Places I remember

Just to mention places and Maybe I’ll fill in the information later, October 1999  New Braunfels – Wintercamp 1999 the 10 day salute to the Sausage Jumping off a 36 foot pole but I caught the Ring Amanda did a cat stance, rang a bell with Keri and drove home from San Antonio in a Bus. Dressed up as Clint Eastwood and Ate a cigar (no I didn’t intend to eat it I just kept chewing…). On the way back we had to leg it to catch our plane and then they had to get two other people off the plane who had been approved for standby. August 4 2000 Nationals in Florida but first I crashed my car into a tree, these trees don’t know their safe cross code properly, well the car – a rental was done for, and my knees were black and blue. Shelia came an picked me up from the hospital because she’s really nice I had just been in Montreal. I competed in Forms to no great effect, a bit too shook up and under practiced, but I managed to Dance and Dance and dance, oh and there were a few of those Jelly shot things, you know syringes and cubes and test tubes.  I missed the Circus though the tent wasn’t big enough. June 1999 Stamford Nationals but that doesn’t matter what matters is that KJN married both Brett and Lois – to each other, and I was a bridesmaid, a Blond Bridesmaid, drastic measures for drastic times Feb 14th 1999 How romantic a Gooseberry in Las Vegas watching Oscar deLehoya win a Fight dressed in red (us not him) August 19th 2000 we had the Karate Picnic at Pine Crest, Lots of Suds, slides and Swings nothing to do with Children just us, and Oh yes Swimming.  August 26th 2000 was spent celebrating Scot & Lorna’s wedding in the Italian embassy in DC. Dallas for the Promotion ceremony and what a nice video it was as well. Indiana Jan 10th 1998 excuse me officer but I’m just STUPID…..Omaha Feb 14th 1998  A long trip and no card but five boxes of chocolate this may not sound like a scene from the twilight zone but it was really weird. Then there was the soccer match. October 1997 I went to Mexico while it Snowed in Omaha, When I got back  there had been Power outages (in Joke My OPPD connection doesn’t work…. Have you switched on your PC)  Jan 2001 second trip to San Francisco but this was when I got to see San Jose. So I nearly forgot Niagara Falls slowly I turned….. in Jan 1999 and you’re mother’s ugly!!!!! Then what do you do if you leave you’re teeth at the hotel? Make snow angles in the Snow with a Russian spy. I also went there with Gerry and co that was the “No we don’t want a room for three with a Jacussi for three we want three rooms”.  But Niagara falls is AMAZING. I went to Rome on Feb 15th 1995   with Áine and Mammy, the Pizza wasn’t too good but that was a bad idea to start with, but that tar stuff between meals was great, and not to forget THE BIRDS.  7pm every night the Birds would circle and land in a cataract of noise. Now THAT’s scary, Mum found her own Basicalla and we didn’t quite see the Pope but we might be in the next Magazine.  The Swiss guards were helpful. April 2000 we had SilverSummit 2000, and a Party at the History Museam in DC lots of Dancing March 22 1997 came to America for the first time to Omaha via JFK, St Lois and then Omaha, it only took 19 hours!!!!! Jennifer and her  Fiance collected me. April 1999 Rory came over to America so I met him in JFK for a few hours, that was wonderful.  London 1987.  I was working there for two months as a GA/General Skivy. Serving food  for the NAB/LAB  catering company., Making sandwiches, loading coffee machines etc, then my first flight ever home to Dublin. Virgin airways, we were scheduled to fly from Luton to Dublin, but the plane had to avoid the fog… “All the Virgins over here”” So we headed to Birmingham, and then to Manchester, where we eventually boarded a plane and went to Dublin, You take the high road…..” Jennifer came to visit me in August 1998 so there I was a Friday afternoon innocently checking my voice mail at home to come across this message, “Hi Helen this is Jen, I’m coming over Monday” so I had just moved into my new apartment – which at the moment had no furniture and wasn’t expected to have any for another two weeks!!!!! Jen arrived to my apartment containing, a fridge, a cooker, a TV a Phone and two cushion seats that turn into beds.  We went sailing with Jane -  “Lard Over” and we won……So we headed to New York for the weekend and stayed at the Waldorf Astoria – where else, no that we saw much of it, first stop was Fitzpatricks in New York – busman’s holiday where we met Brian who had been in school with me and worked with Jen, we hit a few places but ended up in Eamon Murphy’s – a great pub/ Disco full of really good looking men, but we put up with it anyway. We got back at some ungodly hour of the morning, and left the WA early so we could take the Circle Line tour – Bad idea….. after the night before, especially the three hour version, but we survived and headed back to CT.  Paul had a party for us, a very exclusive party for the three of us, we stood in the sea, with beer and cheesy puffs watching the lightning, and each others hair get electrified. That was the hunk and the chipmonk photo op.