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New years eve 2002 I went to see the Bindlestiff Family Cirkus on 42nd street off 6th Ave. It started at 8:00 PM, but we were there before witnessing the preparations and generally talking to the nice policemen outside. After 7:00 PM I called home since it was next year there. Plates, swords, hip hop, yo yo, Silks and a few clowns later (there were 47 down the way, but we think they were rivals) and it was almost midnight, just access the road we could see the Waterford Crystal Ball!!!!! So we saw the ball drop in times Square, then back to the party for dancing and Champagne. Then the Bunny and gorilla, who do you bet on. . I still can't remember who won. Someone tried to leave with my calendar, but my Eagle eye and counting skills stopped them, by not it was next year New years day 2003 Wednesday , Breakfast in Serendipity 3 (60th bet. 2nd & Third. 212-838-3531. ) Funny Irish soda bread because of the caraway seeds. It was worth the wait, but then we didn't have to because there was only the two of us. We had to go to Bloomingdales then because of course it was (and sill is) New York!!!!!. The weather was really bad and we missed the 5:07 train, so we waited for the 6:07. That's how we met Somalia. Who will at some stage become a singer. That was our bit of drama on the way home. The Happy Birthday, to unnamed next door neighbour. I arrived home at 9:00 PM, back in the car by 9:11 (funny that) and off to Oxford, the cars were there but nobody was awake!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. So I drove home again, very grateful for my bed.


Officially this should be on another page, because it is now Jan 2nd 2003, but I've put some photos taught of Christmas so here they are.

Jan 8th 2003 Wednesday, and I went in to visit in Yale again, first though a short contact with the door, and a welt on my head, Head injuries are in you know. He got moved yesterday, to the Purple ward, and now we have to wear gloves when we see him. - Purple puppet shows. Aine and family are arriving Feb. 16th for a week and a bit.

Friday January 10th 2003, I was promoted to Kyo Sa by KJN. I was so happy I broke a board, even though my holder thought I was still sparring. Maybe we should have given him a hint before the demo where the break was!!. Ah well. Then for the delicious turkey sandwiches. Chris and I did our fight scene, short but sweet. We also had the first > 1000 Dan number in the west haven school!!!. Chris is now number 1005. Saturday was the gup and red belt test, and this time it was sequential. Sunday I was up in time for mass. So Tampa Bay beat San Francisco 31-6, I saw that at the hospital, and it was as interesting as football always is to me, it's a game, not a match. The Novell shares jumped up last week, which of course is a good thing, but the old gravity rule is a problem. I have my great crack clock here to show me what time it is in Dublin, as adding five has always been a problem.


Today Tuesday January 14th 2002 - Carlos' birthday, I received a request for Fingerprints, not since Montessori classes have I had a similar request. A successful trip to Trumbull, and on to another hopeful sign at Yale New Haven. Ricky is back, and asking for snapple. Luckily there was a decent supply, but I'm not sure who thought it was a good idea to but the Lemon snapple. The First day of Kodanja started for us with a familiar teacher C Ferraro - the Yale version. Lois an I stood side by side just like old times, except the colour of our belts and the level of the forms. But it was fun anyway. Sunday Jan 19th. . Niall must have been having fun, I called a few times but there he was gone. Lois was at mass, old times once more. I went out to Oxford, and there was an empty space where the new car should have been. It was my day for not finding people, Except at Gaylord, since you can't really leave until they're finished with you. The Pizza took a wile to arrive though, all the better for the code red, and the beginnings of the football, semi finals for the superbowl, they probably call it something else here. I didn't buy a new car, I didn't even leave the House Monday 20th Jan 2003, I got up, dressed, and went back to bed sick. I couldn't even sit and watch TV. Lois Marcus and Brett went home, and I never took out my camera to take photos of Marcus. So at 12:42 am Jan 23rd 2003 my phone rings. It does this allot especially when people call.


Feb. 7th 2003 sitting in an airport waiting for a flight delayed from Hartford. Snow, what else, but it bodes well for the travelers who want snow, I'm looking forward to being united with my GPS, we'll never be lost again, I alone I'm sure will be lost many times. Rick came home from the Hospital Friday 24th of Jan and all is well with the world. I went to Karate, and then despite all good intentions straight home. Saturday 25th of January, one year older, and off I go to see about buying a new car. Linda at Curtis Ryan was very nice, so it looks like I could buy my car After all and all my old car was worth was $500, how automobiles depreciate!!!!!. What to do, well for one thing visit Rick, and then suddenly there was a party. Shelia even got cake!!!!!. So being in with the newly released invalid, I got to meet nearly everyone, The kopf's headed off of a celebratory dinner for the pilates certification. Well done that woman. This is my second trip to Tampa in two weeks. Last Sunday - 26th of Jan was Superbowl Sunday. And I was traveling during the superbowl to Tampa Bay. Luckily the Tampa bay bucs won!!!. Thursday I headed back to CT, After the usual hour delay I arrived back, for the last time to my Altima with the gold handles. All because on Friday January 31st 2003 I had to go get fingerprinted in Hartford, 'cos that's where they do it. . . I arrived early to Hartford, and to my surprise they processed me early, and the line was relivantly short. Then there was no smudging involved, just some high tech optical sensors and imaging machines!. Arriving back to the office in good time, I sorted Insurance, service, Part, Altima, and how to buy my car. So Saturday 1st of Feb. 2003 I bought my new car, and it's blue. A lovely blue that is fun to look at. First though was the visit to splash, Now I know how that works. A trade off down at class A, I'll take my Porsche and leave you the pimpmobile. Then to store the Porsche, with the five piece, three dimensional Jig saw puzzle, I lost I only got three bits attached, but that didn't matter. Linda from Curtis Ryan Honda, then gave me a lift to my shiny new car. Saturday 8th of Feb. was the best gup test in a long time. Not a bit like going to the dentist at all, except for all those white uniforms. In order to teach Wednesday Feb. 12th I had to book an early flight Thursday Morning, to Florida again. But I got to teach the Orange belts, and then I left early, not taking class.


All is well with the world and Luke is back with his play car. I've driven more than 1500 miles in my new car and so it's time for an oil change. Today is Thursday Feb. 27th 2003 and alit has happened in the last two weeks. Most of the happenings have been recorded with my digital camera here. Feb. 13th was a Thursday as well so I might as well start there. I woke up on time 2:00 am, since I had to leave at 3:00 am, but on close inspection of my itinerary, my 6:00 am from JFK turned out to be a 8:00 am from La Guardia. It was very early though maybe I was seeing things, unfortunately not. I made my way to la guardia anyway. Maybe they'd let me on the earlier flight. This is where dividend miles come in handy. If you're a preferred member, you get put higher on the list for stand by. At first there were 10 people and 39 seats, by 10 mins before the scheduled time there were 18 stand by passengers and 2 seats. I was number two!!!!! The next Stand by was less eventful and I arrived in Tallahassee in time. Time, to use my new GPS. Where in the world was I? First it thought I was still in La Guardia, but as soon as the Satellites were connected,all was well in Florida. And I wasn't dressed for the weather. I could find out with pictures, and a nice lady to tell me when I was going the wrong way. "Off Route, Recalculating". So Valentines day 2003 I was stuck in a Tallahassee airport waiting for a Flight delayed from Hartford. Snow was coming. I reached home After midnight Which was I suppose the next day. Saturday I collected the rest of the kid stuff from Adair, well the stroller anyway. Some emergency supplies, pop tarts and the like. This was the day of the Peace rally all over the world.

And Now, the Continuing Story of When Aine and Declan did not go to the dogs. The group were arriving 1:00 PM Sunday 16th of Feb. 2003. I checked it out with American Airlines, who are affiliated with Aer Lingus, but give better stats on their web page. Yup, the plane would arrive at 12:54 PM First 8:00 am mass, Hi Sonny,then I tested out the local laundry mat with my blankets and stuff, seems to work well, but I'm no expert. More washing, my car, to give it that shiny, I haven't been driving in the dirt since I bought the car look. We were expecting snow, but luckily it didn't arrive. I did arrive though, GPS directing me all the way, at JFK. Easy parking and a short stroll to terminal four. New beautiful terminal, but I forgot that there is no duty free After security, but that's another story. I just broke up 2002 and 2003. But that's not even a relevant other story. Anyway armed with my nice espresso, and chatting to other people who were waiting, I stood expectantly in anticipation of my family's arrival. And there they were!! Traveling light but looking happy. So the quiz was, pick out Helen's new car, based on the fact that I think it's the best looking car in the parking lot in JFK. And they pointed it out first time!!!!! (see Above) We're still on arrival day and there's more. A trip on the Hutchingson, Merrit parkway on the wrong side of the road, Uneventful, except for how pretty it was. Then Exhaustion. Aine and I went to Pasta Fair, to see Ger for her birthday celebration. Now it was 1:00 am Irish time, and we were all tired. Time to finish the day. Monday 17th Feb. 2003, was a white out, a Blizzard, 2 feet of snow at least. The sisters headed down to Stop & Shop for some needed supplies, Milk, Bread. . You know. It's only 2 miles down the road, but it was up the road that was causing the problem. On the way back my car got stuck in my driveway. Yes my nice new shiny, snowed in car. But we had the Milk and only a short walk to the house. Given all that snow, Ruth and I decided to make a snow man. We managed to collect a pile of snow, that wasn't sticking together. Well it was too cold. Not so inside the apartment, as it was getting toastier and toastier. So that's where we stayed. Our trip to the Diner on Monday was postponed, so Tuesday Morning, Early for me but not so the Donoghues, we went to the Athenia Diner for breakfast, or as the early risers would say, brunch. We forgot to ask for no onions, well next time. Next stop was Payless, but apparently the reason you pay less is that it's closed. So we had to go to the dollar store. Ruth and I bought some plastic fruit to complete our snowman. Because they didn't have any plastic vegetables!!!!!. Since Payless was closed we struck out for Wal-Mart There were concerns about the weather worsening, but I didn't think that would happen. Lots of shoes and a jump suit later, we headed back. Aine cooked and Ruth and I resumed working on fruity the snowman. Pack Pack Pack and Roll. We worked on the pile we had created, and Luke just stood around looking good in his new Jump suit. Eventually with the addition of fruit salad and a hair band Fruity came to life. Yes we have no bananas. As family tradition dictates, a trip to visit me would not be complete without Sonny and Adair, so we packed up and went to visit 1 mile away. On top of all the Toys that they had there for us, we say Sonny's train village, and Ruth got to operate it. Tuesday evening, was the fun Picnic, and the discovery that we don't like Root Beer. Not even Ruth herself. Luke got to learn the difference between Ellen and Helen. Seeing as we had all this snow, we decided to go Skiing on Wednesday. We drove to MT Southington, 20 mins away. Lessons for the three girls. The day was beautiful, and the conditions were perfect, and I remembered that I like to Ski. Ruth thought she was lost, but she wasn't and Aine had problems getting her ski back on - all that snow you know. But we had our lesson with little Joe and managed to get down the mountain. Then we eventually found McDonnell's in Waterbury, When in Rome. . . (there's a disguised McDonals in Rome you know). I tried the yogurt from the $1 menu. Me likey. Substantially fed, we went home, and Ruth and I went to Karate, Teacher and Student. She does look cute in her karate uniform. More than an hour later and class is over. Ruth went Home and I headed out to Oxford for the old Rich guy's Birthday. Lovely cake!.

Thursday Feb. 20th 2003 was our big trip to New York. The first hurdle, was parking in New Haven. There was no room at the inn so we had to go to Temple street, not the Hospital, the parking lot. But we parked, and we got the Train to New York. Grand Central station this way. .A nice policeman told us how to get to TGIF, our first stop. So it was Thursday, we were tourists. Helen Tours in New York consist of walking up and Down fifth Avenue. So that's what we did. Disney, St. Patrick's Cathedral, Saks, Fao, and of course Central Park. Then into that nice cafe on the way back so I wouldn't fall asleep on the Drive home. So Did I mention the shopping? We did some shopping in New York, but that wasn't a Mall. Friday was Mall day. The Post mall to be more precise. Luke was asleep when we arrived, so the Lads stayed in the car for a while. While we shopped. Nice new New York coat you have there!!!. We had time to experience another Mall phenomena, the Food court, McDonalds and Pizza in the same place!! I had a message when I got home with an Invite to Hyamas. Too good to miss, so at 5:15 we met for Hibachi. .More memories, of newly developed(for the new world) Morahan traditions. Saturday, I must have left my camera behind, but it was a horrible day. Weather wise that is. We went to the Peabody Museum. We saw the Native American exhibit, and of course the Huge Dinosaurs, well bones and simulated pictures. Then we went looking for somewhere to eat and ended up in IHOP. International House of Pancakes, no sign of Austin Powers. Saturday Night was the Fund Raiser. We met lots of the karate folks and most of Rick's family, Laura had to far to commute. , But there was dancing, and lots of it. A disturbing game if you're of a nervous disposition, with people bursting balloons with their bums. And Shelia, used her hip but then got disqualified. Adair put all her eggs in one basket and won. I waited till the end and won as well. In the parking lot while demoing my new GPS, I ended up in a conversation that went past midnight. The stuff that late evenings are made of.


Sunday morning dawned, and we got up to go to 8:00 am mass (yes it's on every week). We arrived before Sonny and had a crowded pew. At one stage because of all the singing when the priest said something that sounded like Bob, Luke gave us a rendition of Bob the Builder!!!. Ruth wasn't the only one prematurely ousted on a Sunday Morning. We went to meet the Girls in Leo's for a Gourmet Breakfast. No cheese please for Leigh. Then Ruth left with the gang and we were left to our own devices. A short trip to Smileys, where my batteries stopped working and then we went back. So we got the correct street, but the wrong side of the road. Close enough, one more call to disrupt Kelly and we were there. Where? Where Ruth was with Leigh, Friends Forever. I must mention here as a safety fact that if you put a hamster in a ball and give that ball to a nearly 2 year old boy. . . . the boy, or Luke as we call him will KICK IT!!!!!. Our snowman started melting Monday Feb. 24th 2003. Ruth had to be up early to go to school!!! So we met in the car park in Leo's and drove all of .2 miles to the school. Ruth and Leigh headed off together. The rest of us went to College, Yale that is without the pouring rain. We walked around Yale and into the law school. Than we had Coffee. It was very cold and Luke wanted to throw his ball while walking along. Couldn't happen. So we collected Ruth from school and went in hunt of lunch, at the Black Forest Steak House!!! Ruthie met Sara, not the cousin, another one. This was the last night of their Holiday. Tuesday Feb. 25th 2003, a sad day because the o Donoghues were leaving. But first one last trip to the local diner. A quick stop at Stop and Shop where Luke found out he liked the Red car better than the Blue car. We checked out the Dollar Store again. Then we made our final visit to our friends Sonny and Adair. More Coffee and hugs and tiny quiches. The trip to the airport was un eventful, except for having my ezpass checked. We had coffee at the Airport, and Ruth had more McDonalds. Then I drove home to my empty apartment. Holiday over. :-(.


