Celtic Cuisine




Chicago 2002


The Druid Chef

Ruairí Ó Moracháin



1.    Recipes. 2

Recipe no 1 The Dubliner Ronnie Drew fondue. 4

Recipe no. 2 The Baileys Blarney Steamed Mussels. 5

Recipe 3 Celtic pancakes. 6

Recipe no 5 Smoked blarney and smoked bacon potato scone  7

Recipe no 4 The Druid chef’s Brown Bread. 8

Recipe no 6 Irish currant cheese scones. 9

Recipe no 7 Celtic cheese mountain scone. 10

Recipe no 8 Baked potato topped with melted blarney. 11

Recipe no 9 Dubliner lawyer lobster 12

Recipe no 10 Christian/ pagan Pot-Roast Chicken. 13

Recipe no.11 Oatmeal Vegetable Celtic Bake. 15

Recipe no 12 Salmon of Knowledge set with Rustic Celtic Pancake  16

Recipe no 13 PJs’ Celtic Hamburger 18

Recipe no 14 The Celtic cheese board. 20

Recipe no 15 The Druid chef Celtic cheese scone. 21

Recipe no 1 The Dubliner Ronnie Drew fondue


Cooked On the street of Dublin with Ronnie Drew

 Recipe by Ruairí O Moracháin the Druid chef




350g. Grated Dubliner cheese

350g. Irish cheese

200g-emental cheeses

300ml. dry white wine

20ml. Irish schnapps

20g.   Corn flour

1 clove of garlic

5g. Fresh mixed herbs

Cracked Black pepper to taste






Pour the white wine into a thick heavy bottomed pot

Bring to the boil,

Add the grated cheese and stir continually with a wooded spoon.

Blend in the corn flour Irish schnapps

·When the cheese reaches boiling point add the corn flour mix

·Season with the cracked black pepper.

·Transfer the fondue to the serving dish


Time of preparation: 15 minutes Time of cooking: 10 minutes Serve 4 persons


Dip your mussels and bread on a skewer then eat and enjoy


The cheese contains salt so the is no need to use salt

Fresh crusty bread is delicious or square fried potato

Lemon juice and freshly chopped herbs will enhance the mussel and the fondue will coat them.






So dip dip dip and under your noses, sweet as roses


Recipe no. 2 The Baileys Blarney Steamed Mussels




400g. Mussels in their shells

50g.   Onions

10g.    Parsley

10g.    Honey

30ml.  Cream

20g smoked blarnery cheese

1dl.     Fish stock or water

10ml.  Bailey’s

½.      Lemon

15g.   Butter

10g.   Flour

t.t.    Salt

t.t.    Pepper




Prepare and wash mussels

Heat a solid saucepan

Add 5g butter and onions and cook for two minutes

Add fish stock and mussels and place a lid over the saucepan

Cook until the mussels open

Mix the flour and butter to make a beurre maine (thickening agent)

Remove mussels and reduce the cooking liquid thicken with the (beurre maine)

Add the smoked blarney cheese and the cream and baileys

Bring to the boil and finish with honey and the juice of a lemon

Sprinkle with chopped parsley or Saint Patrick’s blessing

Season to taste with salt and pepper


To serve


 Serve in a large soup bowl with Good strong Irish crusty soda bread


Make sure that you clean the mussel thoroughly before cooking

Very fine chopped parsley gives the best result.





Recipe 3 Celtic pancakes





200g Flour

50g Butter

1 pt Milk

4 Eggs

t.t Salt

tsp Sugar

10ml Oil




Mix   flour sugar salt together add to eggs and mix very well in a bowl.

Add the milk slowly and keep mixing.

Add in the melted butter.

Let the mix rest 30 min before use.






Heat the pancake pan on the gas or electric stove

Rub the pan with and cloth dipped in oil.

Pour in the measured pancake mix and roll it around the pan until it covers the surface.

Let the pancake cook for 1 minute.

Then turn or flip over.

Continue to cook for 1 minute and remove on to greaseproof paper

Store until ready for use.



Keep the mixture loose when making the pancakes in order to get a thin pancake



Recipe no 5 Smoked blarney and smoked bacon potato scone



Makes 10



4 slices of smoked bacon

150-175 g plain flour

2 teaspoons of baking powder

Pinch of salt

50g unsalted butter

125g-mashed potato

50g smoked blarney cheese

1 teaspoon of fresh oregano

2 tblsp milk

1 egg yolk, beaten for glaze.




