another one of life's litte mysteries.

Not quite a trip to the dentist, but maybe worse, Tuesday December 17th 2002. Then there's the embassy story. Step number 1, Check the web page. Step number 2. Call this number. Information received, you may not call this number outside of 8:am to 5:00 pm GMT. monday to friday. it is now 12:10 pm Friday EST, ie 5:10 PM GMT. Wait till Monday. Step 3 Call Monday between 8:am to 5:00 pm GMT., Infomation: you may not call this number you must call a 1580 number. Step number 4, call the 1580 number. Information, you must be in Ireland to call this number. Step number 5. Call original number to find out what my options are. Information received, You cannot get information about options outside 1:00 pm and 4:00 pm GMT. It is now 11:15 am EST - 4:15 pm GMT. Wait till Tuesday. Tuesday called between 1:00 pm and 4:00 pm GMT. Information received : you may not get information, or an appointment unless you call from within Ireland. If I were you I wouldn't start from here at all!!! All this and only eight days to Christmas.


Wednesday December 18th 2002, and I was lost in Fairfield. I was supposed to be getting on the 95 at exit 24 but the closest I found was exit 29, luckily enough I was going north any way so I was closer to home. Better still I could avoid the Jam at exit 42 that I had to endure in order to get to fairfield in the first place. I'm still not sure why all the cars were stopped, only that it took 30 minutes to go two miles. I know I could do better on foot. - Obviously not carrying my car.


Officially this should be on another page, because it is now Jan 2nd 2003, but I've put some photos togther of Christmas so here they are.


So here in order of appearance is the Christment event. The most important is Thursday December 19th 2002. After Karate, we got the news about the accident at the mail box. A pure senseless accident involving a drunk driver that went off the road. So that's what's been in our thoughts all over this Christmas season. My visa info arrived Thursday, but that news was well overshadowed, by our friend in Intensive care. I went to visit Friday,Saturday Sunday Monday, Little sister arrived Monday and I flew to Dublin. Via Newark for four hours, but who cares I was off to see my mum. I thought the ticket sayd 5:12, but really it was 15:12, so I got a bit of a scare, but 12 hours later I arrived in Dublin Airport, it was now Christmas Eve. The car hire place was aparently at the M50, so we went all the wayt out there before I got my car. Then to home, No sign of mum in the house, and in the rush I forgot my Dublin key. Not the key to Dublin, but my mum's house in Dunlaoghaire. I also forgot my converter, and the one I bought only handled two pin, but that's another story. Next call, is usually my first call Aine's and of course they were home. Big hug from Ruth, and Luke saying my name..... ahhhh. One cup of Nescafe later and we had the surprise. Mammy walked in. Merry Christmas!!!!!. I got invited to the corporate box in Lepordstown races for Saturday 27th of December!!. My Friend Jen and I headed for Blancherstown, with no real idea of where we were going, looking for a sign, and there it was, not only that but just as we found a parking space we found McGuirks. Christmas day, and My mum handed me a porsche, the doors open and everything!!!. We went to 10:30 mass and both choirs were there singing, we even had a teleprompter, but it was so sunny we couldn't really see it. Well it's the thought that counts. We congregated in Birch Grove for the Family Christmas Dinner. All except Caitriona and John who were having dinner in Claire. The called though. Singing Oportunity. Big Brother and I took every signal to be a singing opportunity!! There was lovely Christmas pudding, so I had to have loads, even though I stuffed my face with Christmas dinner. Another strange event , was pulling crackers, I ended up with the toy twice in a row. It must have been the twilight zone. St Stephens day was YMCA. The O Donoghues cam down to our house and we had to have some more pudding!!. But Of Course. But delicious, More Christmas Dinner. Friday 27th of December dawned, misty, with a pool of water logging the race course in lepordstown. There was to be no racing that day. Ah Well. I went to Dunlaogaire with Mammy. For some reason, on the non bank holiday, the bank was closed? Caitriona and John called at 4:00 pm they were on their way, so we were nearly all toghether again. George and Sarah arrived from England, so I made a quick trip to Bray with my friend Jen. We saw the Lord of the Rings room as well. Katie and Co were there when we got back. So mum and I could finish our Kris Kinders so not having enough Christmas dinner (can you ever have enough) Saturday 28th of December 2002, I finaly found Patricia, and Vincent got his calendar with three days left in the year, 2002. Then we went to Bray for more dinner. In the Lord of the Rings room, I pulled another cracker. The twilight zone rules were still in operation. Lovely dinner and no Murder this time. on the way home, we bought beer and Sambuca. No Christmas dinner Sunday December 29th just Fishfingers and stuff mmmmm. The Mass was for Seamus, but the donoghues had to rush off after mass because of the racing. Not them the horses. Late into the night, Katie was visiting angus, and I had to get up, out of curiouity, so, after midnight, I got to bed, only to be wakened at 4:00 am, since I had to catch a flight back to CT, well New Jersey really, then CT. Lots of security checks, but luckily no lost luggage, and I arrived at the night of a thousand kicks in good time. One thousand kicks later and there was sleet outside. So I drove home, luggage in the boot and said hello to my apartment.


New years eve I went to see the Bindlestiff Family Cirkus on 42nd street off 6th Ave. It started at 8:00 pm, but we were there before witnessing the preparations and generally talking to the nice policemen outside. after 7:00 om I callked home since it was next year there. Plates, swords, hip hop, yo yo, Silks and a few clowns later (there were 47 down the way, but we think they were rivals) and it was almost midnight, just accross the road we could see the Waterford Crystal Ball!!!!! So we saw the ball drop in times Square, then back to the party for dancing and Champagne. Then the Bunny and gorillia, who do you bet on.. I still can't remember who won. Someone tried to leave with my calendar, but my Eagle eye and counbting skills stopped them, by not it was next year New years day 2003 Wednesday , Breakfast in Serendipity 3 (60th bet. 2nd & Third. 212-838-3531. ) Funny Irish soda bread because of the carroway seeds. it was worth the wait, but then we didn't have to because there was only the two of us. We had to go to bllomingdales then because of course it was (and sill is) New York!!!!!. The weather was really bad and we missed the 5:07 train, so we waited for the 6:07. that's how we met somalia. who will at some stage become a singer. that was our bit of drama on the way home. the Happy Birthday, to unnamed next door neighbour. I arrived home at 9:00 pm, back in the car by 9:11 (funny that) and off to Oxford, the cars were there but nobody was awake!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. So I drove home again, very grateful for my bed.



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