But then what would you call Limerick. My travel documents arrived After 12 days, and my work documents arrived After three. Strange things happen at sea. There was sad news at the weekend, about Auntie Clem, but I couldn't go home for the funeral. I am no longer paperless though, but lets hope for no more sad news. It's been really cold here since before the gang arrived. Today is Wednesday March 12th 2002. Ruthie turned 11 - deagor. And Luke turned two, that's terrible. The River was on the 1st of March, then I went to see the Rocky Horror show as a play. I wasn't the one in the French maid's outfit. Oh you have an accent. I joined the sparring class on Sunday- Ruth's Birthday The only way is up. Now we have a two week break for competitions. Jerry and co arrived from Texas on Saturday, the lads build a snow couple - with no fruit, go figure(s). We went for Chinese down the road. Kevin is up to Renee now.


Thursday 6th March 2003 we had another bit snow. Route 8 was choc o Block, it took me an hour to get from exit 16 to exit 12. There were cars abandoned on all sides, but my trusty new blue car stayed on the road in time to get me to work. Then it snowed and snowed. Too much snow for a detour to west have, so I went home. It Must have been a Friday. It was definitely snowing, and I got up early to dig my car out. There wasn't much digging to do since the snow plow had not arrived to snow me in as usual, so I arrived early to work. Strange but true, even stranger was the Java bag sitting outside my house. Remote computing was not an option, so I had that drive again After coffee. By then the roads had cleared, since the icy patches had melted, and the roads were dry.


Each day holds the potential of surprise or even disaster. Last weekend was definitely full of unforeseen events. It started Friday 21st of March 2003 with an early rising for a long drive to Waltham. Except I was driving to the wrong place. So the GPS only works if you actually have some hint of where you're going, I ended up at the old offices, seven miles away from my intended destination. This reminds me of my foray into Greenwich with the wrong address. After another early morning, Saturday 15th of March traveling in the other direction. I competed in the Greenwich Annual competition. More surprising events there, then I promptly got lost, with no urging from the crowd. I just managed to get the completely wrong address and used it to get directions to where I shouldn't have been. Then not despairing of technology, I tried to look up the address on my phone. Another wrong address, well at least they're consistent. Then as a last ditch attempt to make my way to the party - yes an actual party in CT. I called a friend, my 50-50 option was up and the audience might have asked me to get lost had I inquired. And there was a friend on the other end of the phone giving me the correct address, and so a way to get there. Those pastries were lovely!!!!! Well since it was a party it was all fun and games from then on, and alit of coffee as well. I met Ursula from Poland. More Masters than last year, but funnily enough the same people, They get promoted you know. Back to the later paradise lost, I arrived at the office and received an ugly badge (photo identification) to get me round and about. I suppose I'm official now. Lots of meetings later and I successfully reached my second intended destination that day. Grand Master Byrne's Tournament. This is when I realized that although I brought my dobok. I have inconveniently forgotten footwear. Have you seen a dobok worn with high heel boots? well there were swords flying, as well as the odd bow staff. Leigh Ann, used hers to good affect winning weapons and coming second in Grand Champion weapons. She also took first place in Junior chil Sun!!!!! Then it was time for Adult Chil Sun competition, we all lines up, and even though the session was broken by Mr. Tabone winning the Mens Chil Sun, I was the last to go, After sitting through everyone else's form!. So the mantra "Don't mess up" chanting through my brain, I stood up to do my Form. My name is. . . What's my name again. What form am I doing. . My first keehap was a high pitched squeak, but apparently a loud squeak!!!. a minute or two later, I was put out of my misery and like my school mates, I took first in women's chil sun, a clean sweep for Dan Chil Sun forms. See I told you there was a surprise. The next day I met KJN while he was on his way to breakfast. He too was surprised at my first place. That was After I had breakfast with the lads, Ingrid, Leigh Ann and Bruce. Saturday was a long day- all 24 hours of it, but the competition seemed to go on and on, maybe it was all the record breaking. When is a board not a board???? When it's a Boston board. We had Orange, white Green and Red belt children in our ring, then Orange belt adults. During the Orange belt Competition, My ring started. Leigh Ann in the mean time, was adding to all her medals. And looking good too. My Division started, but it was with Breaking, so I just waited. Then traditional forms. And with a few encouraging words from miss Crocco I started sparring. First I got a piece of paper with an X - which is a good thing. Three point sparring is good, because it's over fast unless it's a good match. Any way, there I was getting another gold for sparring, If KJN could see me now- UConn won as well, so we were all happy. The competition wasn't over for us as Four of us had won in our respective forms competition, and therefore had to compete for Forms grand champion. Leigh Ann was amazing again, but Master Rexer won. It was a long sleepy drive home, 6 years in the us and traveling from one state to another again. At least one of them wasn't a sleeping state, even though my body told me it should be. Sunday 23 March was the Malaysian grand Prix, but I didn't get to see it till later as at 1:00 am I fell asleep, TV on Light on, content in my dreams, until that it my alarm clock woke me up reminding me of Sunday Mass. Off to mass then back to the warm comfort of my bed. They changed one or two of the rules in mass. We have to stand up at a different place now, but so far nobody has done that. We also have to bow our heads while the person before us receives communion. I didn't notice if anyone else was doing this, my head was bowed!!!. We had dinner at Wendy's - Karen cooked, it was lovely, but I left before dessert in order to see the Malaysian grand prix. KR won his first Grand Prix, and the Record for youngest pole position was broken. These new rules you know, not just church stuff!!!. All on Daddy's Anniversary. Yesterday March 26th 2003 I walked into class and there was no protocol at all. Just alit of screaming that disturbed my efforts to change into my dobok. So I had to say something After they did their push ups. It's probably going to be the same next Wednesday. By Friday when I arrived to teach class all had changed. There must be a difference in the Friday crowd, but they were all good. Then we did alit of Korean. Four females and one Green belt male. That is an unusual statistic, and only three of us in uniform. Getting trim you know. This was Daddy's birthday. Lois also arrived Friday, so After class I headed up the highlands. And there they were. So since the snow was over (the snow wasn't over it snowed the next day and the 2nd of April!!!!!). I ran over to the Luciani's to collect my old car. I didn't think to warm up though it was too early to think, so I received nice shin splints the next day. Friday night I started it to make sure it would run for me Saturday. Of course in the interest of having a good story to tell, my car wouldn't start Saturday morning!!! Sonny and his truck to the rescue, and we're running. Pause for a cup of coffee, and to let my battery charge. So Lois and I went to Karate, I should say the three of us as Austin Tom was present if cocooned. My mouse just went haywire. She doesn't sweep, or vacume either!!!!!. Not the mouse. . . Lois Sunday March 30th 2003 was Mothers day at home, so I called mum. There had been a mass for Dad on the 23rd.


Lois went Home today March 31st 2003 with Marcus, bright and Early. It snowed last night, Good thing I took my Porsche out of that garage, and left it parked in my driveway!!!!!.


April Fools day came and went, with no big ado, we did back stance for a while and reverse Korean terminology. Back stance does look a bit silly if you look at it I suppose. Then I got to stretch out the next class. Early on April 2nd - 6:00 am I answered the phone - good thing too because that was the only thing that would stop it ringing from where I was, I couldn't reach the jack. Phones don't ring any more they purr or buzz or burr. Or in really bad cases beep, or even play your favourite elevator music. I don't remember the last time that I was in an elevator, and they were playing music, maybe it was lounging around somewhere else. I digress. It was Gearoid. Full of stories of home, and soccer and gaelic, and not one mention of the weather. That's how I remember things that happen well before coffee. Saturday April 12th was shopping. But first the gup test and the red belt test. And I remember nothing except that it ran over. What does business casual mean, is that not an oxymoran, should I dress like Military Intelligence then? I know What happens if you shop for food hungry, but What about if you shop for clothes hungry. All will be explained in the light of day. Maybe that also explains some other people's clothes choices. Some trousers and blouses, and hand made chocolates later and I have to return home. I started my old car, to make sure it was still running, and packed for the next day.


The Nationals will be in Sturbridge


We went to Brainshare in UTAH, I was never there before even with mature recollection. You do have to be a member of a club in order to buy a drink in a bar, but membership is included by grace of staying in certain hotels. My Hotel was about the same distance away from the salt lake palace as the lab was from breakfast. My trip didn't start very well, as I arrived at the airport April 13th 2003 five minutes before my flight left, needless to say without me!!. And it was spring break, of Course it was spring break, all the other flights were booked. So My bags took a detour through Dallas and I ventured through St. Louis. By the time I arrived at my Hotel all the welcoming had been issued. I met misha in St. Lois though, Imagine if that had been prearranged!. There's a song in there somewhere. So on to becoming a lab rat for five days. Monday I went over early to register before breakfast, but Breakfast was there before me. I registered anyway, been there don that got the Tent - or T-shirt, and of course it's white. Where else can a girl learn Norwegian? Van den gora, or words to that effect. Oh I'm going home in 18 days but who's counting. There was a general session first where we found out all things new, and some funny adds. In a very civilized fashion there was strong coffee available at all hours. We donned our white lab coats, Large, Large or Large, so I picked Large, and accosted people to give them Extend demos. They didn't mind too much when then needed a navy N. - You had to be there!!!. Some people even WANTED to see the EDI stuff. Monday night was the Fun Dome, well penny arcade really but they did have go carting. My car was the energy saving one, that got there eventually and safely, about 7 laps behind every one else!!!. The lads decided to get pink hammers, were they're essential you know for hardware problems. And So Tomorrow was another day. Tuesday, but no class just more labs. It was also Christoph's birthday, ahhh. But we got the Chocolate. Belgium you know. That's why we all headed to Port of Call Tuesday evening. But there he was. . . Gone. Apparently he was down stairs, but who's to believe that??? Wednesday was when the were climbing the walls or rather repelling down the walls, and it was really. There was also a chance to go climbing downtown, but I didn't bring the right show. My business casual/Climbing gear didn't seem appropriate. Christoph showed up eventually, older but not lost. Well that pub is SOOOOO big. They had a big concert for us at the conference center with Huey Lewis and the news. But there was no dancing, ah well can't be helped, some people don't know how to have fun, so after a detour of an hour, we found the actual pub that sells drinks not phone service, and settled in the Port of call. It's the name that keeps dragging you back. Wednesday I also found out that they were serving lunch at lunch time, must be a cultural thing. By Thursday I had my bearings. I went walkabout to see a bit of salt lake city. Maybe it's all the salt, or the altitude but it plays havoc on the lips. Luggage identifiers in hand, I returned. Thursday evening was meet the experts and I was dying to. Before that though, begin rejected by the Frank guy, I had lunch with our Brian. Another nice lunch. Well it's the thought that counts. Then I had a non show for my edi demo. But let's get back to the experts. Are you an expert, yes, of course, OK come on in. We sat between ECMA and Composer - ECompA Experts!!! Then without any original thought back to port of call. Did you not dress up?, No I'm not hunting, I'm just here for fun. And I can do the funny walk. So Early in the morning, I returned to Pack. Trusty bag identifiers in hand, My bag, my bag , my bag. This made it difficult to get up early Friday, but I did, remember last time I had to catch a flight . . no well just read up a few lines.


Saturday I had a change to watch the second harry potter movie. Pause to hear Paul turn 40!!!!! . Easter Sunday April 20th 2003 and of course 8:00 am Mass. But I arrived at 8:02, and you know the old adage, got to mass on Sunday, avoid the Christmas rush, well they picked Easter Sunday, and there was no where to park. But then just as Moses parted the red sea, I was led to the one free seat beside Sonny. Just like any other Sunday. After Mass we went for breakfast in the new place in Amnity. Easter Breakfast, well I never. I missed the live Brazilian grand prix. So I had to watch it after dessert. Lovely dessert with the Murphy's and the Ryans and a family feud with set back. It's funny how these things go round in circles. Then I went to visit the new cat, or as they say in my country kitten. The cat is cute but I got bitten a few times, not by the cat, I think it was insects. Rory said it was George's birthday and all along I thought it was the 21st. Well my card will arrive late in either case. Mrs. Schumacher died after a fall Saturday which was a huge shock, and still Michael won another Grand Prix.


Back to work on Monday, only I forgot it was Monday until Lyndon reminded me, and that was BEFORE coffee. It wasn't even Monday in Europe, because of Easter. I swear I was only in there buying stamps. In jeopardy the answer would be, "Where were you in 1916". I suppose it could be called our independence day. But since I had to work, I'll stick with Monday All day. I did get to upload my photos though. What I neglect in artistry I make up for in Volume. Lots of people I don't know and a few I do. My old car is running well in the rain today, which is better than the first old car I bought, which would be younger than my old car if it were alive today. Well Mini's were like that. Why would it be raining in Ireland anyway. I have a French tune running through my head But I can't remember the words, just vague sounds. It goes, da da DA DA di DI DI doo. . .I could put sounds on this page, But I find them irritating, so I don't. Other things that may be irritating, I include anyway. KJN got a new PC gateway you know where the cows come from, not the mad cows they are chickens, so They have ham here, we have lamb at home for Easter. I'll be going home in a few weeks, - 2 weeks 2 days but who's counting??? Then I'll get my Easter. egg.


Those who live by the sword get shot by those who don't and Did you know :tittup :A horse's canter' a hand-gallop' also, a curvet.


Enough culture. I went to buy some books yesterday. no such thing as the Rise and Fall of the Roman Empute, but I got the next best thing available in Barnes and Noble, then I had to do some weight lifting. Do you remember Reginal Perrings. They also have godiva there, but I resisted temptation, I didn't have room to carry any to the register. Filled with my literary expectations, well of reading a good book anyway, I went to class. We defiantly glowed there, well the girls anyway. On the Luck side, we got to change partners on every self defense technique, which helped enormously with my breathing. KJN said he cuold teach me Harmonica. But we did grabs and sparring techniques instead.


Lunch with the birthday boy Friday April 25th 2003. And not even to the black forest, where they don't have said dessert. Not that there's ever room despite the rules for living - Always room for dessert, always time to dance. But I won't be dancing, I'll be learning the harmonica!!. Next Wednesday. So just 14 days to my trip home, there I go counting again. Not to skirt the issue, I went looking for summer clothes, and I found some, unfortunately when I got home, they didn't macth, not each other, why would I want to wear two skirts, anything else, didn't match. Now my hair is redder as well. I got in just in time as J is no longer scared of flying so she's off to sunny Florida for a week, and that was my last chance before I go home. No I forgot where I was. Mass , Forms, Sparring yesterday. Good thing I made that stew. And the old car is still going well. Now I can't sit on my elbows all day, there's a bruise there. And anyway, It's a mighty uncomfortable position. 11 days till I go home. As newsflashes go, this one isn't very exciting, I found a top to go with one of the skirts, hitten away in my wardrobe, really that's a room though with connecting dos. No lion or witch though, despite what some people say. The headphones are working well allowing me to listen to RFI, which is totally different to RTE. And last but not least, I spent last night tearing apart clothes, well I bought a new de-sticher, Sticth this... Next Tuesday I'm bring another webpage to life, but this has nothing to do with me And everything to do with hair. But today Tuesday April 29th 2003 is another gup test. I wonder is anyone testing? I can be more flurseach with my date entries Now that it's a generic program, pulling out the links. That old date page was getting a bit contrived. Thanks Jony.


