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Pig Roast 2004
Germany 2004
Ireland May 2004
New Braunfels April 2004
Dan Promotions 2004
Skiing 2004
Kodanja Promotions 2004
Rory on TV
Brainshare 2004

Greenwich Tournament 2004


July 2003 More July 2003
Happy Family Dan Promotions June 2003
Ireland 2003 GM Byrnes March 2003
Brainshare Dan Promotions Jan 2003
O Donoghues 2003 States 2003

KyoSa 2003

Gup Test Jan 2003

Kyo Sa Test

Nov 16th 2002

My instructor and I Yes Mams
There was a Written Exam
and Friendly Masters


New Braunfels

Nov 2002

I arrived to see Lois Is It a Drum
Is it a Pizza I got some sausage....
Temptation Happy Mum

Happy Dog

Happy Family

Proud Dad My Son is an Angle
My Dog is an Angle Carry Me Home
Beautiful Baby Interesting



Wurstfeist Friendly People
Friendly Masters Amanda & Daves
All Having Fun Cheerfully

New Silly Human Trick



KJN 50th

Birthday Party

Surprise….. Time to Change…
Friends were there And More
Some were very cool Like a Viking
KJN was Happy Cutting the cake…

In Summary...



Boston Week  
Anton O Toole Yes THE Anton O Toole
Eating Italian After the Song


Best Beer in Amsterdam Line Up
Just Standing Round With red Belts
Competing Like a Master
Trophy Team Masters
One of the many Bridges Fish and Chips
Having a Rest Full Team
Fresh Air Group Team


St Patrick Event  
The Druid Drummer Frankly
No... She's eating Shrimp We're Here
I'm only here for the Laugh They're Here
Let Each Man get His Just Desserts Porridge if you Please
How to use the Timer Ready to Start
If You're Irish Culture - Somewhere
And there was Green Salad We even had a Snow day
Sonny did his bit with the Video
In the Twilight Zone Happy Family


Kodanja Week
United We Stand Party Peter
Wounded Soilders Translate This
Nice Hug What a Surprise
The New Sa Bom After Kodanja - Relax


Work - what Else    
Lyndon Dan Robert Chris Joe Wendy
Ted Frank Mike David Kas Fred
Ravi Bob Yuri Vlad Levon Georgi
Chris L Brian Sue Barbra Indroneil Scot


12th Dan Classing West Haven
My Grand Master Just a little Kopfee
Cho Dan Cho Dan , Cho Dan
BBQ Kids Class
Mobeesa Tribe Niall's Winning Stamps
2001 Nationals  
Very Intense Nice Horse Stance
Kodanja Little Black Belt
Form Fighting
Katie's Wedding  
Before After
11th Dan Classing New Braunfels  
Look what She can do Look what he can do
Lois is Going for the belt Around Twice
and just a Knot Amanda gets Belted
We were all there Some of us got Promoted
and a few were very Happy and Baby Marcus was there
And there's More  
Celtic Office Blue with my Porsche
My Friend Jen Mystery Cruise
Mystery Neighbours Sisters
Just in Case  
Adair and Lois Caitriona and Cathal
Aine Bathing Luke Half Caitriona and Luke
Aine and Luke Caitriona and Luke and Ruth
Bubbe and Marcus Half Caitriona and Cathal
Marcus Marcus
Lois Brett Listen here Big Ears
Lois Brett Lois Helen
Dad and Helen Luke
A Man's got to do... Helen Lyndon
Effy and Me Mam Cathal
Cathal Marcus
Lois Helen Marcus Lois Helen
Lois & Marcus Luke
All Nicely Wrapped Luke Mam Ruth and Luke
Grand Master, Grand Champion Rory
Ruth Blond... once
SilverSummit My Boss SilverSummit
Tac Bride and Bridesmaid
Gearoid Mammy and Us
Gearoid and Family Brett Loves...
Leaving Guinness is a Tough Job Ruth when she was little
The Mcauleys and I This is my Tree
Cape Cod Nationals Jail Birds
in the Woods The Chair

Home Pictures

Katie's Wedding Breaking Tournament
Amsterdam KJN's 50th Birthday Party 2002
Work Dir Thanksgiving 2002
Chile 2002 Las Vegas 2002
Chile 2001 Summer Camp 2002
March 2002 Pics Christmas 2002
  New Years's Eve 2002