Heat the bacon or pancetta in a frying pan.

Sieve the flour, baking powder and salt together in a bowl.

Add in butter and mix until it resembles breadcrumbs.

Add the cooked potato.and bacon.

Add enough milk to form a soft but firm dough

Roll out the mixture, cut into scone shape

Pre-heat oven at 200oc/ 425of/ gas mark 7 for 10-15 minutes.



Recipe no 4 The Druid chef’s Brown Bread



4 loaves

(13 cm x20cmx8in) approx.




1 5 kg whole meal flour

1.4 PTAs of warm water

1 tsp. of salt

1-2 teaspoon of black treacle

2-4oz-0f yeast




Mix all dry ingredients together

Rub in the butter

Add the buttermilk and egg yolks

Cook at 170of in a n oven for 45 minutes


Turn out of the baking tin and let it rest for a half an hour before slicing





When making this bread remember that the yeast is living fungus. In order to grow, it requires warmth, moisture and nourishment

The growing process produces carbon dioxide which makes the bread rise

Hot water will kill the yeast all the ingredients and equipment should be at blood temperature

The yeast will rise on the sugar or treacle .we use treacle. The dough rises more rapidly with 110g or 4 oz yeast than with only 55g 2oz. The flour we use is whole meal stone ground difference flours produce breads of difference textures the amount of natural moisture in flour varies according to the atmospheric conditions



Recipe no 6 Irish currant cheese scones





120g currants dark raisins

30g candied orange peel

360g-bread flour

120g KERRYGOLD butter

60g caster sugar

10g baking powder (cream of tartar)

5ml bicarbonate of soda

5g pinch of salt

840ml of heavy cream

20ml of honey

150ml milk




Sift together the flour, bicarbonate of soda cream of tartar and salt

Rub in the KERRYGOLD butter; add sugar and the fruit and honey. Mix in the milk to make stiff dough. Shape with the palm of you hand into round about ½ inch (1cm) thick. Place on a greased baking sheet and cut into wedge shapes

Bake at 425Of 220oC gas7 for about 10minutes until risen and golden brown




Recipe no 7 Celtic cheese mountain scone





60g Wheat flour

5ml Bread soda

80g Raison

100g KERRYGOLD butter

Pinch of Salt

.05 of bunch Mixed fresh herbs


100g Mental (Irish Suisse) cheese

10g Mustard

2 each Egg yolk

2 Spring onion

20ml double cream

¼ pint Guinness (chateau Dublin)




Sieve flour add Cheese mix

Grate the cheddar and EMMENTAL   boil the double cream and add the cheese and melt add in the spring onion, Irish mustard mixed fresh herbs and egg yolks .mix in the reduced Guinness, season to taste.

Cut the fruit brown scone in half

Spread the cheese mix on the top (quite thick)

Gratin (to make brown) under the grill (salamander)

And serve







Recipe no 8 Baked potato topped with melted blarney




4 Small new potatoes

50g Blarney

5g Irish mustard

1 Clove powered

 5g-lemon rind

10ml Irish whiskey

.05 bunch Parsley

5g Leek small strips

5g Carrot small strips 

10ml Double cream

t.t. Salt /pepper




Bake off the small potatoes in an oven a 190-oC or375 oF for 15 minutes until cooked remove from oven and let cool, score the top

Grate the Blarney cheese and mix with the mustard, clove powder, chopped lemon rind and whiskey. Cut leeks and carrots into strips and blanch in boiling water for 1 minute add in the cheese mix and finish with chopped parsley and double cream season to taste. Heat the scored potato and finish by topping the potato with the colourful blarney cheese mix

Serve as a finger food or the bite size treat




This recipe can be use with apples instead of potatoes


Make sure the mix is not to wet




Recipe no 9 Dubliner lawyer lobster




1 whole Lobster

20g Dubliner cheese

100ml Cream

10ml Whiskey

5g Honeys

0.5 bunch mixed herbs



½ lemon

t.t. salt /pepper




Prepare lobster and cook in a flavored liquid  (onions carrots bay leaf pepper corns lemon clove sea salt).