How do you play the harmonica, very carefully And not at all tongue in cheek. Wednesday night I had my Harmonica class three And a half hours or draw, blow, DI DA,ho hut, And so on. So the wood ones swell And are more difficult to use. The key of G is more difficult to blow. And a Blues Harmonica has 10 holes.


The lights were on And somebody was home, because on Thursday night, I left my lights on. It was probably the excitement of finding a turnip. Do they have a season over here? I know we had to wait for autumn at home, but that could be one of the disadvantages of living on an island, it's less commercial to import food out of season. I really like those Chilean cherries though.


You can't deploy to the server if the server isn't running!!!. That left me this morning Gail's birthday May 2nd 2003 sitting in a car, that didn't go. Not to worry though cos I had my portable car starter/ Torch. This is also handy when the fuse goes And you have to go down to the cellar where the light switch is half way inside. There's another light, but I haven't found the switch yet. So I tried to start my car with my car starter, but it wined a little And didn't start. Okay time to get another car involved. Where is the battery anyway. always on the other side than the one you thing when you drive the car into position. Here we go again. Red to Red, Black to black, And whatever you do don't hit them off each other. The car gave another whine, And the stealth radio tried to display itself. Well that wasn't going to work, so I switched it off. Now one more try And we have VROOM. Five monutes of that And we are all set. But my battery was so drained that my radio clock was reset along with the other settings. That's what you get for leaving your lights on!!!!!.


Success at baby gap Saturday May 3rd 2003. Preceded by the Dan Clinic in West Haven. We had an opportunity to review the Now Korean terminology. Same stuff, different order. Then at long last viewing the flood that was named the Brazilian grand prix. At least all those cars had company And the removal trucks were there already waiting for them when they crashed. This was the Grand prix that GF won, then didn't win , then later on won again. But not in time of course to hear the Irish national anthem. Sundays have suddenly become busy, starting with 8:00 am Mass. Even without computer call outs there's Shelton practice, everything you needed to know about being Shelton, but were afraid to ask, And then sparring with seniors. I have a new stance Now, I just have to practice it. All this And finding time to watch the grand Prixs every second Sunday. MS won again putting his total to 66 formula 1 grand Prix wins. That's pretty impressive. This was Spain, so when Alonso coma second the crowd erupted. Not the rain though, it was more a tire race than a weather race.


Lots of Birthdays May 5th. I got through to home, but not to Texas. I left my mobile in my car like a silly person. Everybody was out at Rory's house at one stage or another, except for our neighbours from Claire since it's a long long way from Claire to there, too far to commute anyway. We'll all meet up Saturday :-).


Gearoid is out on the road, outstanding in his field, we shall never know, but it must be a cordless phone, unless, by some weird coincidence I dialed the wrong number, but I didn't dial any number I just *94'd. So I'll call back in 5 minutes. 12:53. EDT. The state championship is coming up so ever class has an element of preparation for competition. Check out Julie's new web page. The computer, desk but not power source And all had moved to the kitchen, It was probably hungry. But then it needed a rest so we brought it back where it belonged, or rather the guys did, since it was pretty heavy. That done And a short tutorial with Front-page, And we're away. Page And links all available on line.


This is a story about a girl, not me this time, we're having a break, well she went shopping as people do, then she went traveling, across the country, not a small 200 mile wide country but a big, thousands of miles wide country. So there were two airports involved. Then as the story progresses she drove two hours to some work offices. (The story isn't interesting yet). A few days later, (we skipping some of the non relevant information, just like my mouse. She discovered her car keys in her bag. Which was strange, as before she left home she left took her car keys out of her bag, as her husband was giving her a lift to the airport. And more on the strange side, what was that purple key doing there??? These were not her car keys. So who's car keys were these, And where did she pick them up? Super F made a few phone calls, And the mystery was solved, join us next week for the next episode of....


On a friendlier note, We went to lunch four of us, And after Lunch, two of us - first two females of Gemlogic went to visit the first two males of Gemlogic. Surprise - no they knew we were women, just not that we were visiting. They let us in anyway.


I'm going home today. First a discussion about a monkey. And Don't forget your toothbrush, but I did, so I'll have a new one to add to my collection.


It was a short trip home, but it was packed to the hilt. I arrived at the airport three hours before my flight, when you leave early there's no traffic, well there was some traffic, but not much. My ez-pass didn't work, that delayed my one minute, that was adventure enough for me on my way home. Then the pleasant surprise of a film I hadn't seen before, the recruit with al pachino And Colin farrel, new Irish star, hot stuff at the moment turning up at the Oscars with a woman on each arm, neither of them his mother. Predictable but a good movie never the less. I enjoyed it. It was Saturday by the time we arrived in Ireland. Mmm, nice orange juice, but not what I'd call a breakfast. So it's out to the hometown in search of coffee. And the key worked!!!!!. It must have been the right one, Luckily I also remembered the security code, you can't use one without the other. Upstairs then to the two sleeping beauties. And then they did something they hadn't done since I was little, well in front of me either. Leaving the sleeping beauties, I drove up the road. This was one cup of coffee later. I really like Irish bread. More people unarrisen. But here comes D with breakfast in bed. Well it was a Saturday after all And before 8:00 am. So here we were all together again, last time I saw you was on a different continent!!!!!. Mammy arrived then from her trip to the garage. We have milk, so I went back down with her. Still no sign of K. Did I mention the bread??? I had a few slices of toast. Lovely.


We had a plan. Meet in Dunlaoghaire after mass for breakfast. We even got to sing at mass. Then over to graham's. Lucy And the invalid were already there. Shrapnel you know, well not really a hurley, but imagine how that story is going to change. Real chips, Then the Chef And co arrived. With BUCKETS of chips And toast. This time I was trying the brown Bread. I really like brown bread as well. Hello Hello, And a smile from Cathal. Ger shook with his other hand. Then to shop till we dropped, well at least until the parking time ran out. We actually stayed more than three hours, but Katie got her suit, very soon And that was the most important thing, she's going to Frankfurt you know. Where the donuts come from - not. We had to fill up on fish fingers And Sno. This is traditional. All set And off home. To rest for an hour before our evening meal. Aine booked us at FX Bucklys. So as I was about to close my eyes for the first time in 31 hours, I hear an angelic voice call out 'Auntie Helann'..... It's enough to make to get up And check where the cute expression is coming from. Little Cathal, ahh. OK enough of that, One hour rest later, And we get ready to go, but disaster of disasters, the Iron doesn't work. What to do??? sit on our clothes????? Pull them straight???? develop wrinkles so the clothes look comparatively Ironed?


Give up And wear something that doesn't need ironing. Apparently my legs are way to white... ah well. The taxi arrived early. Kaite's excellent suggestion to get a taxi for all of us. No parking, And no need to drive home :-). We weren't the only early ones, so it was a good thing I brought those quail cards. Hello G. Fun with the Nephews time. It was a steak house so I had steak. It was on the menu so I had death by chocolate!!!!!. I shared with Niall. Nice guy. I was between Niall And Liam. We were on the fun side of the table!!!. Not that Carmel wasn't fun. We're still on Saturday here in case you've lost track. Time flies more as you get to the end of a holiday. It's one of those quantum physics things. We got so a lift home we didn't even have to get another taxi. It must have been after midnight, or at least it felt like it.


Sunday I awoke to the alarm, after mass!!!!. mammy opened the back door. Not very well for mothers day. It wasn't mothers day in Ireland but it was in the US, so we celebrated it. The hoards came over for breakfast. Well Gear anyway. Carmel, decided she liked her rest. The O Donoghues were all there as well. Would you like a rasher?????. By this stage we had out sno And flavoured water so there was more variety, but I still like the toast. Katie's bus was 3:30 PM so we went on a road works trip. It's not at all the same as it used to be but we got there on time anyway. After the night before we decided to eat early, but then we couldn't find a restaurant that was open, or would at least answer the phone. So instead we went to old Faithful Fitzpatricks castle. There were so few people we thought it was the new restaurant, but we found out later that it wasn't. We had lots of time And space to talk though. Aine drove so I didn't have to again. When I got home I called My Friend J. And there she was, so we had to visit McCormick Just for old Times sake. And the alcohol. Is it any good crying over spilled sambuca?????.


We went up to the castle Monday Morning, to visit the pool And collect film. Back to Dunlaoghaire And suddenly it was time for coffee. And a cream donut. Well I WAS on holiday. Hunting for presents And a money box, And eventually we left for Black Rock. They had those new p[ay stations in Dunlaoghaire, much more civilized than parking meters. At willow park AOC steered us towards the staff room, but Now before we met an old friend. The coffee isn't great, but really it was just a method to make mammy arrive earlier, And she did. Then we went to the frascity center, via gleesons. Where can you get a nice chicken sandwich?? DUBLIN. More coffee as well. I bought loads of spoons 'cos they didn't have harmonicas And some people take sugar And eat yogurts. Also I took the opportunity to solve the Iron problem. Then we went to dunlaoghaoire AGAIN. a bit of exchange later And we were all set for the rest of the day's visiting. Jen And I went out to visit Gearoid, but there he was gone!!!!, so we headed off but just as we got to the corner so did Gearoid, so we came back. More Coffee??? Oh okay, And a chocolate biscuit or two. Liam tried on his pads. We didn't test them out, as some things are still illegal. We hadn't finished traveling yet. Now we went out to Rorys. We had to mow a few feet. There were two Easter. eggs waiting for me :-). The day seemed full And apparently I'm a Celeb.. was finishing that night. So I went home to pack. This way, It would be all done for the morning, And I could go to Aine's. I missed the ham with all the traveling, but I got a lovely ham sandwich, see the chicken question above. Gearoid came over, And we talked the three of us.


I woke early Tuesday morning, there was a ringing in my ears coming from the direction of the alarm clock. Remember to fill the tank, Don't forget your phone. Don't lock your car keys in the house, And all this before coffee. I made breakfast. Ate, Said my good-byes And left. I decided on the m50 as I knew it better, And I had a good idea where I would buy some petrol. Everything went well, And I was at the airport three hours before my flight, minus my new coat. Well I would have to forget something. I remembered it when I hit the cold. They took my papers into the office, but it didn't take long, And there I was at the gate 1.5 hours before my flight. They have a new snack place at the gate though that was never there before, very civilized. Another movie I hadn't seen on the plane, And once again with colin farrel. Daredevil with Ben Afflick. No not the insurance, And Matt wasn't in it. Talk but whatever you do don't mention your name. I got a Paper as well. Tres bien. Nothing unusual with my luggage. And the bus to the car park was prompt. So I arrived home in plenty of time. All that was left for the evening was my Tuesday Karate class. Hup Hup Hup. We had our new un promoted Dan in class, and Tuesday's child. So for fun we practiced flying side kicks. That was it, my day was complete, I went home and collapsed into a happy sleep in preparation of work the next day.


I was teaching the white belts again on Wednesday. The more things change the more they stay the same. Lots of red heads. But first back to work, It's as if I never left, well it was only two days off, and now a three day week, we like those.


Today is Thursday May 15th 2003, Liam's Birthday. I've organised my July 4th adventure so I just have one adventure left to sort out. It may include Schlitterbahn. And it should include New York. Hopefully it will include both. So I called home to find what I hadn't forgotten but then I remembered to tape the last episode of season nine of Friends. And part of the Finale of will and Grace. But that really doesn't count. There was an old friend at karate, not old, but old you know. Nearly one year out, and missing one test. Good reason to take it easy.


Friday May 16th and I just posted my new Pics from Ireland. Seahorz played in Toad's Friday night followed by a Who tribute. I came home with my neck in one piece though conscious of the competition Saturday morning. It took me longer to park than to get there. So Saturday morning, way before I woke up, I tried my old car and it started first time, after a week of neglect. The only thing left to do was to get rid of the layer of pollen build up on it's surface. So off to the previously found West Haven High School, for the 2003 state championships. I'm not sure how many people were competing. I forgot to put my name down for Weapons, but then again I also forgot to become one with my knife. Sounds painful anyway. I followed the F&C pattern for buildings, 2,1,3 Traditional, Chilsun and then Sparring. There were different trophies this time, ones that could fit on your desk. And not only that but there were female versions for the women :-). I Thought they were a great idea, even down to the boxes they came in. Them and the vibrating pens. Grand Master Byrne was also there, making his presence known, well a man of his stature could hardly help it.


Sunday I met Sonny at mass again, and apparently they went out to breakfast the weekend before, but of course I wasn't there, I was a few thousand miles away, as the crow flies, if a crow would fly across the Atlantic. I never see magpies in CT. Michael Schumacher won another grand prix. In Austria. Monday, and I got some colour on my legs, I was wearing a dress, but that had nothing to do with it. we were doing sparring techniques with no pads, and that had every thing to do wit my now black and blue state. KJN gave me one of those stress control pens. it even has a picture list of all the pressure points where it may be useful. Not unrelated to my newley decorated legs, MR C was back last night after a long absence. Take it easy lads it's the first class after competition. I just lost a day but now I've put it back. Lots of things happened yesterday, and I am now aparently CPSG. Not a very easy word to pronounce if it were a word, and TBTG, it's not a deseise either. Just re-org back to where I was before. But I got news today, I might be going to Java One. Just a short hop skip and Jump to SFO. I went to see the new Matrix movie. It finishes a few seconds after it starts. It was a bit more girly than the other one, and of course, since it's number 2 in a trillogy, It keeps you waiting for the next one. We went to seymour, and we did. We had more jumping and jump kicks in my class Tuesday. Working on strengths and weaknesses. Loads of terminology and refinement of forms.


The energy was flowing like a river Wedensday evening for the 6:30 PM class. I'm not sure where it was coming from, but maybe it's preparation for the summer holidays. For those of us who get three months vacation in the summer. Those were the days. I remember that song. We used to sing it the same time as all the ABBA stuff, but then again, we didn't own the record player, so we had to get permission. there were also those earphones that made you look like princess leia. or however you spell her name. X2- the new x-Men movie is out but I haven't seen it. They were the comics I liked, but they were not as readily available as Beano and Dandy and then Buster. Later it was 2000 AD. But now we're here and it's not like that at all. I suppose that's why the comic is gone, also the series 1999 with Martin L. Sparring with no pads again last night, building up my collection of bruises for my trip to Texas, Hell that's the way the girls are in Texas. So I go to Texas Saturday 24, and a month and a day later I go to Texas again but with my friend Jen..(fill in the rest of the song here). Friday May 23rd 2003, we celebrated novell 4.2, life the universe and everything, divided by 10. I intended to go to karate, but after I calculated my 3:00 am rising, I decided against. So did RW.


I drove to the airport BAE on Saturday morning May 24th 2003. 4:00 am. On the radio thery were talking about people working late, not travelling to the airport early. I forgot my little black bag. I had to forget something, and it wasn't my wallet, or confirmation of my ticketsw. so I grabbed a ticket on the way into the parking lot, and then It goes blank. I remember getting out of my car, taking not of where my car wa parked. Walking to the elavator, getting in, and promptky getting out again, after realising that I was on the correct floor already. I also forgot my wake up Fresca that I had left out to bring with me. Where had I put my parking ticket? It wasn't in my pockets, and I didn't remember putting it in it's proper place. I decided that that was a Monday dilema on kept going into the airport. The parking garage is at terminal A. American airlines is at terminal B. So I walked past the hotel. They have all these instant check in self help machines, a bit like the automatic cashiers in stop mand shop but totally different. I was even able to pick my seats with a handy seat chart. Good thing too as one of my seats wasn't assigned yet. I was going to texas!!!!!. History of ancient civilisation in hand I boarded the plane and made my way to Chicago, well that's the way they go. They had those adjustable head rests on the first plane. I called NB from Chciago to tell them I was really coming, and I found out about the light green explorer. Always good to know these things. We arrived early and just aas I reached the kerb, made a call Lois arrived. in her Green Ford Explorer. She likes her new car. When we arrived at WHAK new Braunfels, they were in the middle of a gup test. 14 people testing for orange belt!!!!!. Lois and I went for a Meal in Montana Mikes. First we had to wait for it to open though. A burfer without the bun, is a chopped steak or something. We need Loads more sour cream!!!. Then I found out my card had expired. When we got back the gup test was turning into a red belt test, so we went to collect my Godson. Not having enough adventure in my life we went shopping with Marcus. Yes the cherries are out already in Texas. Still the same day, we went to a pool party to celebrate the new gup promotions. Pool, Beer, Sambuca , pizza and lots of mosquitos. Then wayne came out with the spray and all was well with the world. Don't forget the poppers!!! And we're still on Saturday.



Sunday morning May 25th , we went to Mass- 8:00 am, just to be the same as home. The songs were much slowes, and they sung every verse, Then I had to stand up 'cos I was a visitor, It wouldn't happen in Dublin!!!!! Then aparently they reorganised communion. We lit a candle in the grotto on the way in. When we got back to the house the lads were up. Ivan had called. They have nescafe in Texas too, so we had breakfast. All set now for schlitterbahn. There was loads of parking and we saw bubbie's car on the way in. I miraculasly became McKenzie, well it's a scotts name, close enough, It's just the height thing. And we were in. We did the Black Knight - Brett and I we beat the other team down even though they started before us, and the body slide, he went faster than me. There was enough food for three days stranded on an island, but no sand, come to think of it there were no insects there, got to love that. I had fun with marcus on under the water spot, a little bit of repition does wonders, what for, who knows, Then he went sliding with his mum. Sunday night was movie night, so we went to see bringing down the house. Just like old times, fresca and all. You don't want a piece of that!!!!!.


Monday I gained a few hours, my flight was at 6:00 pm not 3 something as I thought. Time for a river float, but it seemed a bit close so I voted for the BBQ, we had steak, and corn. Well done those potatoes.


Tuesday May 27th 2003, back to work after my long weekend, well actually all weekends are the same size but the free time in this weekend was longer. All Hell broke loose today May 28th 2003 with Novell SCO about Linux and Unix. Closer to home, my PC is on its way. not like DirXML which keeps timing out so I can't download it. Frank went to a meeting , but there it was gone!


Thursday May 29th 2003, and the cherries have arrived, it's a small country, well actually it's not a very small country but it's great that as soon as the cherries arrive in one place they arrive in another. Shame though that eating cherries, staines your nails, or rather my nails but at least I'm back on track. not like the elephants who are totally beside the point, cos the wouldn't fit ont it, they would either impale their feet or break the needle. I'm trying to download Dirxml, it wasn't on the CD, so far we have 5% but it bombed after 2% before, so I'm not sure.


I messed around with the registry and I was able to get this here on my new pc June 5th 2003. Morgage meeting over all is well with the world. In stranger events, yesterday (besides nearly meeting a train very close) the internet was intermittant at work. memories of a different day, a Tuesday before Thanks giving, when the internet being down meant something. So My Pc Arrived Friday May 30th. Good thing I didn't buy that new portable DVD player, since this is one by definition. So I bought two weeks notice and Catch me if you can. I'll be able to test out my portable DVD player en route to San Fransisco. I already checked out the language features. - Exactly what I expected. and just like english they leave out some of what is said in the subtitles. We learned the first quater of the double dagger form, now I need the daggers. pause to check out double daggers on the web. I also got to teach the red and Green belt class in West Haven. Saturday May 31st was Sonny's birthday - again, it happens every year. Sonny was at mass Sunday, I actually got there before him, well it has to happen once in a while. After mass I saw JP M win his first grand prix this year in Monaco. KR was second so He's still first in the drivers championship. Then we had sparring class, I think I'm getting better. 6-3,4-2. Next Sunday I won't be able to go, but luckily there's a tournament on in Bethany so there's no sparring class either. KJN dismissed the red belts after an hour on Monday evening so that he could teach us the double dagger Form, there were ten or more black belts and masters, we got half way through the form, but KJN said all the dizzy stuff was finished and the rest would be easier. Speaking of easier this keyboard is much easier than my old one, or maybe I just like the smell or lack thereof. Before Class on Tuesday we practiced the double dagger Form. Lots of rolling on the ground. During class then we did the jumping over stuff after going through all te terms in the gup manual. I won't be there next week. My new card arrived, a month late. Ah well, it just adds adventure. Now I'll wait for all my other stuff to arrive. This web is great.


Long time no see, so long in fact that last night my double daggers arrived. Luckily they are packed safely. 6 Dvd's missiles and a car cover later, and now my expectations are very low. My "Fixed" GPS even arrived already. today is Friday (yippee) June 20th. 15 days since my last confession. I'm still looking at my calendar in spanish, so it's a bit confusing with the Thursday Friday thing. we had a small group Friday June 6th so we had an intense short class. Lots of Hu Jun, chun jin...Then Saturday I formatted the gup manual as best I could.


Sunday 8th of June, I made my first trip to white plains to travel to San Fransisco for javaOne - after mass there was no sparring class because of the Tournament. . The plane was delayed leaving, then when it eventaully arrived in Atlanta, it just sat there, making me just late enough to miss my 6:00 pm flight so I had to get a 7:20 PM one. My bag however was aparently on a different flight. Of course there's no crown room, in the concorse that my flight was leaving from, that would be convienient, an if every thing was convinient, why would we have delayed flights!!!. So Pamela from Tuam was on my 7:20 flight, but as mentioned my bag was not. Then they tell me my bag was on the earlier flight which was due to arrive 2 hours later. It's like that beatles song I used tto get wrong, and I thought it was a riddle. "When I was older..." We'll deliver your bag they said... So I went to the hotel only $40 for a taxi, how much for a Limo???. I checked in and met Christmas, more orr less the same time, He was a mine of information, and he had phoitos too. My bag arrived at the airport 11:00 pm, acording to the delta web page. it only took them 4 hours to get it to my hotel, by that stage my internal clock was at 6:00 am, and external clock was 3:00 am, so I was tired, where are those pajamas anyway?. I should say by now that it was Monday June 9th. When I woke up, I didn't want to get up, but I did anyway, and checked out when we were to be at the lab, not that I was needed. Joy, it said 12:00 pm, that was great news, so I went to check out some shops before going over to register. On my way to register I met Frank. So we went to register and out to lunch in the chieftan, the only problem was a lack of gas, which meant no Guinness (no beer comes near). But we made do, and the did have shephards pie, not for long once I got my fork in in. And of course brown bread. Back to the lab and tere was lots of installing to do. You know how much we love to install. We got kicked out at 5:00 pm, Did I mention the two 35 foot banners on the way into the lab?? You couldn't miss them- cursor. Anyway I went back to the hotel, and called my newley engaged cousin, I didn't need 411 after all, I had transfered both his numbers already. So he was free, and I popped out to fulton for the evening. Pizza and chat. They even do nice Pizzas in SFO. Tuesday was the first day of the actual show, we were demoing in the lab and giving away a free acer, along with t-shirts when I say we, I mean they, I was just talking alot, and of course clicking buttons. Then occasionally stamping cards. I reckon I can do multi row in my sleep now, maybe that is why I kept waking up. The hotel we were staying at was lovely. Bob the builder was there as well, and Tuesday evening they produced alcohol from 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm, this stuff looks much better in a blur. I left my java one cap int eht grill/bar if the hotel. Back again on Wednesday and the presentation of the Acer tablet, novell, the Booth with the big red Novell on it. Memories of SilverSummit as well. I went out to Tommy and Anne again on wednesday night, Tommy cooked. Thursday I brought my suitcase over to the Booth, in preparation of a quick getaway. My time was up 3:00 pm. When I was about to leave I spotted Bob about to do the same , so we went to lunch in the north end I think it's called. Anyway really nice. We had italian. Then I got the red eye home. This was the evening that the sweminar was on about self protection for women. But I missed it. I went to work from the Airport, but by now it was Friday Morning. Ryan was to be promoted to Cho dan. So I went to Karate from work, Clkass didn't start till 7:30, so I taught the previous class. Ryan and Connor did a demo, it was amazing.


Thursday the 10th of July, I see that I haven't written in here since the 8th of June, so now I am depending on my memory to fill the rest in. This might not be a good thing. I think it's best to start backwards as that's the way I think. Yesterday was our company Picinc at Wolf Park and nobody was hurt, not like last year, but then again last year it probably didn't rain the whole time. In between the rain we had fun. All the kids were there, so it was great to meet them again, also with people from futher afield again. What is the difference between a four leaf clover and a shamrock? - Write a three page essay. Tuesday was Aine's last day here, so I worked from Home. We went out for breakfast at Murrays for lunch. I picked up a DVD player in WalMart after all.Monday I got to work really early 7:00 am, and not a child washed. All the better to be able to go to Waterbury for lunch. I now declare this sports center open. My Home computer has gone mute. Good thing I got that DVD player Tomorrow. If you know what I mean. After work, I went back to Waterbury, well Aine was still there, and we saw Charlies Angles, Nothing to do with KJN, just the second movie full throttle. I had fun, and lots of popcorn. We went home and tried to watch Sweet Home Alabama, I think the DVD is scratched or something, there was a blurp every 5 secs, which never went away. We opened one of those green bottles, to celebrate the evening. Sunday July 6th 2003 flew, just as we did eventually, but the plane was an hour late leaving as the pilot was somewhere else entirely, which all meant we reached home at 2:00 am, Early or late depending on your point of view. we saw the Tall ship Niagara, while having a burget and listening to live radio on lake Erie, in downtown Erie.Maureen's going to build a new house but we saw before, pool and statues and all. The new Plans look amazing. Sunday Morning was adventourous, and not just because of my sense of direction. we went for Breakfast, and then Chercer l'eglise. We found a church but mass wasn't till 12:00, unless we could time travel in which case 8:00 am. When we went for a walk in the village, we asked in a shop. Cos we're girls, and we can ask for directions. Champagne Brunch was at 11:00 am which just left enough time for mini golf. I got hammered, but sure that's the way :-). Before we knew it it was time for Brunch. NO Champagne though till 12:00 pm. Ah well. We were a minute or two late for mass, but we still got alot of the speech. That's when we went out to see Maureen.


Saturday 5th July 2003 was Megan and Brian's Wedding. Breakfast was lovely, even the mountain of Pancakes!!!.The wedding started at 2:00pm which gave us loads of time to go for a swim. When we got outside, we saw the slide, but it was closed. Then the nice life guard came over to ask us kids if we wanted to use the slide and of course we did. Then the other little kids came out as well. Then to wedding preparations. I wore my harp to comply with the Irish theme, and I put on my best Irish accent. WE arrived really early, so we had to go to MacDonalds. Well that's what you do. We were ushed to our seats. That's what they do, all set for the wedding. Brian and Co sang the Irish blessing.. May the road rise.... barbershop style and it was beautiful, as of course was Megan, even without singing. At the same time, or even earlier the 2003 Tour de France was starting. If I were you I wouldn't start from hjere at all without a car, but we did. We had our name places with shamrocks and our table numbers. Then shamrock covered champagne sitting at the tables. But best of all of course was the dancing. They even played Come on Eileen. Aine and I did the stacin orna to a polka, after trying the polka out for a while, or was that the texas two step. Anyway it was real fun. we got back to the room 10:00 pm exausted. Aine was still on GMT but I had no excuse. Which brings us back to driving through torential rain to get back from the Fireworks on the 4th of July. We could barely see the white dots in the middle of the road, but we made it back to the hotel safely, just slightly drenched from getting from the parking lot to the reception area. We had all been at Marges Condo to view the fireworks, 15 mins of boom, bang and sparkly. Pretty good. We were the out of Towners, and because of that we had been to a French resturant for a meal with all the other out of towners, No He thinks he's arnold palmer!!!!! So the splitters from Roanoak were there. That mornng, we arose early to have a leisurely breakfast and organise ourselves for out trip. I didn't pack enough clothes really, but it worked out ok anyway.We found a bridge out on the way there so we had to detour. That's why we left early. The flights were fine, and when we arrived in Erie, there was Maureen waiting for us with directions, and a great welcome. I didn't recognise you after 6 years!!!!!. We grabbed out car and headed out to NY from PA, NY, PA,PA,NY.... lots of interstate travel. No elevator though. I forgot to download the stuff for my GPS, but it was sill some help with the bigger roads and the direction stuff. The Marshalls were having a Picnic, so we went there. Great fun was had by all. Lots of singing as well. That's where I met Megan and she looked so Happy.


Thursday the 3rd of July was a day like any other day, except that my sister Aine was arriving in New York, for the second time this year. Then because of the 4th we were let go early. So I got to go home, before I left to collect aine. What do they say here, pick her up??? I met a couple at the airport waiting for their daughter arriving home from her Honneymoon. After additional investigation, I found out they were waiting for their son-in-law as well. Aine Arrived, yippee. All is well with the world. Two hours home and then rest.


Wednesday, we had many chefs at karate. Run by AA. I had a mixture first, then I had the green belts. Its' all fun and games.