Break opens the lobster shell and claws, remove all the flesh (lobster meat)

Prepare the shell and clean it thoroughly

Blanch off the strips of carrot and leeks, chop the fresh herbs


Heat the sauce pan add KERRYGOLD butter and chopped shallots

Pour in the whiskey and flame

Add in the double cream and bring to the boil

Add a squeeze of lemon and honey

Grate in the Dubliner cheese and let melt to thicken the sauce

Fold in the lobster flesh and the chopped mixed herbs

Fill the shell with the cream lobster finish with the strips of carrots and leeks

And serve with new boil potatoes




Don’t over cook the lobster in order to yield the best quality from the dish

Remember you will be reheating the lobster flesh through sauce


This dish comes from what we call the Dublin lawyer a dish designed for the upper class professional.

The druid was on the street of Dublin cooking this in front of the four court (Dublin’s main law district) and the druid chef was cooking with the people and bringing some of the cookery terms and legal terms in his patter of talk such as Court Bouillon, the Lawyer and eat that your Honor filmed in 1998

A Dublin dish cooked by the druid chef for the Dublin people using Dubliner cheese



Recipe no 10 Christian/ pagan Pot-Roast Chicken




1 Chicken breast

20gBlack pudding

20g White pudding

20g Irish EMMENTAL Irish Suisse cheese

10g KERRYGOLD butter

Vegetable oil

10g Flour

1 Egg

10g Oatmeal

.05 of bunch Fresh Mixed herbs

1 shallot

1 leaf Cabbage blanch 

100ml Chicken brown sauce

20ml Cream

¼ pint Guinness

10ml Whiskey

5 g Honey

½ Lemon

t.t. Salt/pepper




Prepare the chicken breast by cutting a pocket in the filet. Stuff the chicken with baton of black and white pudding wrapped in a leaf of Savoy cabbage and Emmental Irish Suisse cheese

Coat the chicken in flour egg wash and oatmeal with mixed herbs


Heat pan add KERRYGOLD and vegetable oil, place the coated chicken breast in the pan and cook for 5 minutes on both sides with a moderate heat. Finish the cooking in the oven to a golden brown color


The sauce


Brown chicken sauce

Heat KERRYGOLD and add the chopped shallots add Guinness and reduce by half, add the sweet honey and brown chicken sauce

Finish the sauce with knobs of KERRYGOLD butter season to taste


White chicken whiskey cream

Heat pan add shallots and Irish whiskey cook for a minute and reduce add clove and a squeeze of a lemon, add the cream and bring to the boil

Finish with fresh mixed hers and a knob of KERRYGOLD butter




To serve


Cut the breast of chicken in half to show the black and white filling

Set on a Celtic woven potatoes cake

Dress with the dark Guinness sauce and the whiskey cream

Top with a bouquet of rustic herbs




This is a dish from the heart of Glendolough. This is where the Christianity was brought to bear where the pilgrims came on their journey of pray to believe in their god and to suffer in their path. Glendolough is where the kitchens of saint Kevin are still standing and may be visited in this myth place where the monastery food of old was cooked and the thousand of pilgrims feed. This is the monastery food of old brought to you in a different way the oatmeal used, rustic herbs, and the fowl of the land and the colours of the symbol of the christan/pagan




Recipe no.11 Oatmeal Vegetable Celtic Bake





½ each onion

50g.  Leeks

50g. Parsnips

50g. Potato

 50g Oatmeal


1clove garlic

100ml vegetable stock

100g beetroot

0.5 bunch parsley

50ml double cream


100g KERRYGOLD butter

t.t.  Salt /pepper




Cook the oatmeal with chopped onions wild garlic and fresh herbs in vegetable stock cook the carrot and potato and puree, cook the spinach cool and chop then add chopped leek and reduced double cream. Layer the vegetables in a medium size ring starting with the carrot and potato mix then the Irish EMMENTAL then the savory oatmeal then EMMENTAL carrot and potato EMMENTAL.  Coat the top with an herb, oatmeal, breadcrumb with KERRYGOLD butter crust and bake for 25 minutes in the oven



Chop onion and beetroot. Heat saucepan adds a knob of KERRYGOLD butter, cook off the onion and beetroot and add red wine cook for 15 minutes and strain the juice. Reduce the beetroot juice by have and add in the KERRYGOLD butter in small squares slowly until it has melted and thicken


Serve the Celtic vegetable tower on the beetroot sauce






Recipe no 12 Salmon of Knowledge set with Rustic Celtic Pancake




180g Salmon filet (skin on)

10g Honey

½ Lemon

10ml vegetable oil 


100ml Buttermilk


20gflour plain

5g Pinhead porridge


20g Spinach

10g Parsley

10g Leeks

2 leaves Cabbage

t.t, Seasoning

Celtic poker




Cut salmon into filet pieces

Heat poker and mark the filet with the Celtic design

Place salmon on a grilling tray and oil butter and season it

Cook for 5/6 minutes


Make rustic pancake with eggs oatmeal, flour and butter milk add carrot and leek strips and cook in a pancake pan, mark the pancake when cooked

Fill the pancake with Savoy cabbage leeks parsley and cooked spinach flavored with KERRYGOLD butter, cream and seasoning.