Wednesday 25th of June, I was in Bristol CT on a POC at the bank, which means I missed teaching. Also since every body was leaving they met in Tailgators later on. Splitters, but nice chicken. Thursdsay they had the lunch- going away lunch in trubmull. I went out strawberry picking with Chris. you are what you eat, an I ate loads of Strawberries, well they would only go off otherwise, so I had to.

More on Wednesdays. June 18th 2003, I went to Cinncinati for another POC, 3270. Good time to try out White plains again, before my trip to Erie.


Two day Pub Crawl. We went to Town Friday the 11th of July. I went to the Diageo Office to Pick up Deb, and then we went to the wrong train station and couldn't find parking. So we parked and took the train. Standard procedure. There were no maps or timetables. Then we went on to the platform that said New York, and took a train to brewster. it was going the wrong way and coinsidentally, so were we!!! The nice man on the next train, going the other way towards New York, pointed North out to us. My internal compas is always letting me down. We reached Manhattan, and for once started in the correct direction for our destination. Those wheely bags are fine except for kerbs and puddles. The hotel was great, and all was well with the world. 411 Park Ave SOUTH, see we had only klearned where north was, so we went the wrong was again to Les Halles. There's no such place here, you must want 411 park Avenue SOUTH!!!!!. and we did. Lovely steak and wine later and then we went in search of Sulivan street. We were there but nobody else was at least there might have been but we couldn't see anyone, it was part of the ambiance like the monotone music!!!!!. and the $15 for two drinks. an Hour and a half later, one sentance worth of lyrics and we left for greener pastures. Up North. That nice Irish pub we saw. But first we got hijacked into a different pub. The band was good, and live, and actually saying words. I bought a new domain name but it hasn't appeared, this web processing is not as simple as people have made it out to be. I've been waiting days for my instant website. So Michael was in rosie O Gradys but so was Obnoxtious guy. from the most well known city in the world.


Saturday July 12th 2003 was a day for shopping. But First breakfast, and for 50c extra you get to see a fight, or do you. It's all fun and games. Frank was in town for his birthday but I didn't know. We went down to Century 21, this is also the site of the World trade center, and outside most things are $5 well according to Jersey boy Alex anyway. Now I know where that is. That was my first subway trip as well. Nothing daunting, it's just an idea you get in your head, funny that, a bit like a joke but totally different. Oh, my Monthy Phyton DVD's arrived. now I have the technology and the media, I just need to plug some stuff in. We got lots of Stuff in Century 21 and then to the Gap on 5th Avenue, the other side of the road, but still north. On the way back I was given the opportunity to practice my Korean, and get my eyelashes done at the same time. Who would have sunk if they couldn't swim. On the language theme, debs got a french manicure. So all done up, we stopped for lunch in another Irish pub. Hi, can we eat here??. it there somewhere we can get Food? Could we have menus and a place to sit???? Oh, I thought you were friends. So we got some recomendations for the evening ahead. no dark and dank trendy bars with bouncers, but that nice Hotel bar open till 4:00 am, and a whold street of other places to go. We eventually found a place in new York with a blender. but only one glass. Maybe there's rationing going on. But my Name's Kevin. Barmen are a sober bunch by profession, but fun anyway. You needed a card to go to the bathroom, good thing we both knew Irish. Eventually we left in search of more pubs, and we found one, funny enough, cork people and general fun. We got home after 4:00 am.


So that makes it Sunday July 13th and we missed mass, but we didn't miss breakfast. I think we missed a train, but I wasn't sure of the time table, so we took the 11:23 train home, which arrived after 12:00 pm. That station is pretty hot. They made announcements all the way back, just in case we were going the wrong way again. I arrived late for sparring class but just in time to get punched in the face. Just the look I was looking for to go with the lashes. My friend ... arrived July 16th thanks to Howie, I'm not sure of the spelling of that. I worked from Home so I was there. Sunbathing Thursday but not for me. I remember the turkey burger but not where. Friday is easier, cos we went out to lunch with Sue, no not a guy with a name problem, Sue D. We found ruby Tuesdays but not where we were expecting it. Eventually after 22 months we made it into New Haven, chercher the bar the bar, but we were struck by an Irish flag (well not really struck) and we went to the playright instead. that's where all the irish people are. must be a homing device as well as a flag. And we weren't the only europians there, we were however the only europians who knew ow to tell a good joke. There was the whole chemical group there as well, driving tests the next day. Saturday July 19th was Ryan's Party- Cho Dan you know. nice House, Nice Pool, Nice view, Pretty nice all round. and I only got lost cos I didn't know what town I was going to but we found out before I headed out. I had fun on the slide with the girls, memories of Lake erie, not the pool, the slide. After the Party we went to Cafe Nine. Live Music and my friend Ellen, and a guy running for Mayor. It's easier than running for the bus, and you don't get so exhausted. After Sparring class Sunday 20th July we went to New York on the train. We stayed at the Helmsley. The tour started the same way, but even though New york never sleeps, it is sleepier on Sundays. We went to Greenwich village, and a cheap foreign bar. Monday July 21st was my second trip to Century 21. We really got some bargains, then a week later I saw mention of it in S&tC. Lots of trips on the subway as well. Lots to learn there.


Tuesday, and not just any old Tuesday, Tuesday 29th of July 2003. This is my First entry since getting my own domain - http://hmorahan.com. Soon it wil be bye bye AOL, but thanks for all the Porn. Bob Hope died yesterday, or at least I heard about it yesterday. he was 100 years old. Aparently he died with a smile on his face.We had a GRD Class last night, I brought a spectator. It's the new schedule to get us out of the school earlier, so we got home at 1:30 am. Well we stopped of at the greek place at the bottom of the hotel. WE definately laughed alot.


Friday we got up before 4:00 am. This was the day we were flying to Texas. We reached the airport with no incident, and even joined the short que just because of my dividend status. Cool. The Crown room was closed, despite the posted 5:30 am opening, so we went to the gate. Nothing beeped. All this before we woke up, so we had a cup opf coffee and a bun, or if your J, a sponge - and a heave one at that. You know what a mini muffin is? Well it wasn't one of those. Once the tablecloths came out on the airoplane I knew that we woud b e fed, and not up. I even got a bowl of cornflakes. Who's better than me. Please don't start listing. We don't have time. Real glass glasses as well. but no dangerous instruments like a metal knife. we picked up the car and got the little girl inside the box to show us the way to the Rileys. And there they all were, not gone at all. Lois Brett, McKenzie, Marcus and little Austin, but he looked more than a month old. This is when I found out that I left my camera in my Computer bag back in CT. Lois had a blue book to spare and that was good. Then Master Cox arrived. WE went out to check out the San Antonio Hilton and of course entertain the singer in Durty Nellies. You know that famous Irish song Four o' Clock Rock!!!!! At least they didn't do the aligator thing. We bought fans and left them there. Not it the pub, there were peanut shells all over the floor, atmosphere. If you go to Ireland bring your shoes. That night we stayed in mama rileys with the cat, one small step for man. jumpy, jumpy, jumpy for zorro. Saturday Morning, was the ideal time to chek out IHOP in texas. The queue was really long (everything's bigger in Texas), but it only meant a 12 minute wait so we did. And it was worth it. Who would have thought that traditional Irish pancakes, are actually German Crepes without the butter??? We had Lunch together Tom had a Jug of Ice tea. Nearly as big as the queue but way totally different. We met Lois Marcus, McKenzie and austin in Schlitterbaun. Lovely bag. McKenzie came with us for a spin, and then we went to the pirate ship with Marcus and Mckenzie. The Rileys had to leave, so we just sat around going in circles, fun :-) They even had lockers. The smootie was more liquid than smooth though. There was a gup test so later we went to the party. Nice Hat. then one time.....Lovely spinach dip. As a matter of tradition, we went to IHOP again on Sunday. That was after we bought the straw stetsons. Walgreens where else.


There has been so much happening I'm way behind. Yesterday Monday 4th I took class again, it's the new GRD class at 7:15, last monday before the Nationals as well and the class was full. I was home before 9:00 pm whitch is unusual for Mondays, not any more. I wnt to St Louis Wed 30th - Caitriona's Birthday and came home Aug 1st even though I didn't really reach home till 2:00 am Aug 2nd. So all my plans for a constructive Saturday was out the window. Sunday Aug 3rd was the last sparring class. a jaw and ear strike. reshema came to visit with her cast. and that was nothing to do with Sparring. And Today will be my first Tuesday class of the new schedule. Hopefully a haircut too, but not all at the same time. Master Riley taught class last night. Si Maestro. I had the new adult Orange and Whitebelt class with turned out to be two people (and a half if you niclude M). I've been in the MGK five years now, another year of classes, sorted. It was time for a change, so I got bangs without the fireworks, but Red, white and blue anyway. Then love hurts, or at least a hug does if you injure your jaw. No sharks, just a few cracks, and a pain in the ear. Does anybody remember the old buster comics? I went back to the luciani's and saw Austin and Marcus again. ahhhh. Today we all go North, not to stand but to compete at the 2003 nationals.


Back from the nationals and all is well, 3rd, 3rd, 3rd. But that's not the story, some of the story is the pause in the middle of my form. some is how close WHAK A and WHAK B were matched. and alot is the story of the dance. There was no DJ but then there was. In the meanting we discovered the bar with the live music. They same happy birthday to Barbie, and she did the splits. I had to go change in order to dance some more.Chris, decided to yield to peer group pressure and ruptured his achilies tendon. Thursday August 7th I drove up to Sturbridge from work. Pretty uneventful, I walked past Karen on the way in and missed her sitting there.. STAND UP, sorry you can't, at least I knew I was in the right place. The courtyard was inside, which was great, including a swimming pool, full of stuff that strips colour from newly died hair, there I was not dead. Perple were talking about going out to dinner, especially after that bored meeting, so I joined the first people who left, it started out with Laurie & Co. but transformed into our texas friends, and so the KJN. Chicken Alfredo was good though. This is when I found out there would be no DJ, which is not al aphabeth with only 24 letters!!!!!. J isn't used alot , but what would we do with out a D, use t I suppose or th. When we got back people had gathered in the Bar, time for some Kopf medicine, everybody was drinking it so they ran out. It must have been all those coffee beans. Donna slipped but she go back up again. Laurie and I got volenteered to help out 8:00 am Friday morning at registration. Bright and early Friday morning, I went down to breakfast. Master A was there with the newly disguised Vinnie. Not much breakfast later (there is such a thing as a bad breakfast) I went over to the ballroom - you shall go to the ball- room at 8:00 AM. Laurie was already there with pattie and Kirsten. whose name I can't spell. After a few Friendly greetings, the PC arrived, but the printer didn't work, so we made the trip to the managers office an used his printer. No Better man, or printer even. Time for a new Printer. then it was to the competition, as I mentioned 3,3,3 half the beast, and I got inturupted, but I didn't miond. The problem was trying not to laugh, maybe that's why I got docked points. My Knife form was fierce though. Ryan won for his knife form, so that was good. I had to go back to CT to pay the DJ, not that the DJ was in CT, but that was the route he said to take. It was easier on the way back as I was really sure of where I wanted to be even oif I didn't know how to get there, that GPS is great. I went looking for Kopfee but there they were gone wehen I got back to the room so I joined up with the Family. We went to the resturant with attitude. That night there was dancing, with a live band, It was only two people but that was enough. The ladies controlled the dance floor, and now and again the odd guy would come out to dance. I had to change my top to dance with seosaf. Hard work this dancing. The even played I will survive. So We survived, and I went over to registration again.Saturday Morning at 8:00 am, this time I didn't even attempt breakfast. It's nice to be able to welcome people so I did. I was ring co-ordinating with Nick, which is much easier, and has less of a guilt trip that judging. TIME!!!. IT's a bit like being a bar man in Dublin but totally different. The tournament finished early, so I decided to go for a swim. The only problem was the new colour in my hair that I didn't want to change to purple. Old Fashioned I know. Then the girls were going for a swim in the lake. Perfect except some where along the way I lost them. No hassle as I would fin them before the banquet anyway. Paul and Ivan were at our table but they got elivated to the head table ao they were mission in action. I wonder what the Photos are like. I didn't take any myself. Kevin had alerady arrived so all was well with the world "Are you the person who hired the DJ?????" False alarm. So there was dancing, alto of it and many people. That went very well. the bar closed at 12:00 midnight and the dj closed shortly after. oosman and chris paved the way for the new generation of dancers, and MT danced his dance, from the roll down the hill.


Today is Monday, I'm awake ant it's August 18th 2003. I'm wearing my new new york t-shirt, as that is where I was this weekend, with my friend Deborah. Remember Blizzard 2003..... well this week we had Black Out 2003, which was the biggest power cut ever. it went from New York New York all the way up to Canada. in Manhattan they had no power from 4:11 PM Thursday August 14 to 4:00 am Friday August 15th. Happy Birthday Jen.I was in my office in CT when the lights went out, but of course my computer kept going what with the batteries and all. then the lights came on again, and then they went once more only to come back. I missed a call or two, but otherwise I was unaffected. I didn't even check out the news. I also for got aboug my clothes drying down the road. It must have beenm htat lunch with Chris. So after a trip to Oxford, for my education I went to Karate. we had power, but just in case we weren't using the airconditioner. At first it looked like we would only have two people in the class, but That didn't last that long. Gearoid called me in the morning, to see how we were, but I had no disaster to report.I Just had to reboot my PC, and all was well, Good old Power protection units, my copious amounts of technology remained in working order, not so downstairs, but that was soon fixed with a quick on.Giving in to peer group presure and the digital revolution I went down to Bridgeport to collect my new Digital cable boxes Tuesday August 12th 2003. For $10 less I get an extra box, and a few more channels. Sounds good to me, where do I sign. I even get on line tv guide, so I don't have to wait through commercials to find out what's on TV. not that I have tom to watch anything :-) Wednesday August 13th I had lunch with Paul. two new haircuts. so we had a small Adult lower belt class again, aparently that will all change with the coming of the school season. Everything changes, just like the leaves. We'll have all colours then.

I Just found this Irish page and I like it.


The aftermat of Blizzard 2000 :. We went to New York, to show our support, and because we had the hotel booked and it was non refundable. This time it was the Warwick on 54st and 6th avenue. Close enough to the fun for us. First step after navigating our way into the parking lot and out again, was someyhing to eat, I know a place, I just don't know where it is. and then (eventually we found it) BUT there was no food. that was Typhoon Brewery. Next door to that Grazianio graicously offered us food, but only for cash as their machine didn't work any more because of the power cut. We could however wash the dishes, I suppose their dishwasher didn't work either. A bottle of Chilian red if you please. We visited Cassidys - best pint of guinness in New York city, opposite bloomies, which I cannot find on my map and then made our was to the Irish pub, as if there was only one. The frat boys were there, one with a limp. At 4:00 am we were in garveys. That sambuca was HUGE, a pint of your best sambuca if you please, at least it's a Diageo Product. We played some music on the Duke Box. Maybe that's hou the time flew, the lads were dressed in black, oh yes the power cut.So that concluded August 15, a day worthy of Jen's Birthday even though she wasn't there. I called though, and got through. Aine called me as I was on my way to New York, all was still well. We found the Star diner for breakfast Saturnday Morning. Nice place on the corner, then we happened on the street fair, Every weekend you know but in different places. this weekend it was exactly where we were so I had a toffie apple and d had chocolate strawberries on a stick. They also had bananas dipped in chocolate and marshmallows, so much food, so little room, especially after breakfast. They even had silver rings, but they were difficult to eat. In the meantime Nescafe came out with this version of cold coffee syrup. mmmmmm. And they were giving away free samples from a holster. well I had to try it, twice.This was the street fair on 7th avenue. we ended up on Broadway (no connection to singing and dancing skills) and we dropped off the photos. Good thing we didn't believe shop owner number one. We turned at the gap and made out way to the subway. Old hat now. First stop union SQ. After shoes we found a chemist, but they didn't seem to want to serve us so we left. Second Stop Fulton. No sign of New Jersey, but starbucks was still there. we hit every floor again. This time we had a car to carry the stuff back, so it was going to be easier!!!!! We came back via the Photo place and another pahrmacy, same Name but people willing to serve. Different attitude in midtown!!!!! D went back to Bloomies, and I went searching for lemonade. But the fair was gone. (It's not fair). 10 minutes for my back and all was well with the world. They even recoginsed us in disguise!!! I bought new sunglasses in Century 21. There was a resturant next to Bloomies opposite cassidys, so we dined there. Our waiter was a bit depressed, maybe that was the powercut as well, but they did take credit cards. not like Bloomies, who could only take AMEX. I never heard that before, but that's the way. Sunday we woke up 5 minutes after check out time.!!!! After some much needed sleep.


August 19th I almost left the house with no computer, as it was I turned on 313 instead of 243. one of those days. My verizon plan hasn't changed for billing purposes. Maybe it's virtually changed. I tried to meet on the web, but there it was gone. on the way in the back door, I used their quick solution to reset my password, and sure enough 4 hours later there it was. but I wasn't as the webinar was over.Today is Wednesday.


I'm downloadin another version of Director and I just finished the last toblerone, but that's the end of a long story, seeing as since a picture paints a thousand words, and a thousand words takes less room, I'll just have to relate the story. Not forgetting the other stories that went between. I suppose I should start with the weekend of KJN's party. Friday the 22nd of August 2003 and a day of rest, so I did. All great plans of venturing to Karate Firday night and indeed saturday morning, went straight out of my head, when the concept of rest entered it. So Saturday at a reasonable hour, I ventured over to White plains in my Porsche to pick up my friend Debs. There is no song in that. We went off to the Outlet stores in Clinton CT. The short story is I found a designer suit reduced!!!!! We went into New Haven that night. Playwights first, cos of the irish flag. I wore my new shoes, not the wedding ones the other ones.but that's going ahead of myself. Next step, or rather limp, reference back to new shoes, was over to anna liffeys where New Havn won the CT rugby tournament. Great fun was had by all, and we defaced a dollar bill to hang on the wall. Debs and I. We had to go to IHop the next morning, not in any martial sense, I just fancies german crepes, just like mammy used to make. Then a short jaunt down 63 to Millette's and we were able to go to the party. Kjn's Party was Sunday 24th of August, Pool and all. I woke up early enough for mass, at least my head did, then I got a call from my hero. so I was awake. Sonny was at mass 'cos his trip was cancelled. Another story there, but I don't know it.The batteries in my camera were gone, so no incrininating pictures. debs came with me to the party, just one more of theose adventures on holiday, a bit like a weekend in New York, but totally different. Many friends old and new and a roast of beef instead of Pig Roast! The traffic back to Whiteplains was not as bad as the two ladies forsaw, but that's a good thing. Bye for now, see you next time.


I woke up Monday morning, but my neck didn't. It wouldn't move, or at least it would, but only by causing me allot of pain and making me black out. Not a good thing I though if I were driving, so I worked from home, what a pain in the neck that was. One phone call to my local expert later, and I had the means of my recovery, if only I could move as far as the shower. Time heals all wounds, and does wonders for a sore neck as well. After a while, I was able to apply the cure, and a hot pack freshly microwaved. You shall go to the ball, or at least the wedding!!!!!. I arranged to meet Rick at karate, but he didn't know the new schedule, he does now. On the way to Karate I bought a pair of shoes to go with my suit. No such luck with the top, but maybe I'll find something in Ireland. No Class for me but I managed to get the new list I needed for input to the Dan Page. Which leads us nicely onto Tuesday. Travel day. The day I went home to Ireland (okay there were lots of those days, but at the moment this is the most recent). Tuesday. August 26th 2003, Gearoid, Lucy, Scott and Laurna's anniversaries. Ah yes I remember it well. When is Gold not Gold? when it's a codeshare. So much for plan w. I met sinead on the flight, So we had fun. Just for a laugh. The movie was So good, that I've totally forgotten what it was, I know it was funny but that's it. They have a new protocol on aerlingus, they don't tell you when you're allowed to start using your computer. We landed slightly late, and my bag even later. Too late to give S the magnet for her mother. I'm not speaking in code but even if I was hjjer erhwd iu dhe. By the time I arrived in Ireland of course it was Wednesday. Keys in hand, Code in head, I went out to Mary's. And there she was, not gone. Home again. Let's have a cup of coffee. I bought some bread on the way Home and a slice or two of bread. We went into Dunlaoghaire, and sure enough I found a top in A-Wear, well I found lots of tops, but One specific One that would go very well with my new suit (see above). Interuption.. My download said 10 seconds remaining for the last minute, I wonder when the message will change to "Worry Now" or as AOL should "You've got Porn", that isn't what I was downloading but you know what I mean. Gearoid called, I eventually found my phone. The guys needed a lift to GAA training, no better man. So that was sorted for later on. First a trip down memory lane, or at least around it. My friend Jen was there, all clean and everything. I went out to Nutly Ave. early, and found the house surprisingly quite. The sun was shining So everybody was in the garden (don't imagine people in Flowers here, the American translation would be in the yard).I picked up my two packages and a map and started my treasure hunt, or at least training hunt. We made it in plenty of time. Unfortunately not the right event, Liam's training was non existent, So We all had to go watch the Dublin Footballer teach Niall some gaelic. That was fun. Tom nearly had to climb the tree Just to catch the balls. We didn't go out for that pint After all, Just back to the mcAuleys. Did I mention the lovely tea and kit Kats earlier on? We went to be around 10:00 I set the Clock for 5:00 am, Tomorrow would be another day.


Tommy and Anna got married Thursday August 28th 2003. Among the guests were Gearoid, Aine,Rory,Caitriona, Helen, and Sean, Breda, Mary, Basil, Helena, Catherine, and of course Tommy was there, this would have been the first time We were all together for 30 years, if ever. So my alarm rang, and I convinced myself that it was a good idea to get up even though it was only 5:00am, well By that stage 5:05 am. Pack and leave, Hold on, have a cup of coffee first, pack and leave. We left before 6:00 am, and mammy was even awake. We found mother Hubbards n the way, but it was far Too early on our trip to be giving awaw minutes. When We reached Moat, I started looking for hotels. And there they were gone, but eventually We reached hannans which is called something else in Banisloe, So We went in there. The most difficult part of The trip was trying to navigate Salt Hill, three miles away but no way to get there, but eventually half an hour later We did. No, you other right, if I were you I wouldn't start from here at all, where would all The fiun be if signposts told you where to go?. Aine was getting her Hair done, So After We checked in, Lucy And I went into Galway - The easier way - gearoid was driving to get our hair done. Peter Marks was full which might be a good thing if you consider The gollywog episode from The last time I get my hair done there. I think that was a while before I went to Corfu. So We went somewhere else. That was much better. Curlers, I never thought of that solution, but it worked out really well. Then our chauffeur arrived And We went back to The hotel. Galway Bay Salt Hill. One suit later And we're ready to go to The wedding. Our chauffeur arrived again, And We were driven , very slowly The few miles there. To The church at Barna, It's part of The Gaeltacht. But there was road works So We drove very slowly, The only consolation was The The bride And groom, would be equally late. Uncle Leo was there And We had some of The mass in Irish. We needed hankies though when Uncle Basil's voice stated singing The wedding Prayer, And then To top off The tears. He sang How great thou art. Memories of before, And all over my new silk suit Too There was lots of time To meet people After The ceremony So We did Brid was there from Australia. Then We went back To The hotel To eat. Poor Gearoid couldn't finish his dinner, I'm not sure if he even started it. John kindly had my wind filled, And We had everything for dessert - very civilized altogether. Then there was Dancing, And Dancing, Gearoid got his second wind. I took a few photos (170). The straw men came And We had a bit of a ceile. Very Cultured. And none of that, all The old maids over here stuff. Yes, I had a brilliant time. Caitriona stole The show with her Rock The Boat And Aerobics. When The dancing finished around 1:00 am but who's counting, The singing started. At 4:00 am Gearoid decided To leave So I did Too Peer group pressure. I think that was a good end To a great day.


Aine called as We were heading off for breakfast Friday August 29th 2003 So We arranged To meet her,but when We went down stairs there she was gone!!! in her place, or maybe somewhere totally different sat Catherine, Steve And Company. But The Donoghues came soon.

Don't forget The duck, it not only quacks but it sings/quacks three different songs And it's a puppet, essential for every household, I found it Monday September 1st 2003.


News flash Sep 4th 2003, I'm going To Mexico in October.

Time is flying By but there is still much To be told. There was The Carnival in my back yard, And The family of Pheasants. The hard disk that disappeared. The handbags stolen from Church And other minuscule events. Today is Tuesday. September 9th 2003. I made some of The wedding pictures smaller, To protect The innocent And those who had a slow connection To The Internet. Also I am now webmaster if KwanJangNim.com.


Some stuff hasn't been finished but today is Monday September 15th 2003 And The beginning of The 40 days. It started out OK, And okay So far. So 40 days To go And counting. More deploying And stuff for my portlet. Today is also Mexican Independence day. OK 36 days left And time is really flying. There was No class yesterday because of The cali stick fighting clinic. Budt We did have Hurricane Isabell, when I say We, I mean NC And places like that, We Just had a windy day And allot of leaves And branches on The ground this morning Friday September 19th 2003. I've rearranged The front page again, but I don't know if I'll post it. I suppose this page will get there The same time it does. Tuesday. After class I went for some wine. Well red is a nice colour for teeth. Garnet is nearly there, Just some MQ stuff, And a few more sets of data for projects And we're set. It will be inside our firewall though.


Another trip to New York, Saturday September 20th 2003 this time we stayed at the New Yorker Hotel. It was a strange system in White Plains parking lot. You pay money for being in a parking slot. You pay for 19 hours then You bump it up if You have to. Extremely non initiative. Good thing Deborah was there with her mustang!!! This time I met a few of the other Diageo people at the Culture Club. One of those places where You dance on a hanky. If You can find a hanky. in between elbow wars. I got my face done and learned more Korean, but the street fair was over by the time we got there. Not to late for chocolate strawberries and marshmallows though. Since we were so well fed we went to Langans for dinner. It was delicious and really good value. Not like les Halles which was expensive and average, but with a French accent. There was a long line to get into culture club, but we got in and met up with Debs and co. at 1:30 we decided to make our way back to gearoid, so by 2:00 am we had left. Gearoid was busy so we went to a different Irish pub. Can't remember the name, but they only had bottled water go figure. We got back to the hotel around four. The walls seem to be very thin, and the wall paper and paint even thinner. We met Anne-Marie at the Virgin mega store for breakfast Sunday Kieran's Birthday and went to leo's diner. Or at least I think that's where we went. We had fun heckling the barman, no... white toast, just like mother used to make. You're tourists aren't You!!!. I bought a coat in the new mexx shop before it opened. And a lecture on the use and care of Rayon. We went off to Fifth avenue, cos We hadn't been there in a while. Saks of course and a trip up and down. We found Starbucks in Trump Tower, so We stopped there for a cup of coffee, and a kimberly, but they call it something else.


Lina left and I don't know why. Monday September 22nd 2003 Maybe it was too may repetitions. The grd class was pretty big though, so I only got two fights :-). The new set of programs started on TV as well the New Las Vegas and two and a half men seem to be very good. Usually I don't like new programs. Remember that One We checked out in Las Vegas!!! Someone broke the side mirror on my Porsche Wednesday September 24th 2003. I cam e out after work and there it was gone, but then again not gone, as a jig saw puzzle just sitting on the ground, beside my car. There were no other card beside my car. Their absence was conspicuous. We have new Mexican students, It's a coincidence. First the trip, then the movie then the students, or maybe it's all connected.

This is my name in Korean. Friday September 26th 2003. I'm still waiting for my b&n book, The dictionary was a success even though I cannot find most of our terminology from Tang Soo Do there. I'm expecting it to be in the other book, with explanations. All the books have arrived, but they were not quite as expected. So I bought a soft dictionary. That Declan guy is great. After karate on Friday I went to a Movie, One Time in Mexico or something like that. Great preparation for my trip Tuesday the 7th. Then to Hustlers, I didn't even know it was there on the Boston post Road. I went the wrong way home, and I had to turn back!!!Saturday after Class we took some pictures of merchandise for the store. Or rather five stores, KJN's page is getting better and better. Then on Sunday September 28th 2003 after Mass I had to skip breakfast with the lucianis for the Intramural tournament held in the west haven high school. Small but fun. I did have time to see the Grand Pirx though, unlike MP who was there in person I was just watching it on TV, but it was worth it. MS won his 70th grand Prix. KR managed to stay in the running to be the youngest world champion ever and Montoya has arranged it so that if he wins in Japan, he gives MS his 6th and record Breaking Championship. Good Race. Jenson button was leading at one time as well!!!!!. Following that we had a celebration for mellington and Thamara. Lots of songs, but that was just a personal preference on my part. There were around 30 people there, including my friends from Oxford. We had a gup test yesterday from white to green. I tried to install HanGul, but I had the wrong disk. Nice shrimp though, even though I don't like sea food. Pyong Ahn. So I've translated two names now. More pictures for the web page later, the one of me was fuzzy so no go there, I'll have to try again. I have 6502 "sayings" on my cookie page now. And I only access them one at a time, so I put them back on the Front page. Thanks Luba. I Took allot of photos last night after Class, Master Dugan was teaching, and we had and extra added 20% at the end just to be sure to be sure. My apartment is also eight years old since last night.Lunch today with Christy, we had to change venue because of the lack of service at Ruby Tuesdays. Hark back to Lunch with Frank on Tuesday at Tuesdays, that nearly tool all Tuesday. Saturday October 4th I went looking for Diox.