Set the salmon on the plate with the Celtic rustic pancake roll finish the dish with a honey lemon KERRYGOLD butter glaze




Make sure the poker is red hot to achieve the Celtic branding


The story of the salmon of knowledge

In Irish myth a certain salmon swam in the Boyne River and was imbued with great wisdom (salmon represented knowledge), a gift to be passed on to the first to taste the salmon flesh. The story tells that the salmon was caught by the bard FINNEGAN, who gave his apprentice FIONN MAC CUMHAILL the task of cooking it and warned Fionn off not to taste the salmon until his return. In the process of the cooking Fionn was turning the salmon and a pin bone from the salmon cut his finger, which Fionn sucked on to clean the wound and thought nothing of it. On the return Finnegan asked Fionn did he taste the salmon of knowledge and at the same time he knew that the magic of the salmon had been passed on. Fionn explained that he did not taste the salmon, but Finnegan pointed out the wound to the finger and asked how it came about .it was then young Fionn knew by sucking the wound from the salmon bone he acquired the knowledge from the salmon.





The Druid chef Salmon


Having cooked the salmon of knowledge on the bank of the Boyne to recreate the story of the salmon of knowledge and bring the art of the Irish salmon to the Celtic table .it shows also that the salmon was plentiful and one of the diet foods of Celtic past .the salmon food status and nutritional source was one of value and the skill of catching the salmon was in it’s self an art, using the three prong spear made from the branches of the wild forest. The druid chef vision of this dish is the journey of the wild, through the forest and the Celtic hunter fisherman skill

The catch of the salmon with the Celtic crafted spear and the same spear was used in the cooking of the salmon held over the red fire flame of the rustic bog fire. The smell and flavor of the druid would bring any such salmon dish to any world culinary table.




Recipe no 13 PJ’s Celtic Hamburger






Garnish saint Patrick

1. Each BAPS

150g Celtic wedges

Side salad


Celtic wedges 


Side Salad



Spring onion

Fresh herbs

Orange segments

Brown bread crouts









St Patrick garnish


Sliced Ham

Diced black pudding

Diced apple






Brand and cook the hamburger

Toast the bap and brand


Serve the burger on one size of the two baps and set the garish of sliced ham diced apple and black pudding and cover with the EMMENTAL cheese

Melt the cheese under the salamander

Celtic wedges



Herb and spice mix


Par cooked in the fryer and finished in a hot fryer to color and brown


To Serve


Plate the Celtic style burger on the bap and the garnish on the other bap serve with Celtic fries and the side salad with the honey mustard dressing



The Druid chef beef burger mix

Ground beef, onions herbs eggs ketchup salt pepper



Note this is an idea for the pj’s Clark restaurant for the event week



Recipe no 14 The Celtic Cheese Board





Vintage old cheddar

Smoked blarney


Emmental (irish suisse



Rustic apple



Fruit scones

Brown bread




This is a display cheese board using all Celtic design materials

Rustic bowls slated plates

Mirror Celtic ornaments

Celtic cloths






Recipe no 15 The Druid chef Celtic Cheese Scone




300g. Flour

60g whole meal flour

5ml bicarbonate soda

2x5ml cream of tartar

Pinch of salt

10g chopped onions

10g mixed herbs

100g currants

5g honeys


100g KERRY GOLD butter

150ml milk




Sift together the flour, bicarbonate of soda cream of tartar and salt

Rub in the KERRYGOLD butter; add grated OLD VINTAGE CHEDDAR and the currant with the onions mixed herbs and honey. Mix in the milk to make stiff dough. Shape with the palm of you hand into round about ½ inch (1cm) thick. Place on a greased baking sheet and cut into wedge shapes

Bake at 425Of 220oC gas7 for about 10minutes until risen and golden brown and cheesy,




Use of this cheese scone with the two-tone onion Celtic soup



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