October 18th 2003 one week to go to the test. I went down to reset a fuse and found the place covered in cobwebs. It must have been a long time since I blew a fuse, In a literal sense anyway. It was the old Kettle and Microwave that Did it. KJN went to Chile Thursday 2nd of October and arrived on Friday the 3rd. After Mass on Sunday 5th of October, I went to Shelton via Trumbull, cos that's where starbucks was, and probably still is depending on when this is being read. Good call on the coffee but I didn't bring enough for everyone. I defiantly didn't bring enough for for the elephant. But who would have expected and elephant in the middle of Shelton? especially after a triple espresso. Next was the opening of the Gazzebo, which is just as well as we need the extra security in Woodbridge. Back to wash some doboks, and all is well with the world for Monday. The Patch got completed on Monday. I went to West Haven, but I didn't stay for class, Something to do with that early start. Tuesday October 7th 2003 was the beginning of my trip to Mexico When is a Drive to the Airport not a drive to the Airport? The lady at our counter was extremely obliging. At the end of the day it meant our bag arriving early. But earlier than that was the nice feeling of being treated so well. We tried out the crown room, good coffee. On the plane they decided to give us extra leg room. Now all I need is the extra leg length to go with it. The air stewardess was from Hungary. So I stood in the airport in Mexico wondering what type of sign people might have to describe us. Instead a face I recognized appeared before us before we got very far from the door from the gate. Note here that we got a document on arriving in Mexico that I left in my Passport. So our Friends remembered us from the Nationals in Las Vegas.SBN Frias and Adan, were there to meet us. We went back to our hotel for something to Eat, and then we went on a tour of Mexico City, and we got to ride the subway there, not all of it though just the Pyramids and the tallest building. We eventually found out why the flags were at half mast. Then there was the story of the belt, not a Mickey mouse story though.The next trip was without a map or a dictionary. Just the address of the hotel. There are allot of shoe shops off the square. And plenty of places you can buy a medallion of the virgin Mary.At least we know that you buy wine in the wine store. These tourists are crazy. The taxi man (you know beetle) didn't know where to go, so he popped through a few red lights to go the right way, but we eventually got back to the Hotel. Then We just had to wait for KJN Then we were all there. Wednesday morning, Somebody knocked on my door really early, do you have anything you need washed? no but since there was no iron in the room, I asked for my suit to be pressed. Bright and early I went down for Breakfast. Our group weren't there but I met some of Mi Guk Kwan Mexico, before our group arrived. May I have some knives please? Tanto you know. The first session was all the instructors, and KJN in white. Very Interesting. It takes a long time to dry these uniforms you know. After The first session, with Black feet, I went back to change for lunch, but there was somebody washing my floor. So I waited the I went in to change for lunch, or was that dinner, It might have been.After Lunch we had all the red belts and the black belts. I was given the opportunity to speak to the students before KJN arrived, so I asked them to give a loud Tang Soo!!!!- It worked :-) The class was bigger, and there were allot of parents there watching.I got a break, and assisted in the teaching. More of the Dan material got covered. We met some new people at dinner. Thursday morning started the same with the instructors.This time though we got to use the knives. I was teamed with gabrielle, who was hiding his language light under a bushel. The biggest class of all was with the gups after lunch. ahhh, all those little orange belts and white belts. Master Kopf stretched us out again. Two for the price of one. I was asked to teach the lower sleeve grabs. There's nothing like teaching something to make you remember how to break something down!!!!!. Did I mention the floor!!! All the parents were there, b ut we didn't manage to get on to the breathing exercises. I changed my choice for dinner, chicken not beef. I had to deliver the wine before dinner and I took the change to wear the suit that I brought. Last time I brought two blue suits to Chile, and wore neither. Well it wasn't going to happen this time!!!. After dinner we had all the speeches. For once I tried to stay quite and out of it , but it didn't work. Ah well. THEN it was time for dancing. SBN Frias brought us, 3/4 of our group, as KJN was exhausted by this stage, out dancing. The only problem is that in those dance bars, the dancing is marangie, or salsa, that needs a couple, and I was the only girl. The national cocktail is pinacolada, which suited me fine, except I was thirsty, so I drank it like water. Through a straw. Then there was the funny incident with the couple. Thursday, it seems is a slow night. Never let a bottle of wine go to waste, so we didn't. KJN & SBN T left at 7:00 am Friday morning.we had more civilized plans though that didn't involve leaving the hotel till 1:00 pm. SBN Frias brought us to the airport, and all was well, until we discovered the missing piece of pare, that was important, and that there were two different lines for getting on the same place. A trip to immigration later, I have never seen this man before in my life!!!, and we had enough documents to satisfy Roberto.No Crown room though, so we went looking for jumping beans, we didn't find any, they must have jumped away. We had three seats on the way back though. one for an absent friend.The drive home didn't take long. we were in the car by 9:41 and back in Oxford by 11:20. There was a small traffic jam for 15 m inutes, then it was clear again.


Saturday October 11th 2003, was Brooke's birthday party, and a Gup test and Red belt test. It felt way longer than it was cos I had somewhere to go. All fun and games and lots of brownies. There was even a moon walker. Not at the Gup test at the birthday party. I got a terrible shock on the TSDMGK web page Sunday October 12th 2003. It was like being at work all over again. But anonymously and in writing. I don't drink BEER!!!!!!! So I called people.That was really upsetting. Training was good though earlier on even if I didn't bring any coffee this time. Michael Schumacher won his forth Championship in a row, and 6th in total, by coming 8th in Japan. Rubens Baracello, won the Japanese Grand Prix, So Ferrari cam First in the Constructors Championship again. KR came second in both. Championship and Race. I stayed awake to watch it on TV, but then I woke too late for mass. I made it to practice though.


Monday morning doesn't really mean Monday morning, it really meant 10:00 PM but it can be changed to say 4:00 PM and be 5:30. Then I had an explosion so I have to go home before karate. It's all fun and games. KJN was teaching, First class after arriving back on Friday. Bright and early Tuesday morning, October 14th 2003, I drove to New Jersey via Shelton, it only took 3 hours 30 minutes!!!!!. When I went to mass Sunday, Sunny wasn't there. Texas you know. I stayed home though trying to recuperate, ready for the trip on Monday and the test on Saturday. Ee dan what else. Then Mammy called, ah, that's so nice, she has an answering machine now, but I think it may be voice mail. Please leave your message after the tone. My tap shoes arrived Monday October 20th 2003. This was the day we went back to New Jersey (like old Jersey but totally different. An old jersey has holes and is stretched or shrunk) . I was teaching Korean Terminology Tuesday October 22nd 2003 to the kids, It's just a jump to the left, and then a hop to the right. Conor's brother craig, I think it's craig was there, and I got to teach him twice. Then we had the gup/Dan class with KJN and K-1, followed by the dan class - me, that knife form is way too fast!!!!!. After class I handed in my essay, sans pictures, which will become an issue later, and no excuse. Then after class I went over to tell KK about my tap shose, but without the shoes, another story there later on.

I went in search of photos Wednesday October 22nd 2003. I needed some from the front, and some from the side. Like you do for that INS stuff. That was after I delivered the Porsche with no side mirror to Peter. He's off looking for a car for my friend E. So walgreens doesn't do it, CVS on my way to work doesn't do it. While I was out washing uniforms, oi went in search of another CVS, and foun one that was very helpful, 8 of one and eight of the other. That worked out very well and I got some wigs too. Wel Halloween is coming very soon. Life starts again after the test. I suppose there will be more to do for the promotion not least If I have to redo something. Last night we went through all basic terminology, all Intermediates, all grabs, all forms, all in one hour. Heavy going. Then I got a surprise. Good news and bad news, rud eigin dearg. Last class tonight. Last chance to brush up on anything.

I called Microsoft for help...Thursday October 23rd 2003 Yes I know stupid thing to do but I did it any way. "Do you want to use you incidents to pay for this ...?" YES, Ok, here is Michelle, What is you name, what is your system, What did you have for breakfast. So I answered all these questions. Then it's oh,we don't support that you have t , It didn't have my problem ask DELL, I don't think Dell can help me. Then you should try our web page. I already tried your web page it doesn't have my problem listed. Well if want help from us you would have to report an Incident. I thought I WAS reporting and incident, that was the option I picked on the phone. Oh well then we can help you. What is your name, what is your favorite colour? how many swallows does it take to carry a coconut shell????. here is your incident number, I'm putting you through to someone who can help you......MUSIC.....UPDATE YOUR MICROSOFT........ MUSIC ......UPDATE YOUR MICROSOFT.........One and a half hours later nature called, well actually at this stage nature was screaming. So I took a break. I should have broken the phone instead. I CAlled back. Oh it shouldn't have taken that long to get through. the wait time is 30 minutes I'll put you back on the end of the queue. Notice lunch time coming and going with out tha lovely, then I went out to lunch phase. two hours 34 minutes later I'm still waiting for microsoft, to answer in 38 minutes. I called on the other phone, the said some one was going to call me at 2:05 central time, which is 3:05 my time, which is 1 hour and 11 minutes ago. Still no call, I think I'll call again, it's been another hour since I asked for help the third time. k, 2 hours 38 minutes and counting. Ah well that's how it works. I called again, not it's 3 hours 11 minutes. 3:18, still waiting.3:25 3:38. it finished 3:45 I gave up. at 5:00 pm my time, she aparently emailed the other email address, while I was still in line waiting for someone to respond or to call me back. This support center doesn't do a very good job of supporting, imagine if I wasn't paying for it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


It's Gearoid's birthday today, and a builders holiday, how good is that!!!!!. So I called and heard the story about Luke and the eyes, I thought it was really funny, give him a call he might tell you. I just stuck in a picture of the moon for no reason. I left my mobile phone at work. Plan A was to go fetch it Friday evening, Plan B was to fetch it saturday morning. Good thing we had a plan C. i made the stew, are the stew. it's one of those life cycle things.

Saturday October 25th 2003 It was a long weekend. It started with not collecting my Phone Saturday morning. Blowing up my heating pad, and burning my dobok, besides that it started very well. I had some coffee and something to eat, and I went to West Haven for the Clinic. Lots of people, but most of them seem to be sam dans. Yes a sam dan is a person, but a person is not necessarily a sam dan. Bent Stretch, open closed later and we had a long break till the dan test. 11:30 as advertised not as recomended. There were eight people testing for ee dan and two for sam dan, and then 17 for cho dan. so 27 in all. the test went fast, I think mainly cos there weren't asking us to repeat things, which means we didn't know if we messed stuff up. Edited highlights. My picture had no Xcuse. Loaned out some pants, Forms went too fast, Tanto suddenly changed since Tuesday, Got kicked in the head, I got knocked down but got up again. Falling during Tanto, Fell down in double sparring, Took one person down, the other fell, Broke my boards in the third try. After the test I went to collect my phone, see plan C. I called my mum and explained the double kick to her. The day isn't over yet, there's still the stew and more. Back out to Oxford by the river for wine tasting, and Riverside food. With a side kick like that no wonder you don't have a boyfriend, some people are just like that. Have some free food though. Then there was the chicken song even though there wasn't a hen night to be seen for miles. Something weird happened to my typing and I keeping typing ''' instead of ''', Just a note. You may not notice it due to the magic of editing. Not not that door the other door, and at least you got there first THIS time, ewll there was carpet. Sunday morning, I got called early. we gained an hour. Daylight saving and all that. So I went to mass OI got there really early. I thing I sholuld be credited three for that, not for getting there early but sitting there. thoughts of training ran through my mind, and my body objected stenously, not that it could do much strenously at that stage. The Chruch breakfast was being helds after 9:30 am Mass, so walked over that at 10:20. Adair and sonny were already there ready to hand out food. I met Lois's friend BJ, John and Jessica, there were lovely,I didn't feel too well, so I went home to bed. the problem was that I left my tap shoes in Rick's house - always the way, never fails to happen. So I popped out there to pick them up, after getting that chess I needed. But nobody answered the door, and I didn't recognise him, so I went over to Mark and Wendy, who were there, Gone. next back to the kopfy house, and they were all there, Mark was there twice with Peg and Wendy. I stayed for dinner but not for sambuca, Well I still had to collect my tap shoes. I did. That was the end of Eddie's birthday.


That clock thing still hadn't registered by Monday morning so I got to work really early. Lots of stuff to do, Edi, WSDL, Wash uniforms, Wrap, forget my wallet, I didn't really need to do that but I did anyway. Good thing for the emergency money. I arrived at Karate early, even after stopping off to get that CD from Adair. When I walked into the Dojang, KJN told me I passed my test :-D. this is a very good thing. So I skipped along to get changed, then I taught the white belt kids. Fun thing to do number 2. We had a sparring class, then I gave KJN Han Gul(that's korean for korean) and we watched a movie. Tuesday I had lunch with my friend Frank, and found a new dessert at the metro Grill. It was the bomb, literally a chocolate bomb. Since it was Tuesday and the last Tuesday of the month there was a gup test. Six judges and 5 people testing, but Ryan got a change to Judge for the first time, and that was good. Mr. Tabone showed me some of the knife form, don't try a roll on a hard floor, if you don't think you can do it correctly, result, Big bruise on right shoulder, good thing my Computer bag is a wheely. Back out to KJN's house now with the new Declan Software I bought, This time I didn't stay for the movie. Beauty sleep and all. Wednesday morning October 29th 2003, and my clock has adjusted to EST. No more getting up at 6:30am. It was fun while it lasted. Or was it??? I don't remember now it was such a long time ago. another class on wednesday, Classes are getting bigger. master Dugan is back as well so all is well with the world. Thursday was tap dancing day. But first it was lunch at the diner with Chris, and di the dividend thing, not at the same time, we were in the right place to buy more coffee thouogh, dunkin donuts, not maxwell house. I don;t know I only like nescafe, and bewleys straight from home.I worked late and went to the dance studio from work. S got lost, but she was found just in time. so tip tap tip tap titap titap, shuffle, shuffle ball change and so on I can make the hands move, and I can make the legs move, one at a time, it;s just this doing it altogether to music that I have a problem with. Later and we were laughing in oxford, very good for the stomach, and thanks be to god we had lots of toilet paper, in our cars. And the dog rand around. It was very late going home. Friday, another day, and another class, or was it. no it was Hallowe'en, amoung other things, pay day, Ainse An d Declan's 14th aniversary, and of course Friday. So I wore a blue wig/ red wig, withc hat, no wig. out to lunch back to the metro grill, but the bomb was gone ah well. Such is life. The more things stay the same the more they change. Speaking of change, when is a karate class not a karate class? When it's a trip to 744 for dinner cos we're all wrecked. NO movie though, we went there to wait for the movie, but by the time it was time it was too late, bidy clock speaking. I suppose that happens allot. Two more months left in the year and they start with the First of November 2003. I got up in time for karate. well done that girl. No test, just regular class. Then back to the ranch, but I fell asleep!!!!! I must be sick or tired or both. I found out Sunady. I got up at 5:00 am, in preparation of my 6:30 am trip to the first TSDMGK Region 2 tournamnet held in Casperkill country club. Alas it was not to be. I was fighting a headache, and by 6:00 am I was fighting to stand up. So I went back to bed and stayed there for hours, just getting better, not at my chil sun forms though!!!.


My computer is reving. and stocks finished at 7:35 + 1.30, they got top 8.80 at one stage but not now. Today is Tuesday November 4th 2003. 127.8. This was the day of the call. the day we got news of Bob and Co. and also the day that Novell announced that they bought Linux. Plan for the day. Teach class, Take class. result, Practice double dagger forn, teach class, stretch class, take class, raw hai again :-). and that's about enough of that. Which leads us to Wednesday November 5th. I didn't bring my camera into class. Master D was there and Master P. They let me teach the advanced belts again. Shi Sun. Thursday the 6th was our second tapping class. I had to park on the road, and I went home on time considering that I needed to bulk up on sleep before the weekend. I was right(strange thing that happens once in a blue moon). This was also KJN's birthday. but alas and alack I wasn't there I was busy tapping. Friday was Christy's birthday, of with the use of high tech, or yahoo IM voice, I sang him happy birthday.This is a tradition. A bit like calling all your children Mary!!!.I stayed late to reach the 12 hour time limit before I could apply for first class, but I Accidentally checked in instead, and to coach. I investigated some more after 6:00 pm, and I found a not saying I couldn't apply for an upgrade until I got to the airport. No believing what those web pages say. (Take what you are reading as a case in point) I tried again on a different route, and I found the page, that let me apply for an upgrade, not only that but it was accepted, so I printed out another boarding pass, and I was all set for 1st class for Saturday morning. No class, just a trip down the country to Eddie Izzard.well it wasn't meant to be eddie Izzard, but he's so funny I couldn't help it. MY car didn't break down, cos it'a a reliable Honda. and Blue to boot!!!!! I got back the next day which was about three hours before I had to leave for Texas. So I got up aroiund three and got ready to go. Funik in place. Something to read, and we're all set. I left before 4:00 am, and there wasn't much traffic. The long term parking at the garage is now only $13 a day, which in my humble opinion is VERY reasonable. I walked over to the old delta terminal, only to find out I didn't have to so I walked back. No rush though I was really early. Nice First class but no food this time, I think that was a once off with Jen. Back with the plebs from Cinncinatti to SAT, but the seats were big anyway, and no-one was sitting beside me. Lolo was parked when I got there with austin, ahhhhh. IN here comes wurst feist again. We went to Bube's to pick up McKenzie and Marcus. Then we went to Wurstfeist for the rides for the kids. Round and Round.


Monday November 10th is Aine's birthday. time for lots of ho sin sool in class that night. then the next day - Tuesday at the shelton class more of the same. Followed by a trip to West haven cos I missed it to fix some computer problems. all Done All Fixed and All is well. Stocks are going up again November 12th 2003 Mammy's Birthday. $8.45 at the moment, which is a good thing. in other numbers -.6 and day three, but that's a bit optuse. I can't find a picture to explain, it's will be a bit like that seven sides on a Fifity pence piece thing, and Five Counties in Connaught. Last night after class I was back in West Haven, this time two computers were sick. Luckily enough with some TLC we manager to coax them back to their healthy selves. All is well with the world now, olr at least with that particular lan :-). I haven't heard any news about my Apartment, so I presume it's still not rented. Maybe I should go home for Thanksgiving and check it out. Two vacation days in a row!!!!!. Doing well on the Ficiala front, four days already, and I've reached naoi cloiche again. caitriona has been off the cigarettes for over a year, which is just as well cos after christmas they are going to be banned in Ireland, well in pubs and resturnats and working environments. Next they won't let you drink or talk - quote from EZ. I brought my camer to class again last night, I got Master D and Master P, only 52 to go!!!!!. Zicika broke her board on the third try with a jump back kick. Yippee. It was a good one. I got to stand and watch. I orders that stuff from Sky mall. This all leads to plan A. some of that is around thanks giving. I also need to travell to get 25,000 so near and yet so far. That leads to calling Mary Lucy on her birthday She says she's going to cook for christmas. Aine has started already, well those christmas pudding take a VERY long time. It's all that soaking in alcohol (not the cook, the pudding). But tonight as every Thursday these days is tap dancing. Stocks finished at 9.73.


Executive decision, no relivance , I just like this gif of a vw bug. I booked a trip to Hollywood Friday. Today is Monday November 24th 2003 and thanksgiving is next Thursday. So the reason behind it is 22100. That's not a joke but it could be if you thought baout it very hard..... no very hard, more tahn that. Oh I give up. In the new def I write more so If I stop for say 11 days it seems like a big gap. I did the whole stock think, exactly the wrong way. These are the things you learn, now I have to sort it out before the end of the tax year. Not a pretty picture. The intention was Saturday morning, to go to class, after picking up the orange car. but I waited too long, so when it was too late for class, then my car wasn't ready, something about brakes! for the life of me I can't figure out how I lost Friday!!!. KJN announced Monday November 17th that I will be promoted December 12th. there were lots of Sahm dans in class. Tuesday I had my class then I took two more. Master Bennet was taking class as well. I got a few more people for my Video tape. Then there was tap dancing Thursday , this time we rembered to clap, but will we remember the moves? Shuffle to buffalo, flip flap, or something like that. I don't even remember the names. The classes are getting smaller now, and we have two weeks off, because of grateful people and a nut cracker. Pause to check hands. Kodanja class was Lots of IMing well more than usual so I'll spatter smileys Friday and we had 6 or 7 O dans, they were learing 49. (7x7). I took some more video, and ended up at 744, no corelation. Party is the last tap dancing day, so choices have to be made. This leads us to my second visit to Texas in two weeks. This time it was for Master Brett Riley's 10th year aniversary, and byt the way this co-incided with the 5th aniversary of cape cod. My friend Lois tested for EE Dan, but I missed it by a hair, I did not however miss the dancing. Yes there was dancing, and there was me.Not tap dancing, or anything you might have to know in advance, just music with a beat, and words that we knew already. There must have been somthing in the water though. That's a reference to the demo. I might publish the list if I want to, then again this is my web page and I might not!!!. BR looked at the video when we got back to the house. Sunday was really a travel day. First class, but that just meant bigger seats and alcohol I couldn't drink, cos I had to piuck up my car at the airport. WE sat in atlanta for an hour waiting to take off. some indicator wasn't working. I got back after midnight. All things linux now, I have my Linux hard drive, but I Still have install problems - MySQL you know, these personal problems have an ego.

Sunday November 15th 2003, I went to mass then out to Shelton. But there was nobody there. Aparently a tree had fallen (don;t know if anybody heard it) on the Kopf roof!!! on Friday. So I went to work, web ex you know, It had to be done by Monday. Invite. But at 3:40 or some time like that, all the Power in shelton went!!!!. So I left as well, Up north, but I turned at route 188 and headed for the bent roof. I didn't get quite as far as the bent roof, but accross the road to Mark and Wendy's. Brooke did my hair. :-) Wendesday November 26th 2003. I started copying images, but it took too long. I must not be using them all. We didn't get sent home early, to be thankful. I went back to the Appartment before class, but there was no time to visit Julie.


Long Time No See, not Blinded by the light, just MIA, or at least away from this piece of text. For cronoligocal reasons I must state taht Today is Tuesday December 9th 2003. Whether that's true of not as I am writing this you have no way of knowing. Last Shelton class this year, as next week is a test. There was thanksgiving, and thankfully, I just lounged around in my appartment, eating Roast Chicken, Who knew? I suppose all those people who buy already roasted chicken besides me. Well it tasted better than If I had cooked it myself. Not that that says much at all, considerint 1. my Cooking Skills, 2. My Oven and three, how annoying it is to have to wait for a chicken to Roast!!!!!. Friday Nov 28th though was an early start and a long day. Literrally, I added Three hours by popping over to Hollywood. Been there, Done that, got the T-shirt, shot glasses and a few souviners. Some of the trip was good, like First class all the way from Atlanta to Los Angles, and some of it was not so good, like the Taxi drive to Hollywood Blvd. I found a Starbucks and that was an achievement. There was nowhere at the airport to buy maps or get information before I left. So in starbucks I planned and met some nice people who told me where the bank was. I walked the Hollywood Blvd walk, no a strut, you can't see the stars on the ground if you keep your head high. I did the VIP tour of the Chinese Theather. And I went up to Universal City, Cos that's where hard Rock Cafe is. I was just about to stop and ask for directions, but I couldn't find any information booth..... Just a Big Guitar right in my line of sight!!!!! yes the Big Guitar right in front of Hard Rock Cafe!!!!! I had dinner there, Strawberry daqurie was disappointing, so I had to move to red wine. Then the adventure of the Subway back to the Airport, Where I met a man from Korea. Annyeo ha sin ni da. By the time I reached Atlanta it was Saturday. Great news though, my last leg was upgraded as well, and that was the one with Breakfast. Pretty uneventful from then on. CT was cold, I drove home, and rested. BIG TIME. Nice to get Phone Calls from home :-). We're still 10 days away from Today. Sunday I went to msas, but not to practice in Shelton. I'm not sure if anybody was there. Did we mention the Big snow. It came Friday December 5th 2003. Lots and Lots of snow, so I left my car at work and didn't see Master and Commander. Then next day I bought more roast chicken, new fad for the next few months I suppose. The attic plan started Sunday December 7th still snowing and not a good day for Christmas shopping so I moved my boxes, and there were alot of them. Wednesday December 10th was the trip to Clinton CT. you know the exit where the Gap is, well That's where I parked my car. That was not however where I went looking for my car!!!. So I used one of my lives and called a friend, and the Police, then I had to call back as the nice lady pointed out to me that I was in the totally wrong place!!!!!. At least my car was in the right place :-). Back to Oxford after Tapping class Thursday December 11th 2003 , and this time, the other girley was there. we had some fun, cos that's what you do all girls together.


Friday December 12th I was promoted to 2nd degree Black belt. Zee and I did a demo and it went really well especially for two practice sessions. I think it was the non standard Ke-hap that had the most effect. and then there was a no show. Lots of food and hugs, which made for messy clothes, My uniforms are MIA but they'll arrive some day. So on the 13th we had a Gup test. This went on a long time, then I went to Walmart to get stuff for my new attic plan. Clear out the Boxes and Fill up plastic boxes. It snowed again this weekend, so I took the oportunity to clean out my attic and move it upstairs. Hard to visualize unless you see it. Just like the Mouse.Enough said there. Sunday December 14th. After mass of course I can't find my book. This was Lunch week starting Monday Dec15th I had Lunch with Frank. he had a traffic jam but I didn't, too many calories.



Wednesday December 17th was the Party. I only got slightly lost with my GPS. Two drinks each and a test to see who was over the limit. Then Gary wore jeans!!!!!!. Mind you he brough Gail with him so I suppose all was well with the world. There was no dancing, but then again there never is. I learned how to say happy new year in Chinese and Russian, but I think I've forgotten by now. Big changes happened yesterday Thursday December 18th 2003, and we learned the end of the shim shammy. I went out to lunch, but I don't think that made any difference I was out to lunch all day. Then I went to deliver presents at 3 Enterprise. This morning Friday 19th I delivered the stuff to Burma road early. One of My sessions was cancelled but another of my sessions was re-instated, so it's all even. Yesterday it looked a bit different. There is something in my eye as well. I drove to the Airport from Work, no incident there on the good side, the new A train is working, so I didn;t have to wait for a bus to the terminal. , there was a long line at the airport and a woman complaining that she would have to pay extra for her 10 bags. Ah well. The chicken on the plane was horrible which was actually a first for AerLingus for me. I arrived in Dublin Airport Saturday Dec 20th 2003 I picked up a renault Clio and drove to dunlaoghaire. Mammy was there with the door open waiting for me, what a nice welcome!!!!! So we went into Dun Laoghaire proper, where we met up with Rory and the gang, I'm small Helen, cos there's big Helen and Little Helen already. According to Cathal. Sunday we nearly got asked to bring up the offerings, but we were upsurped by the orphans. I called out to Patricia Monday Morning and we had coffee and a chat, the whole gang was there, but a bigger gang was coming. Monday Evening was Ruth's recital. That went very well, and I met Niamh and had to practice my irish. Bhi orm mo chuid gaeilge a labhairt, agus ni raibh moran cleachta agam agie fhad is a raibhme sna Stathe Aontaithe I came back to the US on Sunday the 28th and the whole world had changed. ie we had to pay for Drinks if we wanted them, so I didn't. that's just uncivilised. I also left my mobile phone in the car. So After I checked in I went back and there it was all wrapped up and waiting for me.The lady in Imigration said I wold get my Green card soon, and I got my hopes up, really she was just saying that my parole visa would run out soon. When I arrived in JFK I had to wait the 45 minutes for my bag. Then back on the A train, it's old hat to me now, and I was helping other people. The year came to an end at Oxford with lots of Champagne. Many things happened in between, maybe I'll write about some of it maybe I won't.Then again maybe I'll forget. But I have to mention the party. Ivan was there and did nothing outragous which is worth mentioning in it's own right. I saw the new lights, even though it took me a while to see the light. Anne was there but we didn't tap dance- she was wearing boots, another remarkable fact. Rocco turned up really late but earl enough to ring in the new year. Even though we nearly missed it I know it woulod have happened anyway. After the festivities, I went back to the ranch. Pause to copy photos. I got some pictures at home. I missed the night of 1000 kicks too busy not going up a cold mountain, but RK missed it as well, so I don't feel so bad, not like his neck. We went up north on a mystery tour on Tuesday. And therein it lies.




A New York Minute:

Typhoon Brewery 22 E 54th St New York, NY 10022212-754-9006 San Pietro Restaurant 18 E 54th St New York, NY 10022 212-753-9015 Star Diner 839 7th Ave New York, NY 10019 212-245-3030 Langan's Bar & Restaurant 150 W 47th St New York 10036, NY (212) 869-5482 Irish Pub 839 7th Ave New York, NY 10019 212-262-0587 179 Varick Street Greenwich Village New York, NY 10014

Milford Plaza Hotel

270 W. 45th Street New York City, New York 10036

Bloomie Nails 44 W 55th St New York, NY 10019 212-664-1662

David Z 821 Broadway New York, NY 10003 212-253-5511

Century 21 Dept Stores 22 Cortlandt St New York, NY 10007 212-227-9092

Warwick Hotel 65 W 54th St New York, NY 10019 212-247-2700 Park Central Hotel 870 7th Ave New York, NY 10019 212-247-8000 New York Helmsley Hotel 212 E 42nd St New York, NY 10017 212-490-8900

New Yorker Hotel

481 8TH AVENUE New York, NY 10001



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